Sexual battery case against former UF freshman quarterback Jalon Jones considered closed

Florida freshman quarterback Jalon Jones had been accused of sexual battery by two UF students. Florida officials say Jones filed paperwork necessary to transfer earlier this week. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer/File]

Florida freshman quarterback Jalon Jones, who was accused of sexual assault by two female UF students in April, is not facing any criminal charges at this time.

The case is considered closed by the University Police Department because the victims do not wish to pursue charges, UPD spokesman Maj. Brad Barber said Friday.

“There is no further action that can be taken at this time,” Barber said. “But the victims could come back and ask that the investigation be reopened. That’s where it’s at.”

According to two UPD incident reports, the two female students accused Jones of sexually assaulting them in separate incidents in his Keys dorm room on campus April 6.  The assaults occurred only about 30 minutes apart, according to the reports.

The women had rape kits completed at Shands South Hospital’s Emergency Room that morning, but did not wish to pursue charges at the time, according to the reports. UPD officers completed a complaint withdrawal, and a UF victims advocate was notified.

At least one of the cases was referred to the school’s office of student conflict resolution April 9, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

 Even though the UF coaches knew about the allegations against Jones, he was allowed to play in the spring game four days later.

University Athletic Association spokesman Steve McClain said in a statement Thursday that UF was aware of the reports and that athletic department and campus protocols have been followed.

If the student conduct and conflict resolution receives a report, it can open an investigation if it deems one is warranted. If it involves possible sexual misconduct, the Office of Title IX Compliance would conduct the investigation.

If investigators determine a violation of the conduct code has taken place, the student would receive a letter detailing the charge and the case would eventually lead to a hearing.

Jones is not expected to remain a UF student.

 A four-star prospect from Richmond, Va., Jones entered the NCAA transfer portal Tuesday and plans to transfer to another school. That likely will take place sometime in the next few months.

The transfer portal is a database where players wishing to move on to another school can submit their names. Once a player is in the portal, other schools are free to contact him about transferring.

Entering the portal does not mean a player has to transfer, but in the case of Jones, it seems obvious he is ready to move on from UF, where he would have an uncertain future due to the allegations made against him.

His is the sixth UF player to enter the portal since the end of last season, joining center T.J. McCoy, wide receiver Daquon Green, defensive end Antonneous Clayton, redshirt freshman defensive end Malik Langham and linebacker Kylan Johnson.

McCoy, Green and Clayton have already found new schools. McCoy has transferred to Louisville and Green to Murray State, while Clayton has announced he is transferring to Georgia Tech this summer. Johnson, who did not participate in spring practice with the Gators, has not announced a decision yet. No word also on Langham’s plans.


  1. I suspect that the feeling by the athletic department was that it wasn’t going to go well with the student conduct board and that leaving UF was probably in everyone’s best interest. Hopefully everyone involved learned a valuable lesson.

  2. Even without criminal charges being filed, it will be interesting to see how many schools (if any) will try to recruit him in this day and time with this baggage trailing along side. I hope the young man will try to rehab his life first before rehabbing his football career.

  3. I’ve got sisters and something doesn’t seem right with how this went down. There is no question JJ crossed some lines but I really hope there wasn’t something being played on him. Or yet to be brought up if he becomes something. Really sad to see it happen and more so in our team. This is no win for him. If he did it, it will follow him, if he was accused and didn’t do it there will always be that question.

    • You are absolutely correct 65! This entire thing stinks for all involved. And unfortunately it seems like it happens constantly at every school. Alcohol, young adults and being in the spotlight are a bad combination.

      • Sparky while I am as guilty as some for alcohol in the day. It seems that some are played for their potential. Instead of a get out of jail free card some athletes have a I can sue you at any time card. I am not saying that what happened, if it happened as reported, is not wrong it is I am saying if you are injured follow through.

  4. When I was 8-years old, my dad threw a block party on our short, dead end street and all of his neighbors were involved. The adults got totally wasted and there was literally no supervision. So, we kids were enthralled with the beer keg and took turns pulling the tap while another got under the spigot and gulped. Then all the kids were all drunk.

    If you take alcohol out of the equation regarding the Jones incident, you probably don’t have an incident. And my how times have changed. That same party 50 years later, the adults would have been jailed and the kids placed in foster care.

  5. Bad news for all. Limited info released, so everybody chooses their corner on the scant facts. Story seems weird. Girls show up after midnight for no reason to a (football player)dorm. Both have consensual sexual relations but also say they were sexually battered or raped. Not sure either were physically harmed but at some point decided they had had enough. Roommates kind of around but not really and they aren’t charged. 3 high school kids living on their own for the first time in their lives with no older/experienced players/people to advise them or keep an eye on the situation.

    Pretty sure Mullen is going to take the aggressive approach based on all the **** that went down with McLoser. This whole thing stinks. Mullen needs to change living arrangements or he is inviting more of this stuff to happen. Not ready to throw he baby out with the bath water based on what I’ve heard so far. Was alcohol involved here? I didn’t see it in the article but guess it was since people are mentioning it.