UF’s Jalon Jones was accused of sexual battery before seeking transfer

Florida freshman quarterback Jalon Jones. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

By Robbie Andreu and Graham Hall, Staff writers

Seven days before Florida’s spring game, two University of Florida students say UF freshman quarterback Jalon Jones sexually assaulted them.

Jones, 18, has not been charged. He has since filed paperwork to transfer from the UF football program.

On April 6 at about 2 a.m., the two female students went to visit Jones and freshman cornerbacks Jaydon Hill and Chris Steele at UF’s Keys Residential Complex, according to two UF Police Department incident reports.

One of the students told officers “she was upset about an incident that happened earlier that night with a friend she had a disagreement with” and Jones proceeded to console her in the kitchen.

Jones “started to kiss her on her neck and removed her jean shorts and underwear” and digitally penetrated her, according to the report. Then over her objections, she said, he turned her around and had sex with her.

She told him to stop multiple times during this incident, the report said. The female student told university police officers that “Jones only stopped when she saw and heard Hill in the living room.”

She told officers she “pushed Jones off (of) her, got dressed and asked Hill to go to Steele’s room.” Then the two female friends ordered an Uber to get home, according to the report.

Earlier that morning, according to the reports, the three players and the two female friends were all in the living room. Then Jones and the other female student left and went to Jones’ bedroom, leaving her friend with Steele and Hill.

The female student said that, while in Jones’ room, the two began to have consensual sex, the report said. She said Jones was on top of her when the door opened and Hill and Steele entered the room, laughing. When Hill and Steele realized they were having sex, the two players left.

At that point, the report said, the female student repeatedly told Jones to stop, but he would not. She eventually was able to push him off of her.

A short time later, the other female student alleges Jones sexually battered her in the kitchen, according to the second report.

Both female students had rape kits completed at UF Health Shands Hospital’s Emergency Room but did not wish to pursue charges, according to the reports. UF police completed a complaint withdrawal, and a UF victim advocate was notified.

Jones entered the NCAA’s transfer database Tuesday.

“We are aware of the incident reports and have followed athletic department and campus protocols,” UF spokesman Steve McClain said.

Jones, a four-star prospect from Richmond, Virginia, finished the spring a distant fourth on the depth chart, behind junior starter Feleipe Franks, junior Kyle Trask and redshirt freshman Emory Jones.

He completed just one of three passes for 5 yards in the spring game, but rushed for 63 yards and a touchdown.

Sun staff writer Cindy Swirko contributed to this report.


  1. I don’t think we have the rest of the story. Two girls go to his dorm at 2 a. m. One wants to have sex and the other wants to be consoled , who ends up having sex. There is something they are not saying and of course they are not pressing.

    • Well considering Mullen allowed Jeffrey Simmons, who was on video beating a girl, to play at MSU, I think it’s safe to assume whatever isn’t being reported isn’t good if Mullen told him it’d be best to transfer. Especially when you consider he’s a highly rated recruit at a position of need for the future.

    • We dont know what happened in the apartment, but we know they probably weren’t having bible study. Hence it becomes a she said, he said story. Unfortunately in these times that’s all it takes to smear a reputation of people and the school. Time to cut bait

  2. Wow I really didn’t think this kid was that bad a guy. The girls don’t sound like they go to church on Sundays either but when they say stop, no or don’t you better listen because things can go south pretty quickly. They obviously both were consensual at first but when everyone’s drunk @ 2AM and you don’t know the name of the person or persons you brought home, you’re asking for bad things to happen. Sounds like he got caught up in the Rockstar life of a UF Football player.

  3. And here I thought he was watching Gilligan’s Island after curfew. However, on the left hand, there’s Mary Ann, then on his right hand is Ginger. And neither one of them could tell Jalen to stop.

  4. Probably going to catch hell for this but this time I don’t quite get it. Lets see:
    Its 2am
    girls dressed in cut offs go eagerly to stud boys dorm room…… and shortly thereafter one ends up having consensual sex with Jones and the other allows digital penetration (after she knew he had sex,consensual and if true… non-consensual… with her friend ).Apparently the first girl didn’t like being laughed at so she began objecting to the continuation of sex . Then soon thereafter the second girl is digitally penetrated without being strong armed but objected to sex. Jones then stopped when a roommate came into the living room.
    Jones, full of 18yr old hormones and hand delivered sex was expected to abstain and or stop on command immediately…..and in today’s world and being an athlete, he should have…..
    but alas, without striking or physically harming either girl, Jones was, by all accounts and police report, slow to stop the suddenly non-consensual sex. (its important to note that the word “battered” is probably misleading here. Neither girl stated he “beat” them. If I poke you in the chest w/o your consent that is legally “battery” so I am of the belief that is why the police and the the reporters use that term…….given the non consensual sex part of the allegation but I could be wrong.)
    End result…….boy ‘mutually’ agrees to leave team and school and substance of police report stays with him the rest of his life.
    Girls are so ‘abused” they don’t even file charges.

    I am not a male chauvinistic pig but this happens over and over again all over the country. I would never condone non-consensual sex or abuse of women but there has to be some accountability…..absent force or abuse, for women who put themselves out there in an inappropriate way that essentially “entices” this kind of incident. “just walk away” is pretty tough on an 18 year old when it is presented on a platter.
    Sometimes I wonder if many are not actually set-ups…..by one outside influence or another.
    Frankly I think Jones was angry at the way this went down and the punishment described to him and that’s how the “mutuality” of the agreement occurred.
    I will await the S-storm

    • Drop the line about the girls wearing shorts if you’re using that argument. That’s the old “she was asking for it” that has gotten blasted. I agree that the girls put themselves in a bad position, but no always means no. He’s lucky they aren’t pressing charges or he would have to convince a jury she never said stop.

      • Exactly right Sparky. No matter what the circumstances were leading up to it and whether it began as consensual or not, if the girl says no or to stop, you stop plain and simple. No means no and once that’s said, it’s no longer consensual. Just because she may have allowed it at first, that doesn’t give you free range to finish whether she wants to or not.

    • I agree. People tend to treat these things as all or nothing. You have to look at the individual circumstances of each case. These girls aren’t pressing bc there is little chance of a successful prosecution.

  5. So we we have three guys that normally would be in their senior year in high school and instead they’re at the University of Florida on full football scholarship and this is the best you can do. These guys didn’t even have the respect for incoming freshman tradition by having firearms involved. Knowing the bio of Mr. Jones family I am pretty sure they are not real proud of their son right now. i have a bad feeling we may hear from Mr. Steele and Hill again. I sure hope we don’t have a Mr. Jones to Auburn, Heisman and National Championship thing again. Please tell me why you read a disgusting article like this and you put the player’s spring game stats at the end of the article!? Corrected Stats: He completed just one of three passes for 5 yards in the spring game, but rushed for 63 yards and a touchdown and apparently was 0-2 with the “ladies” (4/6/19). Mr.Jones deserves no mercy. He embarrassed the University of Florida, the coaching staff, his teammates and the fans just because he can’t keep it in his pants. God help us it’s only May 2nd.

    • That’s an easy one. The poor spring game stats were reflective of his poor spring practice performance, which made Mr. Jones’ lack of sexual discipline not worth the trouble of the coaches defending in the age of Me Too. Cut him loose, wish him well and on to the next recruit.

    • Your Auburn comment came to me, too. And while Will Grier’s “mistake” was peds, he still left UF and had a pretty decent career at West Virginia. I now you see the irony as well in your Auburn comment. Grier went to the Carolina Panthers, gets to say hello to Cam.

  6. Sad sad sad. If this happened he should be tried according to the full intent of the law. I think sending him packing is the right move, but I hope that is not an excuse for him to avoid consequences or for authorities to just let this go. Yes, the girls were not there for bible study, but it is up to the boys to protect these women at the end of the day, all things being equal. No excuse for this, none at all. Call me old fashioned, but buys have to learn to control themselves regardless of the circumstances. Also: IMO it trivialises the story to tack his stats from the spring game at the end. I’m with you, nopriors. It’s as if the article is saying “oh yeah, here is what really matters and why this whole story is relevant anyway, alleged victims be damned.” When did this become a thing in journalism?

    • tw, I can only hope you dont have a daughter. I cant imagine you would be ok with some boy going farther than she wants to go, no matter how far she had let it go before she said stop. When she says stop, and you force her to go farther, its rape. Respect the girl you’re with, or you’re not much of a man.

  7. All parties were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jones is obviously wrong here but you have to wonder what these girls were thinking. Just wondering how he raped both in such a short period of time and it seemed at one point it was consensual(for both) then all of the sudden it wasn’t. I guess the girls didn’t talk to each other about what had happened until it happened to both? Hill and Steele obviously need counseling too. These guys are essentially high school seniors and the way the article was written all this stuff seemed pretty regular(for them) other than the part of not stopping when asked to. I also find it interesting that the story never said Jones got rough, abusive or similar. May be it’s something they left out but usually consensual adults don’t just stop unless something drastic changes. I can tell you from personal experience(s) as a UF student that a roommate accidentally barging in on the parade isn’t drastic. The whole story is weird.

  8. Read all of the comments. TW made some good points-some I agree wit, some I don’t but they are HIS thoughts and opinions. ‘Nuff said. Once I clicked on ESPN.com last night and saw the script Gator logo with the headline of Florida QB accused of sexual battery I knew then why he was ‘suddenly’ in the transfer portal. There HAD to be a reason why all of a sudden a guy that was ALL IN, came in early, and was down with UF from day 1 was leaving. So now the truth comes out. I only hope for his sake he gets some guidance on this situation. I hope he’s not left out there without having someone to counsel and talk to so that he doesn’t find himself in this situation again. Same for Hill, Steele, and the 2 girls. All involved will hopefully get some sort of counseling and/or help moving forward.

  9. ”Expect trouble then, but do not despair on account of it, for God is with you to help and to strengthen you. He has said, ‘call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.’ (Psalm 50:15).” -C.H. Spurgoen.
    I sincerely hope for healing for all those affected by this case, and that they all ”call upon the Almighty.” Because ”anger, bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness” can (and presently does) ruin many a person, careers, and entire lives. However when called upon, the Almighty can ”deliver you!” But do NOT be foolish and forget to ”glorify His Name.” And that’s what this post is all about.

    • Great point GI , “resist the devil and he/she will flee” would certainly apply in this case the way it sounds. I believe CDM would be well served to have our very own Caleb Brantley come back and council all of these young men about what the consequences of entertaining these groupies can be and how quickly they can ruin your life, your reputation and in his case, cost you millions of dollars with false accusations if they decide to because of spite , being spurned for another female , or just a mean spirited whim in some cases. I actually have 3 daughters and 4 granddaughters, but have a hard time mustering up much sympathy for the females involved in this incident, sorry . My Mama always told me that ” nothing good ever happens after midnight ” when I was a teen and after 60+ years on this planet , I have determined that she was mostly right. This was a sorry situation for all involved and unfortunately will be spun by the media to give our university the biggest black eye possible. I once was 18 years old , and while I never proceeded when she said no, or forced myself on anyone, I still feel bad for the kid. Sounds as if he like Mick Jagger, just couldn’t get any satisfaction. Hopefully at least the other two players involved have had their eyes opened to the dangers of these type situations going forward and have learned to think with their big head and not their little one.

  10. For any questioning to girls and there actions, I can only hope you questioned the actions of the female when it was Winston at FSU that was accused of the same thing. I personally hope that all involved get some counseling and learn from this. Sadly it seems perfectly acceptable by most of us in our society if young adult males are having sex with someone they barely know, but girls are criticized for the same behavior. Someone needs to be reminding these young men that no or stop means exactly what it says, or your life can be ruined in just a few minutes time.

  11. I think this is a great message, even if it’s Mullen using this kid as an example. Callaway was never charged in anything either, other than the CC fraud, but these things are rarely one-offs. He’s already making decisions like this, whether or not he committed a crime, 4 months into his tenure at UF. He won’t even be QB1 until at least 2, probably 3 years from now. Plenty of time to get bored and screw up again, and plenty of time to hit the recruiting trail as well as develop the current guys, so that you don’t need J. Jones. I hope he finds his way, probably gonna be a ton of teams ready to sign him as long as nothing more comes out of this story, he should be fine if he keeps his head up, but great message by Mullen that if this is the stuff you’re gonna pull over a year before you take your first snap, then you’re not worth the distraction

  12. It’s sounds like something out of a porno but I can tell you that things like that happen at UF all the time. Never had a girl get all the way to the point of intercourse then say “No.” Based on experience it’s pretty much “no” near the start line or it’s not “no.” I’ve heard “no” a few times and that’s where it stopped. Get undressed then say “no?” Never even close to that. I have daughters so I would feel horrible if this happened to them. Then again I’m absolutely positive if they said “no” it wouldn’t just be talking.

    If you haven’t been a qb at UF or somewhere similar(not many positions in NCAA as glamorous as UF qb now) it’s hard to even imagine what situations you are exposed to. I’ve seen a 4th sting sophomore Mississippi qb go from being unheard of to starting qb of the highest powered offense in the SEC. 3 weeks after the season starts he is dating the most beautiful true freshman you’ve ever seen who hardly knew anybody 3 weeks earlier when she entered school. Personal knowledge there. Hard to say these 2 just hit off so quick. Some, like #22, pretty much stay away from every temptation because they know what could happen. That’s not common though.

    The part that stinks is this happened in the player’s dorm. Almost all these “bad” situations happen somewhere else than the player’s dorm. They pretty much do not happen where the victim(s) just show up for no specific reason either. No party or anything like that. So it happened in his dorm and the victim(s) came together to his dorm really late at night for no other reason than to visit. Somehow he was able to get these girls alone while his roommates where somewhere else.

    The worst version of the story may be true or not but the only thing I’m sure of is Jones practiced poor judgement and he’s going to pay a price. Maybe this or something similar happened before but I’ll say all of this doesn’t sound quite right. Guys aren’t always the guilty party either so to think they are is just not using sound judgement. Again I have daughters. They are good people. I know they lie to me. They have lied to other adults. Would they lie to the police? Probably not at this point, but maybe at some point. I do know one person’s college situation is totally screwed up now. 2 other people are having to deal with possible emotional/physical trauma. 2 other bystanders are probably having to deal with other issues. All because 2 people showed up to a dorm really late at night for no specific reason(?) and things went bad from there. I would have much preferred that Jones had decided to leave for competition reasons. This is worst situation for everybody. One recommendation. Don’t let only true freshmen room with each other. High school seniors none-the-less. Where’s the leadership? Talk about asking for trouble.

  13. Yes, Sparky, I have a daughter and two granddaughters and I stand by my remarks because I believe everyone is responsible for their actions, male or female. This situation, in my view, is like so many where some fault can be ascribed to all concerned.
    I can’t get by the fact that there was almost immediate consent by both girls to some form of sex before the “stop” sign went up; there was no beating or physical harm reported (other than he wouldn’t stop immediately when told); and no charges pursued by the girls OR THE POLICE. I don’t condone Jones’s failure to stop when told but he was not alone in creating the situation.
    Guess Papagator and I are more from the same era as I agree with his thoughts and got the same
    admonitions about “nothing good happens after midnight” but it came more from the baseball coaches at UF. Such a remark to today’s kids would crack them up. Hell, they don’t even go out until midnight.

    • I’m probably close to your age tw, and being over 50 hasnt made me forget what it was like being a teenager. I have raised 4 daughters and a son, and have a granddaughter now. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, which includes stopping anything sexual as soon as the other partner says stop (if not it’s called rape).