Reports: UF’s Langham seeks transfer

Florida defensive lineman Malik Langham. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida redshirt freshman defensive end Malik Langham is expected to transfer to another school after putting his name in the NCAA transfer database, according to reports citing unnamed sources Monday.

A former four-star recruit from Huntsville, Ala., Langham redshirted last season after seeing limited playing time in two games (Colorado State and Idaho).

Recruited as a defensive end, Langham grew into a tackle over the past year and made the full-time switch to the position at the start of spring practice.

Langham, who was likely third on the depth chart, played in last Saturday’s spring game and was credited with breaking up a pass.

With the expected departure of Langham, the Gators will be down to six defensive tackles for the start of preseason camp, including incoming freshman Jaelin Humphries. Defensive end Zachary Carter got reps at tackle this spring and will likely see playing time at both positions in the fall. End Jabari Zuniga also played some tackle last season in obvious passing situations.

He is the third UF player to recently transfer, joining center T.J. McCoy (Louisville) and defensive end Antonneous Clayton (Georgia Tech).


  1. Ok , I am going to say what a lot of people may be thinking. You are a red shirt freshman, for goodness’ sake. You can’t patiently bide your time to get better ? If you don’t start your freshman year, you are giving up and going exactly where? Patience pays. Everyone ahead of you was patient. It is a virtue. You kids are ready to quit on anything and everything if you don’t get what you want instantly. Good luck to you and God bless though. I wish you success, whenever it happens.

  2. sometimes its better for both sides to move on. we need slots in other areas, coaches want an offensive lineman instead, according to one article. sometimes a player is projected to be one thing, but develops differently than the hypothesis everyone starts with. i wish the kid well. ive never heard of anything bad, i don’t fit half the places i go either (or more), life is like that.

  3. I wish Langham the best in the future, except where it may impact the Gators. Can’t knock a player, even a freshman, from wanting to play.

    It’s a shame to lose a four-star talent. That’s his choice. At the same time, it shows how deep the roster is for the defensive line.

  4. Every freshman wants to start. If not start, then they want to play a lot of snaps. There are only 4, 5 or 6 secondary spots available on the D. Can’t blame the kid for wanting to play now, but I can see he would have significant playing time this year and would likely be a starter for the 20-21 season. Good Luck. There is always someone in Gainesville ready to take his place.

    • Not so sure he would’ve been a starter in 20-21 either. Thomas Goldkamp has reported several times this Spring on 247sports how badly he’s been performing. This was his comment yesterday after it was reported he was in the portal. “Mentioned a few times this spring I was thoroughly unimpressed. Poor technique, poor leverage, getting constantly manhandled by true freshmen O-linemen.” It sucks for depth, but it seems like he might’ve been a little over his head and it’s probably best he moves on to a program where he’ll have more success. More than likely outside of the SEC.

  5. Can’t afford to lose DEs or DTs. We are upperclassman heavy on both. This is not good. This is a big reason we really really really really need to concentrate on recruiting FLORIDA. This kid is a half a day trip away from home and the flying home option is probably no bueno. The desire to leave is so much greater for out of state kids. Tough loss. Can’t write off a kid 7 months after he got on campus as not cutting it. Fickle fans.

    There is a good chance that our entire DL will be sophomores or freshmen in 3 years the way things are going.

    • It’s actually not only fans claiming he wasn’t cutting it. If you read my previous comment, even Gator reporters who see him practicing any time they’re allowed to attend practice, are claiming he was severely underperforming and getting manhandled by true freshmen. Some players just don’t live up to the recruiting hype and aren’t cut out for a top tier program and should go to one where their talent is a better fit. Yeah we need depth, but not depth that’s going hurt the team if they’re forced to play. With the current depth chart, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince some top tier talent to commit or have the pick of the transfer portal litter. I’m sure Mullen will stock up on a few grad transfers as well.

  6. Joe has a point if distance from home is the issue. If that is the case then Miami won’t be the choice and somewhere closer to home is his landing spot. If his picture above is any indication he looks unhappy. As someone who joined the military years ago many recruits suffered from homesickness in the first year. Happiness is a choice though and he may think this isn’t for him. I was hoping to see him work his way into the line up but he may think he needs to be the starter day one. Mullen and Co. make everyone earn it and for those that do they will have a better grasp on things down the road. The next article with Greenard’s comments show the maturity of that young man. But everyone is different and he may not have the work ethic the staff wants. Competition is hard work and competing in this environment will weed out those not up to the task. Regardless I hope he finds what he is looking for and we as a team will move forward with the people that want to be here.