Florida-Miami game in Orlando moved up to Aug. 24


Football seasons at Miami and Florida will start earlier than ever this year.

The season-opener between the Hurricanes and Gators has been moved up one week to Aug. 24 at 7 p.m., the schools announced Thursday. It will mark the earliest game date in the history of either program, and Aug. 24 will be the earliest start date for any major college football season since 2003.

“We are excited to kick off the celebration of 150 years of college football on August 24 in Orlando,” UF coach Dan Mullen said in a school news release. “It will be a great showcase for the University, our program and all of Gator Nation.”

First-year Miami coach Manny Diaz said, “We’ll be there and excited to play.”

The game will be played in Orlando, as originally scheduled. ESPN asked several weeks ago if the date could moved up as part of its kickoff to what will be a season-long celebration of the 150th year of college football, and the NCAA โ€” with the approval of both schools โ€” decided to accommodate the request.

“Moving the Camping World Kickoff to Aug. 24 is a unique and rare opportunity that showcases college football, both storied programs, and the state of Florida,” Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin said in the release. “By mid-August the public is hungry for college football, and America is now going to be able to watch the Gators and Hurricanes in a marquee game a week earlier than usual. I’d anticipate the exposure for the sport of college football, and both schools, to be immense.

“There has been a lot of moving parts over the past few months and we’re thankful for the NCAA, ESPN, Florida Citrus Sports, Miami and College Football’s 150th Anniversary Organization for their cooperation during this process. I’d also like to thank the fans from both schools for their understanding of the date change.”

Both schools have had conversations with primary air carriers asking that they provide relief for fans who need to change their plans. In addition, Florida Citrus Sports is in contact with the Orlando tourism and lodging community and will enlist their support to encourage them to accommodate travel revisions prompted by the change.

The Gators and Hurricanes have a long history dating back to their first meeting in 1938 in Gainesville. Miami leads the all-time series 29-26 and won the last meeting in 2013 at home.

Ticket Information:

  • The University Athletic Association is extending the deadline for football season ticket holders to request Miami tickets to Thursday, March 14th due to any inconveniences that this change may have caused. If a season ticket holder has placed a request and can no longer attend, they may contact the Gators Ticket Office to cancel their request and be refunded the amount paid towards that request. Due to the level of demand for this game, the Gators Ticket Office will not be able to accept any requests from season ticket holders for the Miami game after the extended March 14th deadline.

Travel Rebooking & Information:

  • Fans should contact their airline, hotel (see below), or rental car company directly to see about applying for change fees to be waived. When calling the specific company, fans should reference the date change as the reason for asking that fee to be waived.
  • The game organizers are sensitive to the impact the date change may have on fan travel. Florida Citrus Sports is in contact with the Orlando tourism and lodging community and will enlist their support to encourage them to accommodate travel revisions prompted by the change.



  1. What a terrific opportunity for the Gators to erase the memory of the season opener against Michigan back in 2017, even though we poached their Peach Bowl from them quite emphatically in our recent match up. TV viewership will be greater for the Cane game than either of those Michigan games because, as the article states, โ€œBy mid-August the public is hungry for college football, and America is now going to be able to watch the Gators and Hurricanes in a marquee game a week earlier than usual.” Long time college football fans will salivate for this rivalry game, and you can bet there will be plenty of hilites from games past, including my favorite, The Florida Flop. Second favorite is the 1983 win, a 28-3 whupping in G’ville. Yes Miami won the national championship that year, but we had bumper stickers claiming the Canes were champs in only 49 states. Go Gators! Reclaim the state, then the nation!

  2. I would have thought a more logical choice for a one off game in Orlando celebrating 150 years of college football would be UF vs UCF. I mean, the Knights have such tradition and all, and are such a powerhouse…it only makes sense for them to play Florida in a stand alone game in Orlando to celebrate college football. =)

    • I can’t blame him, can you? Once Beck figured out how to “use” us to “get to where he wanted to go the whole time”, why would anybody else even consider UF? Boy, I can’t wait until the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party this year!

      • I always thought there was something off about Beck’s interest in the Gators and more so the Gator’s interest in Beck. The kid is about as pro style of a QB as it gets. Why would he be interested in playing in a spread offense? In his career as a starter, he has run the ball 56 times for -30 yards. That’s about as unwilling of a runner as I’ve ever seen. Even Franks had more rushing yards in high school. I know Mullen could’ve molded his offense to fit his talents, but why do that instead of getting a guy who can run your entire playbook? I’m glad he went to UGA. The QB position and the game of football is quickly changing to feature more spread offense’s. Even the NFL is moving in that direction. Let UGA remain stuck in the past running their outdated offense. It’s going to catch up to them eventually, when the premier teams in the East reload their talent.

        • 6, Joe, add to that the fact we have depth for several years at the position and they are dual threat types. I also think that in critical situations for UGA the last few years their lack of dimension lead to the losses. Kirby took a team and a system that was very good and made changes that have made them very good +. They haven’t gotten the big win and I am not sure that they will. Honing the edge and staying on it leave little room for error. The elite teams have demonstrated that. Clemson won with all the tools in the toy box, Alabama was exposed at a few spots against Oklahoma and Clemson exploited that in the NC. UGA might be the east leader but they are not NC ready. This year will let us know the real direction they are headed post Richt. Don’t forget UGA struggled in the big games but wasn’t near the inferno we were. ND was exposed as lacking in a lot of areas. (playing their schedule is hard but playing so many different conferences is hard for those guys to game plan for ND. Some of those wins aren’t indicative of ND being that much better than others.) Beck is going where he has a better chance to play early. UGA transferred one out. Franks?Trask has two years, Emory four years and Jalon 4+. If they play to Mullens standards the pattern is full baring injury. Since I am really hurting for football I will leave with one other assessment. Our staff did something that was pretty special last year. To every game there is some degree of luck but skill is the important thing here. Last season showed that while Mac and Muschamp left us in disarray the talent they left if unbalanced in recruiting was SEC caliber and capable. It showed they were not ready as HC coaches though they may have been ok as coordinators and recruiting. Mullen comes in and turned disarray into a performing squad that hit its stride against SC. Again there was and is a different intangible feel about his staff. To you all GO GATORS. To the team listen to the coaches, don’t do stupid things, don’t get yourself hurt doing stupid things, I wish you an injury free spring/summer camp. Savage is going to change you. Embrace the change. Mullen and Co are going to teach you to be winners in life and on the field. Come Aug 24 show us what ya got. Show us you are Gators!

          • Your best analysis yet. Absolutely, 65.

            In fact, I’m tempted to wait three months and pass it off as my own. Depending, of course, on your memory not being what it was once and my being able to remember to do it in the first place! ๐Ÿ˜œ