NCAA to decide on Florida vs. Miami game moving up a week


[Updated 12:15 p.m., 2-28-19] Florida and Miami could open their football season a week earlier than expected, according to UF.

ESPN in December went to both schools to discuss the move of the game in Orlando from Aug. 31 to Aug. 24 because of the 150th celebration of college football. The network was seeking a marquee prime-time game to kick off the celebration.

Both schools agreed to it, but the NCAA still has to hear an appeal on moving the game. A decision is expected sometime next week so both teams can change travel plans.

UF provided an update via a joint statement from Florida, Miami, ESPN, Florida Citrus Sports and College Football 150th Anniversary Organization on the current situation:

“This past December, Florida, Miami and Florida Citrus Sports were approached by ESPN, who had the College Football 150th organization’s support (the entity overseeing the upcoming season-long celebration), to explore interest in moving the Camping World Kickoff game in Orlando to August 24 as part of a special kick off day celebrating the sports 150th anniversary season. This is a unique and rare opportunity that would showcase college football, both storied programs, and the state of Florida. In January, a waiver was submitted to the NCAA seeking approval to move the game under this premise. Both schools, along with ESPN, College Football 150th Anniversary organization and Florida Citrus Sports, understand that fans, and the teams themselves, need time to make necessary arrangements should the waiver be granted. A decision is anticipated shortly.”

The Gators and Hurricanes have a long history dating back to their first meeting in 1938 in Gainesville. Miami leads the all-time series 29-26 and won the last meeting in 2013 at home.

Ticket Information:

  • In the event that the game moves to Aug. 24, UF season ticket holders who placed requests for tickets and can no longer attend, please contact the Gators Ticket Office to cancel that request and receive a refund of any payments made towards this event. The UAA apologizes for any inconveniences that this potential change may cause.


  1. Anything we can do to give the Gators an extra week to prepare for Tennessee-Martin is most welcome.

    While strategically this could benefit Florida, since it had fewer practice) personnel issues to address than the Canes, and it would be great to have national coverage to kick off the season, I hate the idea of making the season that much longer.

  2. I read in a different article about this that if the NCAA approves it that we would receive a waiver to begin a week earlier and it would give us 3 bye weeks instead of 2. These are all positives. Also the national exposure as the only game on in prime time television with everybody watching as we destroy Miami will only enhance our brand and help with recruiting. I’m excited about the move!

  3. This is complete b.s. for fans (like me) that have already ordered tickets and made travel plans based on the original date. If UF knew about this in December then they should have let the ticket purchasers know that the date could be changed. Will UF refund my travel cancellation fees in addition to my tickets refund? Of course not. Getting closer and closer to just ending my season tickets after 30 years. I can cut out my ever-increasing booster fees, buy tickets on the secondary market and save money.

    • I feel for you a little bit bro, just a little though. Aug 24 is still a long ways off and unless you bought the super cheap non cancelable online hotel room, you should be able to change your reservation without any problems, same thing with airplane fare if you have that too. Just a couple of phone calls should solve that “problem”. I could understand if this change was announced in June or July but it’s not even March so come on now.

          • Roger that, 6!

            I have a co-worker that made a mistake in booking flights for a trip to Europe that is still three months out. Her booking uses her first and middle initials, which she claims is because the auto-fill on the travel website used her credit card information. Her first and middle names are obviously spelled out on her passport, and thus don’t match her ticket. She has tried to get name on the ticket changed through the online travel agency and the airlines. They each pointed the finger at the other, and she’s been told the ticket cannot be changed, even with payment of their BS change fees, which effectively means, “We got your $1,600 and you ain’t getting it back!”

            Even if she could convince the gate agent stateside to let her on the outbound, she risks being denied boarding on every other leg of the trip, a dicey proposition at best. This kind of blatant corporate larceny makes my head want to explode, even when it is not my shekels that are at risk.

          • Man, what a horror story! I can’t wait until AOC gets her TransAtalntic and TransPacific high speed railway, although the world’s supposed to end in 12 years anyway so why bother!

            All seriousness aside, if it’s a US carrier maybe she can get the feds to intervene? Tell you what, I’d be homicidal. That’s the downside to capitalism though — corporate greed and lack of fair play at times, and nobody gives a damn.

          • Hey man I think AOC has great ideas, I think they should let her implement her plan not only in her district, but in NYC as a whole.
            Ban all airplanes in New York City, no need for airports then, so close down JFK and LaGuardia. Maybe get some of the folks suddenly unemployed to round up a few cows, not sure how many folks needed since I don’t think there are many cows in the city but it’s OK most of those folks voted for her so I’m sure they are cool with it.

            All of these progressives should get a chance to put their plans to work right where they live and unto those who voted for them.
            What could possibly go wrong with that?

    • Curiously, how did you order your tickets? I have season tickets and I requested for the Miami game as well but it was very clear on the order form that the tickets were not guaranteed and I would be informed at a later date if I would in fact get them. Since I live in Orlando it doesn’t affect my travel plans so obviously I am not in the same situation. But I am curious how you got your tickets secured and I didn’t. Maybe I don’t have enough booster points?

  4. ESPN should give the schools a fund in which to reimburse travel for those that incur change fees and can demonstrate it. At this point there will be few that have already booked flights for a game in Orlando between Florida and Miami. But there will be some of course. Cost will be nothing compared to exposure.

  5. Yes All Hail alot cheaper too buy tickets to games you want to see, I buy season tickets and have to go see Tennessee- Martin, pay for parking, pay for refreshments, leave at halftime, because I want to watch a big time game on TV, so yes you save alot of money by just paying for the games you want to see. As for the Florida vs Miami game love it being moved, with that said, I had no plans for going to Orlando.

  6. If I remember correctly the tickets usually have a disclaimer that provides “time and date subject to change”. While I can understand the fans whose travel plans are being upset being mad but the chance to showcase the football season is a tremendous opportunity for the program that can’t be passed up!

    • I like the similarity to the Army-Navy exclusivity at the end of the D-1 season, which has a bowl game feel to it. Every college football fan, and probably football fans in general, will be jonesing for a meaningful football game August 24th, and this rivalry match will be a highly watched TV game you can bet, even without the celebration of the sesquicentennial season of college football. And NWIA TB is correct. After we clobber the Canes, an extra week to settle down the troops and refocus on fundamentals and execution will be a sweet reward. Go Gators!

        • Arizona vs Hawaii: Probably a yawn but since I mentioned the football starved, that game will probably get some good ratings too. Thanks for the info Sparky! I’m sure I will watch that game, if only to hear the commentators comment on the Gator win while showing hilites at the half.

  7. I will go see the Gators play anytime. I only worry a bit about a loss in momentum with a bye the second week of the season. Whenever we have had a game postponed due to a hurricane, it messed us up. Of course that was with pretend coaches. We have the real deal now. Looking forward to the game whenever it is played. I hope they hurry up and announce as some of my group may not be able to make the 24th. More seat room for me! Go Gators!

    • I think going into it knowing there’s going to be a bye, is a different story than unexpectedly having one because of a hurricane. You also have to factor in that the hurricane itself has a major affect on the players’ ability to focus when they’re worried about their families and stuff. The good thing is they won’t be playing a juggernaut coming off that bye.

    • “of course that was with pretend coaches.” DING-DING-DING! We have a winner! First one in the thread to launch the proverbial Bashing of the Former Coaches cliches! Hooray! Hooray! Well done, sir!