2020 DE Griffis de-commits from Florida

Florida head coach Dan Mullen. [Lauren Bacho/The Gainesville Sun/File]

After initially committing to the Jim McElwain-led Florida Gators, defensive end Josh Griffis has re-opened his recruitment.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound IMG Academy prospect opted to rescind his pledge to the Gators on Wednesday, emphasizing UF was still in the picture while he explored other options.

Griffis has seen his recruitment profile rise in recent weeks after strong performances at a number of camps, resulting in an offer Friday from Florida State.

With Griffis’ de-commitment, Florida now has seven commits in a 2020 class ranked No. 5 in the nation by 247Sports.


  1. How can someone commit to McElwain, considering his less than stellar tenure at UF, and then de-commit after seeing the upward trend at UF under Dan Mullen? Griffis can sign wherever he wants and I respect that, but I would like to know why the change of heart.

    • One of the following two (or a combination of both):
      1) He has seen the numbers we have at the position and the players we are continuing to recruit and would rather not compete against that.
      2) Gators are tight on scholarship numbers and are recruiting some very highly rated players — thus are not recruiting Griffis as heavily as he would like. That might make a recruit think that the Gator coaches do not have strong plans for him in their program — and this supposition might be true.

      • I think he was willing to compete since he has been committed here for almost two years. I’m guessing the staff simply was not prioritizing him as highly as previously and perhaps he thought he would not necessarily get the opportunity to show what he’s got. Just because he looks at his competition and re-thinks his decision does not mean he is not willing to compete. Sometimes, it does not matter how willing you are, there are only so many reps and there is only so much opportunity for a developmental prospect — who needs more opportunity — to show out.

        Starting and showing out at a lesser school may very well be the better route to the NFL vs. not starting at UF until Year 3 (at best), despite the fact that he would probably get better coaching and connections at UF. Or it may not be, that’s the dice he is rolling. In the end, it’s his decision. And I personally don’t think he’s some sort of wussy for leaving — if the competition at UF really was why he left.

        • That’s more likely what it is…it could be a young guys wanting to do the recruiting experience..what do we know? I think people get a little too emotional with the decisions of young guys. Sometimes there are better options elsewhere…more playing time early is a factor considered by a lot of kids. When I was in school, there weren’t all these options to play D1 football like they are now in state alone. Solid points TJ.

    • The kid has been pro Gator recently on twitter and I just read an article yesterday where he talks about how he likes the role the Gators have in mind for him and then de-commits a few hours later. I have a feeling this was a decision that was out of his hands and he was told he should re-open his recruitment.

    • SpringHillPhil – I can only speculate like everyone else on here, but I think that he may just want to experience the whole process and enjoy it. This is the only time he will have the opportunity to do so and why not get stroked by other schools? If he was committed as a fan as well as a player, I don’t see him wanting to play anywhere else. Everyone needs to keep in mind that these young men are being offered the world and garnering a lot of attention as 17 y/o’s. I have been saying this for decades now – “don’t worry until there is something to worry about.” Have faith, prepare for the worst, and expect the best. Faith doesn’t mean religiously necessarily, but encompasses a variety of faith’s. I have faith in CDM. GO GATORS!!!

      • I never really get that argument (not arguing with you Ed, just thinking out loud). The way people talk, it’s like every 17 year old on the planet wants as much attention as they can possibly get. Now, I’m no introvert, but I’ve never wanted crazy amounts of attention. That just sounds annoying. I’m pretty sure I was that way at 17 too. I’m guess there are a bunch of these recruits that also get over the recruiting process pretty fast.

      • “What? Me worry?” 😉 I never got the attention back in the 70s that today’s recruits are getting, even when my folks traded in the rotary phone for a push button model. They kept it in the kitchen. I played one year of college baseball badly, so in retrospect, I didn’t need that kind of attention. But highly recruited players can take five official visits to any university in the US of A. If U of F is a Griffis visit, and he wants to come to Hog Town and be a Gator, if I were him, I would use the other four visits to see parts of the country I haven’t before, or I would look at SEC competition, a conference which has a pretty big foot print from A & M to Cocky and Mizzerie to Athens. Or the storied schools like Notre Dame or take a visit to Hawaii. But if I really intended to play at Florida (or what ever school as a national recruit), I would not de-commit. In fact, I wouldn’t commit until I had my tour.

        • SHP and Tj – the main crux of my opinion is that it is the experience of it all. This is a 1 time occurrence and these young dudes have the opportunity. I am speculating that this is a plausible explanation – one of many. Also, these dudes have other peeps in their ears filling their heads with so many variables that we can only imagine. I believe that at the end of it all, Griffis will still be a GATOR. Of course, if there is any funny business going on behind the scene’s, then $$$ may be another variable. Just sayin’. GO GATORS!!!

  2. Who knows with these kids. This kid was a long time Gator fan and grew up wearing Gator gear. It was his “dream school”. But sometimes familiarity breeds contempt and you take the thing right in front of you for granted. It’s like someone wanting to explore the world and move out of his home town , only to find it was the best place for him all along. He is testing the waters bc of his recent success at these camps and is getting love from places he hasn’t gotten love from before. Hopefully in the end, if it is in OUR best interests, he comes back home.

  3. Sometimes when these kids start getting more attention from other schools of the same caliber or even higher, they de-commit to get a little more attention. You never know the thought process behind a 17 year old’s decision making. When a kid does something like this I. February before his senior year, I pretty much ignore it.

    • Not so sure that’s the case here. After his big showing in that camp recently, a Bama beat writer tweeted out that Bama needs to jump on board for him as they are in dire need for players at his position and Griffis immediately responded saying “Yea…not interested”. If you’re publicly shutting down Bama, I can’t imagine you’re too interested in getting attention from other schools. He was all Gator up until he de-committed. All signs point to this being a decision made by the Gator coaches.

  4. Unfortunate if true. We’ve pumped out a few round linemen recently that were 3 stars when they came to UF. As Butch Jones would say, they had 5-star hearts.

    I get it though. You can’t get too sentimental when attempting to build what CDM is building here. Better to be up front than take the kid’s signature and then tell him to greyshirt like Saban would. Speaking of which, I hope someone warns him of those tactics if he does decide to pursue some of these other schools.