Players reached out to have DB coach return to UF

[Courtesy of UAA]

On the night the news broke that Florida cornerbacks coach Charlton Warren had left for Georgia, Dan Mullen’s cell phone started blowing up with texts from people recommending a replacement.

Those people happened to be Mullen’s own players. And they all made the same recommendation.

Torrian Gray.

 “I’ve never been in a situation where we lose a coach and basically every player on the team starts texting me, ‘Is there any way we can go hire this guy?’ ” Mullen said. “I didn’t know Torrian, but every one of our players was like, ‘But we have to get him, we have to get him.’

“I’m like, OK, well, he’s currently the secondary coach of the Washington Redskins, so that sounds like a really good idea.”

Mullen may not have known much about Gray, but the players, especially the guys in the secondary, knew a whole lot about him.

They knew he was UF’s secondary coach in 2016, and they knew the Gators’ secondary that season was one of the best in college football, one that included Tez Tabor, Quincy Wilson, Duke Dawson, Marcus Maye and Brian Poole — all of whom are playing in the NFL.

The players wanted Gray back at UF so badly that they not only hit Mullen’s cell phone, some actually called Gray.

“I get a text from (safety) Jeawon Taylor, ‘Coach, would you come back?’ OK, let me look on Twitter, why would he ask me that?” Gray said. “So OK, I see Coach Warren had left. Then (cornerback) Marco (Wilson) gives me a call, (cornerback) CJ (Henderson) gives me a call. ‘I would take it again, yeah I would be interested, I would love to come back. That’s home. If you want to, bring it up to your coach.’

“It was interesting getting that process going in that manner.”

Things went quickly from there. Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham called Gray to gauge his interest, Mullen did research on Gray and then brought him to Gainesville two days later for an interview. That same day, a deal was struck and Gray became the Gators’ cornerbacks coach.

Mullen understands now why his players wanted Gray back on the coaching staff.

“As I started to research and as I talked to people, both in college and several people in the NFL about him, I thought, wow, it’s a really unique deal of how highly everybody spoke of him,” Mullen said. “The current players speak really highly of him, guys that have worked with him in college say, ‘Boy, what a great recruiter, great personality as a college coach.’

“Talked to guys in the NFL and talked about his development and his ability to develop young players and all of that sounds great.”

It was just a matter of Mullen meeting Gray to see if he’d be a good fit on the staff. He checked that box also after spending some time with Gray.

Now, Gray, who grew up in Lakeland, is back in Gainesville after spending the past two seasons with the Redskins.

Gray’s first stop at Florida was a short one. Hired by Jim McElwain after the 2015 season, he departed after one season to move up to the NFL.

He hasn’t been gone long, but a lot has changed since he left — mainly the culture under Mullen and the new coaching staff. Gray noticed the change the first time he walked into the weight room and watched the players work out under Nick Savage and the strength and conditioning staff.

“I was really impressed with just their intensity and their effort and those type of things like that,” he said. “I was like, ‘Wow, this is pretty neat to be able to see those guys work down there.’

“I was thoroughly impressed with that.”

Gray also seems impressed with the talent — and the potential — he’s going to be working with. The talent, he said, is similar to what he had during his first coaching stint at UF.

“It was a very talented group (in 2016),” he said. These guys are a little less experienced. But from a talent standpoint you’re barking up the right tree.

“Definitely excited to coach the guys that are in the cornerback group. You’ve got Marco Wilson, C.J. Henderson, those guys are obviously the bell cow. Familiar with those guys before I left.

“And to see the guys we just got, that give us some depth, the freshmen guys. Chris Steele, Jaydon Hill, (Chester) Kimbrough, (Kaiir) Elam. It’s a very talented, talented group. I’m extremely excited to be able to work with these guys.”

Based on all those texts and calls a few weeks ago, the cornerbacks obviously feel the same way about their new coach.


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        • Right you are Sparky — perspective. The founding ideas of the republic were indeed great, but we have not always lived up to those principles. I’d be hard pressed to find a nation that has tried harder, tho. Now back to sports programming, where when we last checked……….

      • I agree, America and the Gators have always been great. And that greatness has allowed both to survive 8 years of mismanagement and incompetence by the previous administrations.
        Good for you to bring this up, great analogy!
        Go Gators and USA, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Back to sports programming.

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        • To leave off Dubya and Cheney’s debacle of 8 years, which in MANY ways was mimicked the next 8 is very partisan. They both stink and lie to the tilt…and zero has changed.

          CDM and the Gators!! Much respect for a great season and the future is bright.

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    • It iss and always has been.
      Every season, I look forward to Gator football (kind of a letdown in that we wait 8 months for the season to start, and we have to sit through the first game which is usually against a directional team) with great anticipation. For the past few years I’ve had to settle for mediocrity or worse. Now CDM has us dreaming of the possibilities of the future including this upcoming season.

      • At least you’re in Orlando while you twiddle your thumbs for 8 months, buddy. Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine what it’s like now being in Texas doing the same thing. Not that I don’t love Texas — I surely do — but boy does it ever get lonely out here during those long spring and summer months……..if it weren’t for GatorSports, I’d probably lose my freakin’ mind, crack or no crack!

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  1. Interesting story. I think that it speaks highly of Dan Mullen and the respect he showed to his young players. He did not know coach Gray but listened to his players, followed up and did his due diligence, which led to a personal meeting with Gray. End result is two fold; Gators gets an excellent coach and recruiter, and Mullen’s players see first hand that they have a head coach who listens to and respects them. Gator Nation is stronger for this. Great to be a Gator.

  2. this is dbu we are talking about, where everyone from former players, current players, maybe even recruits, as well as coaches and administrators have ownership of things. i love CDM, but the early days of DBU started before CDM was born, and i look forward to it lasting even longer! Truth is, we’ve had a lot of builders here. im too young to know before ray graves, but he bought the monster man safety concept . Coach Dickey brought speed to burn, charlie pell brought the great wall of florida, Coach Hall made us Running Back Central, and We all know the ole ball coach and the rest. I look forward to CDM adding some more things, he is already at or near our top qb coach ever. Even Champ, our worst coach in my lifetime, kept and improved upon DBU, and coach Gray will take this farther than ever.

  3. Coach Warren is clearly an excellent defensive secondary coach. However, while we lost him to Georgia (or so I believe), we have regained Coach Gray, who clearly is the better coach (no offense to Coach Warren intended). That our defensive backs wanted Coach Gray so much that Coach Mullen agreed to research, evaluate and hire him is absolutely wonderful! That some of the players even contacted Coach Gray asking him to return is very cool! That Coach Gray himself was willing to leave the Redskins to return to UF (Torrian’s backyard, since he is originally from Lakeland) is fantastic – I love this story – it tells me that the Gators are returning to their roots, and are destined to once again achieve incredibly great goals. Thank you, Coach Mullen and Coach Gray, for your dedication to the University of Florida. GO GATORS!!!

    • IAMIOWAN. It is great to have Gray back, but he did not leave the Washington Redskins. His contract with the Skins was not renewed at the end of the season, and he was no longer employed by them. Washington got rid of a lot of coaches after a disappointing season, but the secondary for Washington was not disappointing other than them kicking their best secondary player off the team.

  4. I would like to kno if this sets a precedence, where players ask an assistant coach to return to a team. Even if it’s not a first, it has to be a helluva recruiting incentive. btw, UGA’s schedule looks almost as soft as lotion infused snot rags. I bet we handle the Dawgs. My concern is with Mizzerie. We don’t seem to show up for that form of a Tiger. Reminds me of Vandy, except they win more than not.

    • The recent domination by Missouri has been more about Drew Lock than anything. Unfortunately for them he’s gone now. The bowl ban may also cause them to lack focus. I think Kelly Bryant looked a lot better than he is because of the supporting cast he had at Clemson. I’m expecting that game to be one of the easier wins.