Eastside QB Anthony Richardson de-commits from Florida

Anthony Richardson, the quarterback for Eastside High School, throws in a drill during Friday Night Lights, the annual University of Florida football camp, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville July 27, 2018. The annual football camp brings recruits from all over the country to run drills and get the Gator football experience. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida’s highly ranked 2020 class took a significant hit Tuesday night with the de-commitment from Eastside High quarterback Anthony Richardson.

Richardson’s decision comes just three days after the 6-foot-4 signal caller camped with the Gators for Junior Day, yet it doesn’t come without reason. The Gators appear to be in pursuit of Mandarin High quarterback Carson Beck, who backed off a pledge to Alabama just 24 hours ago.

“Thank you to the University of Florida for giving me an opportunity to extend my academic and athletic career,” Richardson posted on his Twitter account, “but after a lot of thinking I will be de-committing from the University of Florida and opening my recruitment process back up. The University of Florida is still in consideration but I’m going to let God take over everything and let him land me in the right spot. Respect my decision!”

With Richardson’s de-commitment, the Gators have seven commits in the 2020 class.


  1. Not good. Seen comments other places calling him Baby Cam. Not sure if that is a slight as lots of people thought Cam should play TE and not Qb. Think I saw Richardson in some pictures with other recruits from Junior Day. Specifically him with 3 or 4 other commits doing the gator chomp with Mullen. The guy looked like a man with boys. Totally developed physically and ready to play college ball. Hope Richardson jumps back in the class. Think it was a bad sign that he did it the eve of NSD.

    Scenario kind of reminds me of Snead and Tebow. Snead decommitted when he realized Tebow was going to UF. Hope Beck is worth all this.

  2. I’m not worried for three reasons.

    1. We have the Jones’ which are more or less carbon copies of Richardson. Great athletes with questionable accuracy or at least a “work in progress” type accuracy. We need a little variety in the QB room like when we had Tebow, Cam and Brantley.

    2. The kid says he doesn’t have an issue with UF recruiting two QBs and then days later decommits. I only want QBs with the confidence (bordering on arrogance) to think it doesn’t matter who is on the roster, I’ll be better than them and win the job. Not something Tebow would have ever considered.

    3. The position I would give Dan the most leeway with would be QB. Dan the Freaking QB Guru Man knows what he is doing with that position. In Dan We Trust!

  3. No big deal or loss. Plenty of time for 2020 and some quarterbacks don’t want to compete. Maybe that is his issue. I agree, DM is great at developing quarterbacks. Also it does not help us to have a bunch of quarterbacks on the bench not getting reps and being disgruntled. We are fine. Go Gators!

  4. Too early to matter, but what I’m impressed with is that gatorperio broke this story about a month ago when he announced Carson Beck was flipping from Bama. That’s better info than what we get from Sparky’s labs and my cats combined.
    And since Dan The Freaking QB Guru Man is in control, no worries.

  5. My only concern is that Carson Beck is a pro style QB coming into a spread option system.

    Who else recalls how highly rated John Brantley was when he was signed by Urban Meyer? My psyche still bears the scars of watching that kid struggle in Meyer’s offense when his number was called in 2010.

    I hope Beck is more athletic than Brantley and CDM can turn him into a star by tweaking the offense to better fit his strengths.

    Go Gators!!!

  6. Keep in mind that was after Mullen took the MSU job. He wasn’t under the tuteledge of Dan the Freaking QB Guru Man and if I remember correctly that’s when Addazio was running the offense and it took a significant step back. Significant in terms of what we had been accustomed to at least.

    • Dallas, I have complete faith in CDM as a QB whisperer. IF the rumors are true and Beck commits to the Gators after CDM has extended him a scholarship offer, THEN, I’ll faithfully accept that CDM sees enough Tebow and Prescott in Beck to make a star out of him at UF.

  7. He is a good QB that has a little attitude problem. Heard that directly from one of his coaches. He doesn’t take criticism very well when they tell him he’s doing something wrong, that seems to be a problem with a lot of these young guys. The coach did say that he is very good at QB and had to deal with sub par receivers which hurt his stats on paper, but he can play.