5-star Bowman recaps Florida’s Junior Day, details commitment timeline

Recruiting edit made for Lakeland HS running back Demarkcus Bowman (Courtesy of Bowman's Twitter account)

It’s early, but the Gators appear to be the leader for five-star running back Demarkcus Bowman.

Ranked by the 247Sports composite as the No. 5 overall running back in the 2020 class, the 5-foot-11, 190-pound Bowman arrived late Friday at UF for Florida’s Junior Day on Saturday.

Suffice to say, Bowman once again came away impressed with his trip from Lakeland to Gainesville.

“Today’s been great so far,” Bowman said. “It’ll be really fun to hang out with the players after this. Overall, I’ve had a great day. I really love Florida, it’s really home.”

Aside from seeing the players and the facilities, Saturday presented Bowman with another opportunity to become acclimated with UF’s coaching staff, who have made their interest in the Lakeland native well-known.

“I just know I’m their No. 1 guy. I just know they really want me a lot. And they show a lot of love, and I really appreciate that,” Bowman said. “Look, it’s home, it’s where the heart is. It’s where the tradition is. It’s where alumni from our school came. There’s a lot that come with going to Lakeland then Florida.”

Words pale in comparison to actions, especially when it comes to the recruiting world. When it comes to Florida’s pitch to him, however, the dynamic Bowman can sense the genuineness.

“I can tell they really mean what they say, just by how they treat me and how they act around me,” Bowman said. “And how they treat me a little different, even though I’m not committed I can still tell I’m the No. 1 guy that they really want. And I can tell there’s a whole recruiting class around that could make it No. 1 in the nation.”

Bowman, who visited Clemson on Jan. 26, plans to visit Florida State “soon” and Georgia, although he’s yet to set anything up just yet.

After the defending national champion couldn’t convince Bowman to commit early, the Gators appear to be the leader in a battle that will almost surely play out until Bowman puts pen to paper.

“If not before my senior year, it’ll be after my senior year,” Bowman said of a commitment timeline. “It’s really just how I feel, and if I feel like it’s right I’m going to just go with my gut. Not really much that can change that.”


    • Plus that, Sparky — I bet by the time he gets here, any questions about the OL will be long settled, the defense will be deadly, and the other running backs will be on fire too as will the receivers and whoever the QB may be.

    • Sparky and 6, He would be an awesome addition to GATOR NATION. With the RB’s that we have, and any new additions, these RB’s would be able to stay fresher all year long. This would probably bring down their personal records, but they would have healthier bodies all year long and for the NFL if good enough. This will take unselfish play and commitment by these players. If we are fortunate enough, maybe we have at least 4 good RB’s and each would have a quarter to themselves. There are many ways this could go like who has the hot hand and who is the best receiver as well. This would be an awesome problem to have. GO GATORS!!!

  1. Bowman sounds like a really dynamic running back who will add some serious punch to our running game. I agree with SparkyGator – hoping Demarkcus will soon commit to the Gators. Of all the schools he mentioned, UF is the best academically, and our football team is on the comeback trail, destined once again for greatness. GO GATORS!!!

  2. This is very good news for the future of Gator football recruiting, although, as Graham mentions in reference to the coaches’ promises, “words pale in comparison to actions.” The same can also be said about the recruits’ words.

    It is vital for the Gators to win this elite recruit from a pipeline school in Lakeland, FL away from out-of-state powers like Clemson, UGA and Alabama. The key to a return to prominence for the Gator football program lies in consistently selling elite Florida high school recruits on remaining in state for their college careers.

    Losing Bowman to FSU or Miami is marginally less catastrophic for the Gators than losing him to one of the out-of-state powers. In the long run, if elite Florida high school talent goes back to playing college ball instate, the Gators will more than get their share and all 3 state programs have a chance of returning to the top 10 annually.

    The spread option O the Gators run splits the carries 3 ways, between alternating RBs and the QB, whereas the pro style O run at UGA and Alabama only splits the carries 2 ways, between alternating RBs. However, it appears that CDM and his staff have this kid giving the Gators a serious look. Now, CDM needs to close the deal by convincing him he will get more than enough carries (if he earns them) to get the undivided attention of NFL scouts while not physically wearing him out.

    Here’s to hoping CDM ultimately succeeds!

    • I think the days of top Florida recruits leaving the state in droves are over. I’m sure you’ll still see a few here and there that just want to get out and experience something new, but I think you’re already seeing that changing with the next 2 classes Mullen is starting to assemble. Teams like Bama, OSU, and UGA have capitalized on the big 3 being down for most of the last decade. FSU had a little more success than UF and UM, so they were still bringing in some good classes, but for most of the top recruits there was really no reason to stay in state if they wanted to compete for championships. 2 years ago, there’s no way Bowman is even looking at UF, and now they’re considered his top choice. As long as Mullen can keep the upward trajectory going, then he’s going to lock down the state and appears to already be doing so.

  3. Good post bud and I agree with you on most of what you said except I’m still not feeling the love for Miami or FSU getting top Florida recruits instead of UGA or Bama, to me they are all the same, we are all competing against each other.
    One more thing the line in the story: “words pale in comparison to actions.” to me seemed to refer to the recruits rather than the coaches in that they can say they loved their visit blah, blah blah and then say the same about their next stop. The proof is in the NSD pudding, still a long ways away.
    Go Gators!

    • CO, I’m no fan of FSU and Miami, but we have to acknowledge that over the last 10 years out-of-state powers have established a pipeline into Florida high schools and are skimming away a large percentage of our elite recruits. Going back to the way things were in the 90s, when all 3 Florida programs were perpetually in the top 10 and kept almost all elite Florida talent in state, wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Gators’ prospect of vying for a playoff spot every season.

      Weakening Georgia and Alabama a little bit will make it easier for the Gators to win the SEC more frequently. Strengthening FSU and Miami a little bit will relax the hammer lock Clemson now has on the ACC and one playoff spot. That’s bound to benefit benefit all 3 Florida programs, but the Gators, with their new football complex, most of all.

      Go Gators!!!