Muschamp will be cheering on Super Bowl Gators

New England Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown, left, celebrates with head coach Bill Belichick after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game on Jan. 20 in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Among the people with a Florida tie playing in this year’s Super Bowl will be the man who brought most of those players to Gainesville.

Former Florida coach Will Muschamp and his family will be in attendance in Atlanta rooting on the players he once signed to be Gators.

“My old friend Dan Quinn (the Atlanta Falcons head coach) hooked us up,” Muschamp said. “It always makes you proud to see guys you coached on such a big stage.”

Three players in the game and a fourth on injured reserve were signed by Muschamp during his time at Florida.

New England left tackle Trent Brown is one of those players.

“We always liked him,” Muschamp said. “Massive human being who played well his first year and really well his second. We always thought he was going to be a starting tackle in the NFL.”

Then there’s Dante Fowler, one of the jewels of Muschamp’s 2012 third-ranked class of recruits and is a starting defensive end for the L.A. Rams.

“We flipped him from FSU on signing day,” Muschamp said. “Great first step. Dante loves football, he loves competing.”

Duke Dawson was another Muschamp signee who is on the Patriots roster but is out with an injury. Then there is another signee who barely got to play for the Gators.

J.C. Jackson practiced with the Gators in 2014 after being part of Muschamp’s final class. He suffered a torn labrum in his first game and redshirted. But he was arrested — and later acquitted — for armed robbery and was not allowed to return to UF by the new staff in place.

“He was a stud,” Muschamp said. “He was as good as any defensive back we had, as good as all those guys.”

Jackson, who went to junior college and finished up at Maryland, had three interceptions for the Patriots this season.

The fifth Gator in the Super Bowl — Rams defensive lineman Dominique Easley — was signed by Urban Meyer but also played for Muschamp.


    • He can. An OK head coach, maybe even a good one at times, but probably will never reach the top in that role. But as a D Coordinator, where he made his bones, he has always been up there. If Grantham were to move on and Muschamp was available and willing to swallow his pride a little — I sure wouldn’t object to him coming back to Florida. But then, I like the guy — a lot of Gators don’t, of course.

      • 6….once a head coach in the SEC, guess he will never go back down as a position coach except maybe with the NFL. He really was, and still is, well liked and respected in this business. He said he learned his lesson and from now on he will stay on “his side” and let his OC take care of the offense. Maybe too little to late for him, but he sure can recruit.

        • Yes Sir, he’s got a talent for recruiting and if the player is on the D side, he can develop them pretty well too. I really said that more or less tongue in cheek about him being a Gator again, but who knows…..stranger things have happened.

  1. Muschamp’s biggest issue was that he could not build a program. He could recruit but he never recruited a team. As a head coach, you need an entire program and you have to worry about your roster spots and that you have a good mix of upper and lower classmen. For all of his recruiting, he still had a roster full of DBs and only 7 offensive linemen.

    Muschamp reminds me of Mike White. Both very headstrong. Specialize in one position/area. Multiple injuries that became the norm and not the exception. Both neglected a key position on the team. OL for Champ. Power Forward for White. Hope White can learn from his mistakes where Muschamp didn’t .

  2. again, can we just stop with the muschamp articles. its a new day. of course champ is going to root for his former players in the super bowl. the only thing that would be news would be if he wasnt. all the articles wont change the fact that the guy is not a good head coach, anywhere.

  3. Muschamp is like the majority of head coaches. He does some parts of the job great, but not as good in other areas. I really believe there are only a very few elite level head coaches. If you get one, you are fortunate to hang on to them for 10-15 years anymore.

  4. Amazing this sucktastic goon managed to lose to Georgia Southern with a team full of NFL talent. With all the offensive innovation we’re likely to see in this game, his eyes will probably start bleeding before halftime, and he’ll run from the stadium screaming, “what sport are they even playing in there?”