Gators commit Diwun Black recaps “great” official visit

Diwun Black on his official visit (Courtesy of Black's Twitter account)

Diwun Black has spent much of the past six months recruiting prospects to Florida, and his recruiting efforts didn’t stop over the weekend.

Black, ranked by 247Sports as the No. 45 overall prospect in the 2019 class, took an official visit to Florida with defensive end Khris Bogle, currently committed to Alabama, and the highly touted linebacker said the two had a “great” time at Florida.

“It was great. Me and Bogle had fun, took pictures, danced a lot. It was cool for my first official visit,” Black said. “Every time he put a jersey on he said ‘I like it, I like it’, and we just kept talking about his recruitment throughout the day.

“I told him come join the Gator Standard and we’ll win a championship in a couple years.”
Bogle was familiar with Gainesville, meaning the weekend wasn’t about seeing the facilities and meeting the coaches — rather it was a celebration of his commitment, and a chance to meet with his future position coach, Christian Robinson.

“It was fun, like we had to leave in the morning and I said ‘Can we leave later on?’ because we were having too much fun,” Black said. “It was the same love and everything. My unofficial visits always felt like official visits, so it was cool.”

There has been no shortage of hate regarding Black’s impending qualification status, but the criticism hasn’t had a negative impact on the Mississippian.

Instead, Black said the message from the UF status was similar to his internal mindset — keep working and prove the doubters wrong.

“They’re doubting you, and I’ve got to keep pushing,” Black said. “Hell no it doesn’t get to me. I just take the motivation and keep going.”

Robinson and Black had the typical film review session that comes on UF’s official visits, wherein Robinson told the inside linebacker he could play either the nickel or dime position with the Gators.

“Outside linebacker who can rush a little off the edge,” Black said. “I can play wherever they want though.”

Black didn’t get to rush much in the Polynesian Bowl, but he impressed scouts regardless of the limit on blitzing. He was named the defensive MVP by 247Sports, too — further proof that sitting out his senior season didn’t hinder his abilities.

“It was great. Just the limit on blitzing was the only thing that wasn’t good, but I had fun,” Black said. “They all saw what I can do.”


  1. So very glad that Diwun Black is a Gator – looking forward to his awesome contribution he will make to the Gator football team – I know he will (he knows it too)!. Two years ago we were short on quality linebackers – now we will be loaded for bear – GO GATORS!!!

    • IAMIOWAN – we will be loaded for Cats, Dogs, Volunteers, etc., etc. All we need is to have Franks or any of the other three to give us quality at QB. If that occurs, than we will be a dangerous team. GO GATORS!!!

      • Gator Ed don’t forget the there are some birds in there ad well as others. But we are loaded this year. As for the * I don’t think it matters. The guys got crazy good talent if he can make it in academics and has the right attitude. Jaws is right he is trying to bring others with him. If you’re not a Gator your Gator bait and you will be wishing you had made better choices in a few years when we reach the top. Mullen’s crew has us on track for great things.

        • Remember Gator65 – we were the only SEC East team to beat Bama for the SEC Championship if I remember correctly. I could be wrong, but my statement serves as a catalyst to steer my narrative. That we are the SEC team that recruits should want to attend to be the best that they can be – In the GATOR ARMY! Orange and Blue Combat uniforms would be different…LOL. GO GATORS!!!

          • Gator Ed no one liked the Camo uni’s except maybe me, but a camo orange and blue would set some traditionalists upside down. Don’t care what they wear if they are playing like they deserve to be Gators.

          • Gator Ed looked that up and if my sources are correct yes we are the only team to beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Series is 4-5 Alabama. But the Gators are the only team to beat them in that game. Al 12 trips is 8-4 overall and we have 12 trips and are 7-5 overall. UGA has the next most trips with 7 and they are 3-4. I remember the day when we had the SEC championship game down as part of the season schedule. It’s time to return to dominance.

        • Gator65 – I like them as well. When I got out we had those DCU’s that felt like we were wearing PJ’s. When I entered the Army we had to spit shine those patent leather boots “toe and heel.” We also had to wear that stooped beret. The patrol cap was perfect and functional as well. That would be awesome a royal blue with GATOR patches on the sides…LOL. GO GATORS!!!

  2. Great to see him working to recruit other guys to the program, too! A very excellent recruit. What was the hate reference, though? I don’t see why he would be getting so much hate from people– is it just because he is leaving Mississippi?