Georgia hires Warren from Florida as defensive backs coach

Charlton Warren,defensive backs coach with the Florida football team last season, was hired by Georgia on Saturday. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

By Marc Weiszer, GateHouse Georgia

ATHENS, GA. — Georgia coach Kirby Smart dipped into another SEC program’s staff to find his new defensive backs coach.

Charlton Warren, who served as cornerbacks coach last season at Florida, replaces Mel Tucker in working with the Bulldogs secondary, the school announced Saturday night.

Tucker served as defensive coordinator the last three seasons for the Bulldogs before becoming head coach at Colorado. No announcement was made about who will fill the coordinator role, but since there are no other openings on staff, an internal hire seems likely.

That could be outside linebackers coach Dan Lanning or perhaps both Lanning and inside linebackers coach Glenn Schumann.

The hire of Warren comes with Georgia hosting 2019 and 2020 recruits on visits this weekend.

Warren is an Atlanta native who was a three-year letterman as a defensive back at Air Force, where he was on staff from 2005-13 including a year as defensive coordinator.

He coached in 2017 at Tennessee as defensive backs coach and special teams coordinator. He also coached defensive backs at North Carolina in 2015-16 when he worked with current Georgia defensive line coach Tray Scott and before that at Nebraska in 2014.

“Charlton is from Atlanta and has a wide range of experience coaching defensive football at several universities and conferences around the country,” Smart said in a statement. “His entire coaching career has been on the defensive side of the ball and especially defensive backs. He has developed an outstanding record and reputation in the coaching profession and he’ll bring great knowledge and energy to our staff.”

Warren, 42, worked on former Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham’s staff last year when the Gators improved from tied for 81st in takeaways to tied for 11th with 26. Florida ranked 17th in the nation in pass efficiency defense.

He will now recruit for Georgia in the state he knows well.

“I’m a guy that’s recruited that state for 14 years,” Warren told the Chattanooga Times Free-Press in 2017. “I was raised in that state. I know coaches. I know players. I know former coaches of mine that are now coaches down there. I know former players of mine. I think in this recruiting business, relationships are huge. I think anytime you can go into an area that you know well, you know the back roads, you know the youth programs, you know where guys are coming up — I think that’s huge.”

On Friday, veteran defensive line coach Sal Sunseri left UF to become part of Nick Saban’s coaching staff at Alabama.


  1. Always interested in what makes a coach move from being a position coach at one school to the same position coach at another school, especially when the school they are leaving is on the upward move. I’m sure it has to have something to do with personal choice, such as coach Warren who is from Atlanta and more than likely still has family there.

  2. We might as well get use to this. Programs that are successful usually have other programs poach from them. We are headed in the right direction with CDM that’s for sure. It’s funny how so many rivals talk **** about our team and how we don’t deserve to be ranked as high as we are but then they hire our coaches and talk like they are the best thing since sliced bread. The only thing I don’t like is they are going to rival schools which makes me feel like they weren’t true gators at heart. They were just along for the ride until something better came up. Either way we will be just fine, many DB coaches would love to come to DBU and have quite possible the best two corners in college football with talent lined up behind them ready to go.

    • True gators? These arent players they are coaches. Coaches move on when they can move up, to where ever, they can get the chance. he has moved up from cornerbacks to all the defensive backfield, NOT a lateral move.

      • I would have it in their contracts that they cannot move directly to a rival because now they can persuade the same recruits they were paid to recruit by the school to flip to their new school, directly hurting the school who paid them to do the recruiting. I also think it should be banned( no coach should be allowed contact with any recruit he had contact at his previous school because he is using the contact that he was paid for, to benefit his new school. Its just like if you work for a company and invent or discover something while paid by them, the invention or discovery belongs to the company, because they paid for it.

    • I know that when what I’m about to say happens, chances are Florida and Bama will meet in the SEC CG. This will be great. It means that your Gators have displaced the Athen’s bullpuppies as the Beast in the east. I really think this will be much sooner than most think. It would be very pleasing for me to see the Gators take them apart this year. Yeah, you do need to get use to having your coaches poached by competing teams. Mullen will be able to overcome these things. Smash them pups.

  3. If he were going anywhere but UGA, I would wish him well, but since he is going over to the enemy, I wish him unrelenting failure and misery, that his backside should be covered with boils and his face with weeping lesions. Lastly, that Kirby should fire him one day for no reason, and that he ends up living in a trash can on Peach Street, singing “Georgia” to tourists in return for empty coke bottles he doesn’t realize are no longer returnable.

    Also, I hope he becomes addicted to Little Debbie snack cakes, and ends up as fat and ugly as Sunseri.

        • Dang Jaws – the worst I would have stated is that I wished all of the hairy spots on his body were infested with ticks…LOL. I think Daz is right in that there should be some bylaws instituted into the SEC rule book. Maybe no poaching of coaches from other teams except during a proper time frame. Turn about is fair play and maybe we should lure one of their coaches away for spite if nothing else…LOL. GO GATORS!!!

          • It does make sense to have a clause like that. A lot of companies have their hires sign non-compete agreements. I’m surprised the SEC doesn’t have such a rule already. I guess the schools prefer to have the opportunity to poach coaches and are willing to be poached? Hard to figure, but it is what it is!

        • Jaws – I had to sign a nondisclosure contract when I was stationed in California. It has been over 10 years now, so I can legally discuss it. While in Cali, I was chosen to assist a now popular tv show as I was allowed to work when my Military obligations would allow. Have you heard of the tv show “Two Broke Girls?” I lucked into the job by running into the director. I was hired to insure the show would be successful, and I was the one that broke those two girls…LMAO! Gotcha…GO GATORS!!!

          • I knew something must’ve happened there, Ed, because, although I’m sure it’s not your fault, that’s the WORST TV show I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine how much worse it would’ve been without your expertise! It would’ve been better if the show itself had never been disclosed.

          • I only want to know two things: (1) you didn’t go native out there in Kalifornia, didja Ed?, and (2) how did you possibly get any time off from NTC to even watch TV?

  4. Well I guess kirby thanks to get Elam to UGA he needs the person who would have coached him in gainesville let’s hope CDM gets the right person not just to better our Cornerbacks but also that can recruit.

    • Davild. Sanseri went to Bama to coach with his son. He actually took a demotion in responsibility to do that. Warren got a promotion and returned to the Atlanta area, which is where he is from. And neither coaching loss will make Florida weaker. I think Florida can do better at both coaching positions, and especially when it comes to recruiting. Neither Sunseri nor Warren recruited the state of Florida well.

  5. Welcome to college football where loyalty is only as thick as one’s wallet. While Sunseri and Warren may have had their own personal reasons for leaving as well, who among us all could really say you would not take a new job that gave you a $100,000 a year raise (is this is true). That is a lot of money for most people so I can totally understand them leaving. If the Gators want to have a truly stable staff, then they would have to pay their assistants like Clemson where their DC Venables gets two million a year. But there is only so much money to go around especially with the big bucks the Gators are investing in new facilities. So this is the nature of the beast. I am sure Coach Mullen will go out and get some good replacements who can hopefully coach and recruit well as both facets are equally important in the college game.

    • I don’t know, TruBlu, I’d do it for a dollar a year. That’s, of course, more than would be worth if I did it…..but there’s got to be somebody out there who would put loyalty over $$. Or, maybe not.

      • Hey Gator-6, it wouldn’t be that difficult to teach fundamentals of being a DB and to coach them up. You could learn “how to” and regurgitate that knowledge to the young men. You would have to dedicate your life to doing so to be great at it. I, for one, believe that you could do it and eventually get hired by U of F. I would love to be a coach, but my total accrued life abuses sustained by my body would not allow me to do so. So, I am a super fan and I have a 75 inch 4K tv. It is amazing how many growths and imperfections can be seen on what we would consider the beautiful actors in movies and on tv. With my tv I can see moon like textures on faces that at one time looked perfect. LMAO. So, any who, I think you could make a great coach as long as you are willing to dedicate the time necessary. As for me I will be heard yelling GO GATORS at my television. I want to give a shout out to the LADY GATORS gymnastics team. They beat LSU by the slimmest of margins. I love lady gymnasts. I was in gymnastics when I was younger – the rings, vaulting, and trampoline were my best events. GO GATORS!!!

  6. One can never expected school loyalty out of a head coach, let alone an assistant coach. However, in the case of Charlton Warren his decision to leave and announce his decision on the weekend before NSD while Georgia is hosting Kaiir Elam is downright classless. He hosts Florida’s biggest remaining NSD target one weekend and then hosts the same recruit at Georgia the following weekend. I’m hoping Elam sees Warren for the classless scumbag he has shown himself to be and decides to pick school over a position coach who come and go like the wind.

    • I have no problem with a coach trying to better his life. However, the timing of his departure and announcement is classless. He was paid to recruit for Florida all year and then leaves within one week of NSD. He also still had one year on his contract with Florida. Does anyone know if an assistant coach contract has a buyout clause. He was paid by Tennessee this year after they let him go with Butch Jones. It has to be a 2-way street with assistant coaches as well.

      • MexiGator. It was a promotion for Warren. When was the last time you turned down a promotion of someone denied you an opportunity to better yourself with a promotion? Florida could have promoted Warren (when they found out about the offer from Georgia) and offered him more money to stay. Obviously, Florida and Mullen did neither.

      • Classless? C’mon man these guys are dispensible like BIC lighters to these universities. There is never a good time to leave. He was doing what he thought was best for him which is fine. Nobody will even remember his name in a year. Give it a break.

  7. And Warren was Kirby Smart’s second choice for the open DB spot and Warren still jumped on it. He obviously wanted to return to his home state and the Atlanta area where his family is. It is a good move on and off the football field for Warren. Simple as that. Florida will get a top CB coach to replace him and I am sure, if Elam did not commit to Georgia this weekend, that CB coach and Mullen will go visit Elam before NSD, which will be two weeks from this coming Wednesday.

  8. ”On Friday, veteran defensive line coach Sal Sunseri left UF to become part of Nick Saban’s coaching staff at Alabama.”
    Now this? Well, attentive Gator fans know 2 things about this ”back story.”
    1: The D.B. coach was ‘the one building relationships’ with high school DB’s for U.F.’s recruiting, just as coach Sunseri was for high school D-linemen.
    And 2: U.G.A. got torched in the N.C. game by Tua in 2017, then by Jalen in the ’18 S.E.C.C.G. in Atlanta. Just like ‘Bama got torched on the D-line by U.G.A.’s R.B.’s in this year’s S.E.C.C.G.
    ”Things that make you go, hmmm!”

  9. I will S-P-E-L-L I-T O-U-T: This move is perhaps, one helluva’ a way for U.G.A. and ‘Bama to make certain that Florida Football does NOT rise to their level… EVER AGAIN in the near future. Because the good Lord, Himself, knows that when U.F. does, they usually win NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and Heisman Trophies!
    Just see: 1996, (battled for both in 2000-2001), and won them throughout 2006 to 2008.

    • Hmmm. You know, GI, at the expense of………well, let’s just say that you’re making a damn good point there. Daz is correct, there need to be stipulations on what a departing coach can and cannot do for at least a year.

    • I think you are reading way too much into these moves GI. Sunseri wants to coach with his son, he happens to beat Bama, both father and son have history with Bama and Satan, nothing else going on here. Warren is from the Atlanta area and got a promotion with more $$$$$, a no brainer move. Only ting that stinks is the timing of Warren’s move just prior to NSD and with a prospect he is recruiting that both schools in question are after. Neither of these moves will “MAKE CERTAIN THAT FLORIDA FOOTBALL” will not rise to their level. Relax, we will be fine.

      • I suspect that at the end of the proverbial day, CO, that you are right about any damage, but it does stink to high heaven as far as the timing. Go back to Sparky’s original comment — reference Elam — now that issue remains to be seen and while everything I’ve read says he’s probably going to Florida regardless, wouldn’t it be something if now at the last minute……..

    • Boy am I glad you clarified that, Sparky…..I couldn’t figure out which labs you were talking about before! Chem7? Chem12? A1C? Now I got it, your Lab Retrievers! You are a very wise man indeed — they will never lie to you, unlike my Bloodhound Willis, who has taken to believing he’s the reincarnation of Elvis.

    • It’s funny how many of us have DOGS…lol. I have three myself, and my big boy is what I believe is half Golden Lab Retriever and half German Shepherd. He is close to 200 lbs., and he is fed very well…lol. I also have a half Pitbull and half Huskie. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. And lastly I have some sort of long haired hunting type dog that is female. All 3 are good dogs and I refer to them as my children. It would be awesome to have pet alligators, but they would be way more expensive to maintain I am sure. Also, it may be illegal. GO GATORS!!!

  10. Dogs, cats and pet alligators………………………..a damn slow news day, and you know who must be in a tizzy about this conversation. LOL
    You know Ed, the Florida Football team used to have a real alligator as a mascot back in the day, similar to the leg humpers with their puppy mascot. That poor pup almost bit it when the Texas Longhorn tried to gore him before their bowl game. Go figure indeed, and Go Gators!

    • Some Gator history, CO, to fill in the time while we wait for the next article. In the early 60’s the Florida mascot was indeed an alligator, and he was kept in a special pond/pen. Then one night along about 1961 or so, a very promising young Gator running back by the name of Richard Skelly, replete with scalp showin’ flat top haircut and combed back wings on either side, apparently got drunk, got into the pen, and cut his darned tail off. The gator’s tail, not his own. No mean feat since it was a pretty big gator, but poor Skelly got caught in the act and fessed up, therefore was summarily thrown off the team by Ray Graves. If you google him you will not get a return, but true story.

      Skelly was a team mate of Bobby Dodd Jr, Larry Libertore, Lindy Infante, Vic Miranda, Bob “Hoover the Mover” and several other notable Gators of the time. Pepper Rogers was one of his coaches, in fact. Skelly has got to be about 80 if he is still alive, but I’ve never met anybody who knows what ever became of him. I’d venture that he probably transferred to Florida State, tho I think it was still a girl’s school at the time.

      • Gator-6, I wanted to let you know that I wanted to reply to some of your posts, but the “reply” link wasn’t available. Did you piss someone off at this site??? LOL. I only mention this because my Brother seems to land in Facebook Jail a lot. Anywho – did you notice that our pics were taken down? I know why they didn’t want mine on here – I am just too good looking and pose a threat for all of the women that visit this site. Bwaaahaha.GO GATORS!!!

        • Dunno, Ed. The pics come off by themselves sometimes, tho — I just put mine back up when that happens if I can find it. Just a bug in the system. BTW, did you get that pinched nerve taken care of? Seems like your sense of humor has been restored!

          • Gator-6, I still have the pinched nerve. It is causing weakness and numbness in my left arm. I also get electrical shocks at times when I move my upper body into certain positions. I went back to the Dr. and he showed me the X-ray. This is what he stated to me: My head is positioned 32.1 mm forward. My neck curve measures -12.8 degrees and should be at -42.0. This represents a 69.5% reduction in my curve compared to a normal neck curve. The abnormal position of my neck puts increased pressure on my spinal discs, muscles, bones and nerves. Research has shown that abnormal neck curve positions are associated with early spinal arthritis and disc disease (S.A.D.D.). LMAO. I had to laugh after the SADD. But other than that I am still screwed…LMAO. It is fun getting old. Also remember I DO NOT need or desire any sympathy. But all strip-o-grams are welcome. (FEMALE ONLY) GO GATORS!!!

          • Hey Gator-6, this is pretty funny. I went online to see if there was a neck brace that could potentially help me, and I found sites that explain the issue that I have as “FLAT NECK” or “MILITARY NECK” LOL. There are just some exercises that I can do, so I have already started. How is you coaching asperation coming along? Give em’ hell! GO GATORS!!!

  11. Now that it looks like Torrian is coming back to coach our DBs I’m not worried about the loss of what’s his name (see how quickly i forgot his name)
    Torrian is a clear upgrade both coaching and on the recruiting trail. Don’t worry about Elam. He will come to DBU
    ‘Nuff said!!

  12. Gator 6,
    Give it a rest man. I honestly respect your football opinion, but this isnt your facebook page. You dont have to try to make a witty reply for everything. These comment sections have become nothing about football. You are trying to hard, and it shows. Stick to football.

    • Will, I don’t use facebook except for once in a great while, I post what strikes me as funny sometimes, you of course are free to take offense at anything you want, and it is the off season. As one poster frequently says, you don’t have to read his posts if you don’t like them. Suggest you follow that advice, pardner. Go Gators.