Swampcast: Florida Football Recruiting Update


Graham and Zach update the Gators football recruiting class of 2019.

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  1. It was nothing that I hadn’t already read, but it was only 8 min. long so I watched. Well, we can say that we are back to our old winning ways again. I have come to realize that #’s and stars don’t really mean a whole lot. It may put players into a potential prospective list as to whom might be more advanced than the others. Then that creates expectations for the 5* over the 4*, etc. This system could also invoke a 2* player to work his tail off to be better to be able to compete with 5* players. There are several variables at play here depending on how you want to look at it. But what were we ranked last year in class rankings? And we ended up ranked 7th after all was played out…not too shabby. So tell me how the class rankings last year helped us to become a top 10 team again…LOL. Thank you CDM and staff. GO GATORS!!!

    • You got it, Ed. I’ve said for a long time that the only thing worse than over-reliance on the star ratings is to ignore them all together. They are a tool, not a guarantee. Coaching and player development — throw in leadership too — seem to be the keys to success (see Clemson, for instance). Hmmm….sounds a lot like the US Army to me. I know you know what I’m talking about.

      • I don’t know who appears more sophomoric, Donald and Nancy, or Gator 6 and Swampy. Get over it fellers. Swampy climb off your cloud and 6 stop jabbing at him in the ribs. I keep thinking you guys will bury the hatchet in time. But this feud has been going on forever. So redundant. PLEASE cool it.

        • Prairie, I didn’t jab anybody in the ribs. I was responding to Ed, and Ed only. We have similar backgrounds, which is the only thing that was on my mind, as you don’t always get the personnel you want in the Army as well — but Ed has likewise taken young soldiers who were not superstars, taught them, developed them and lead them to do incredible things too. A lot of men on here have done the same thing, in fact, and thus the reference to the similarity between the military and college football. Swampy/Tampa was the furthest thing from my mind, that is, until his series of drive by’s thinking it was personal when it was not. That it not my problem, prairie.

          • 6…He’s direct and you’re a riot but the bad blood between you guys is tiresome, whoever gets it boiling. I’ll give it to you that Swampy seems to have a chip on his shoulder with you and some other posters and goes off insulting you and others who enjoy your comments or who disagree or fail to satisfy his fact requirements (a la Howard Cosell), but if you ignore his condescending comments instead of jabbing back at him when he goes off at you–maybe the feuding will stop. You both bring up great points when you’re not going after each other. Personally I enjoy your humor and don’t get why he has a problem with the puns, etc. Makes the Gator narratives more fun. Go Gators!

          • I’ve tried that, including not posting for a while too…..to no avail. I’ve been trying to use humor to deflect him, but that doesn’t seem to work either. I’ll try again to just ignore it all. Thanks…

  2. Dang Graham, I was just kidding you about the beard man, you done gone an fertilized that thing up an looking like a mountain man these days. Really appreciate the recruiting updates from you two guru’s. It looks like Pickering is sticking with his cowbell commitment and good for him, I was hoping to flip him more just because he looks more college ready and we really need a beast for the inside D line now , but Moore is a nice player as well just may take a year before he is stout enough to play interior D in the SEC. Dan has silenced all the critics that were saying he is a good coach but can’t recruit. All I hear from them is crickets these days.

    • I do not recall folks (and certainly not me) posting “Mullen can’t recruit” on here. I do recall many “crickets” (with me doing some loud chirping) posting that Mullen needed to recruit at a much higher level to compete regularly for championships, as teams like Alabama and Clemson have in recent years and Georgia is now doing. Just the facts. Just the facts. But I know facts matter little to non crickets chirping non facts on here.

    • rkoch7. Careful, sir, or you will soon become a huge target of a certain group for posting intelligent thinking based on facts. That approach is not welcomed by them on here. They prefer nonsense, distortions, and juvenile thought in their posts and feed off it with one another.

    • Rkoch, you have nothing to fear, “we” members of this certain group who are against intelligent thinking certainly have no wish to “target” you or otherwise cast aspersions at you for expressing your opinion — one that “we” in fact agree with. “We” simply maintain that star rankings are simply one tool among many to help in producing championship teams, and that superior coaching, player development, and good leadership also account for much of the variance in producing said teams. “We” have repeatedly said, in fact, that “the only thing worse than over-reliance on star ratings is to ignore them all together”. Frankly, crickets make “us” nervous, but so do waffles and trying to fill in all those little squares with syrup.

      However, while “we” do not distort “facts”, it is probably true that “we” engage in nonsense and juvenile thought from time to time, defined as using humor to disagree with black and white thinking. We also presumably believe the world is flat, that Donald Trump was not born in Russia, and that real men don’t wear panty hose. 😍

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  3. Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia have relied heavily on the recruiting ratings tool to mostly sign five and four star recruits (rated that way by recruiting services who provided that tool) to guarantee them trips to conference and national championship games in recent years. Just the facts.

    • I don’t believe you’re giving the coaches much credit for doing their own homework in evaluating talent Swampy. They follow most of these football players from the day they enter high school, some even before that.

      What has changed over the last 15 years is how much better the recruiting services have gotten at identifying and evaluating players. Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and Ohio State sign players these days that happen to be the best on their own recruiting boards. They just happen to coincide with the best players as ranked by the recruiting services.

      Great coaching and player development on both sides of the ball is what have separated Alabama and Clemson from all the others in terms of repeat finishes in the top 4. That’s why the program CDM has established in just one season at UF is so vital, in the long run. Just as other programs with rich traditions, the Gators will eventually win their share of elite recruiting battles. It’s what they do to maximize the performance of those players that will allow them to rise to the top every season.

      Go Gators!!!

  4. Cart before the horse, chicken before the egg. While we all here have agreed that * ratings is a huge indicator of potential and the higher the rating the higher the potential I don’t think anyone disputes that. And the ratings groups have and do a very good job but when you are dealing with people the human element comes into play. Also from experience coaching/leadership is the most important factor here. This is evident in the top teams as the leadership has to be capable of doing something with the talent. There are lots of examples of top ten classes with no result to speak of. USC, PSU, Miami and to a degree UGA number one class can’t win the big dance. OSU is an example of how leadership or lack of can cause issues. They were undefeated until Meyer laid an egg (the distractions leading into the season probably caused that but when the captain of the ship is lost so goes the vessel.) Then if * ratings are the end all to all ends how does Clemson fir with 11 (2016) and 16 (2017) 7 (2018) They are improving more because of results than recruiting class position. I mentioned previously there are ~2600 incoming freshmen to the D1 schools out of several 100K playing across the country. The % of recruits making the rankings in very small compared to the total and this makes them likely the elite of the bunch. But to attain a ranking of 3* or higher puts you in the top % of all the available players. Even the best methods of eval miss talent sometimes. Dabbo has been building a team based on what he wants and I bet the rankings people are shaking in their boots that he had built a top team with less than top talent (if the rankings are that true). Fact and indisputable with the record they have produced. I am of the opinion that we will do well with whomever Mullen brings in. If he offers a player it is because he or his coaches believe that individual has what it takes to be a Gator.
    Swampy in the thread ages back when Mullens recruiting was questioned another poster commented on one of your posts that Mullen couldn’t recruit and we as a team were going down the wrong path. I like reading what you post on factual things as I have often gone out and read more when I find something I was unaware of. Unless there was a deleted post I didn’t see anyone calling out your name specifically yet you have gone after another in the thread. Freedom of speech we can all voice our opinions, constitutional rights are something I swore to uphold and defend. (Whether I agreed with the administration or the congress) To this day I would fight to my last breath to make sure all are able to have and voice their opinion and their rights whether I agree/disagree or even life them personally. I have been places and seen things in places where people die, disappear for having dissenting views. I think what has become of our politics in our country is awful but our parties are to blame both sides and common sense and respect for fellow man is no longer a standard. I want to apologize to those on the forum for this as I have asked to focus on sports particularly football (foolsball if you watched Waterboy) as for some of us it is a distraction from other things life brings. Something we enjoy sharing with others that enjoy the sport regardless of our social, economic, religious backgrounds. We are all Gator fans.

    • The lack of leadership with a ton of stars has happened in our own program as well. Ron Zook in his 3 years had the #10 ranked class, the #1 ranked class, and the #5 ranked class and his records over that 3 year span were 8-5, 8-5, 7-4. Muschamp had the 11th, 3rd, 3rd, and 9th ranked classes and with the exception of one season, couldn’t win more than 7 games. Recruiting wins the preseason and coaching wins the regular season and there’s no argument there. Yeah you need top recruits to win championships, but great coaching and development of players is far more important than stars. Just ask Ronald Powell how many championships his #1 overall ranking and 5 stars brought him.

  5. Let me apologize first off if I jumped in the middle of someone else’s pissing contest (which I am totally incapable of winning due to having a narrow urethra like Hank Hill ) and I certainly wasn’t calling out any individuals on this site. In fact, I shared in the concerns that some others expressed about our agonizingly slow start to the 2019 recruiting class and the fact that at one point we were lagging behind several of the “lesser” programs in the league. I will say that I am thrilled with the way that CDM seems to have a knack for closing strong for this the second year in a row, and the present state of the 2019 class which can only get better on NSD if we are correct in assuming that there are a couple more “jewels” to be added that will cap off a very good if not great class that is not only highly ranked, but more importantly filled the holes in our roster that were potentially holding us back from going toe to toe with the big dogs for 4 qtrs. I do remember though that when Dan was first hired, while practically nobody questioned his coaching or developing abilities , there were a LOT of doubt expressed about his ability to recruit with most using his previous class rankings at State as their logic. My response to that at the time ( and still is ) was that they were comparing apples and oranges there. Trying to get top talent to come to Starkville MS , to a program that has historically been a conference bottom feeder with nary a natty or Heisman , much less a conference champ trophy in the case is a far shot from selling the same kid on the rich history and storied tradition in Gainesville Fl, throw in the weather, women and proximity to the ” big city “, etc and it becomes a no brainer for most of these kids now days. I said then and I maintain that UF will largely recruit itself if you put a quality, exciting product on the field. Heck, we didn’t even do that bad when musclecramp and Mclnuss had us ranked offensively in the 100’s with the most boring, wretched offense imaginable on display every year. WE ARE BACK JACK ! and the college football world better get ready to see UF shine again VERY soon.

    • Nicely put, Pappa. No pissin’ on somebody’s ancestral pissin’ grounds here — just having a little fun while somebody else empties his bladder. Rule of Thumb: Never get in a pissin’ contest with a Urologist, he’ll win every time. Now back to Gator football recruiting, where we last left off with……..

  6. Just read were coach Sal is leaving us for Bammer. Dang it man ! That is not good new with 3 weeks till signing day and us needing another D-linemen. I have read quite a bit of speculation that he was the “weak link” in our recruiting and I wonder if this is a mutual parting of ways? I do know that the players love him and his coaching style. It seems that nobody including us is immune to the off season attrition of coaches and players. Hopefully he can be quickly replaced by a good coach AND recruiter both..

    • I haven’t seen that, but we get the news late out here. Hate to see that happen, most of us were pretty happy that he was here! I guess there are multiple layers of intrigue at every major college football program, tho.

  7. Dang, late to the party & missed all the fun, name calling and the contest.
    Hear, hear Gator65, freedom of speech, constitutional rights and don’t banihs me if I dissent. I second that emotion.
    Now footballwise, game day coaching and player development trumps star ranking any day.
    5* player coached by Zook or Chump = mediocre results
    3* player coached by Mullen = exceptional results
    Go Gators and peace out
    Oh and 6, stop the troublemaking when I’m not around

    • I’m going to the penalty box, then to Waco for a gun show, and then for Mexican carnitas, then to shoot for the rest of the day…..it will be the best day of my life, following which I will stop by the clinic and have my lips sewn together. I mean, my fingers. Peace out.

        • Go Gators, Joe! Unfortunately, I am still exhausted from what must have been the best day of my otherwise callow life yesterday, and am too tired to do much of anything today. I tell you, bud — guns, Tex-Mex food, cigars (don’t tell Howdy Doody, my 12 year old physician), and old chums just put everything right with the world. Even if it does take a few years off your life. ✝