Gators land commitment from WR Manuel, ranked No. 36 overall in 2020 class

Vanguard teammates Trevonte Rucker, Bryce Langston and Leonard Manuel with UF freshman defensive back Chris Steele (Courtesy of Manuel's Twitter account)

It’s early, but Florida’s 2020 class is shaping up to be one of the nation’s best.

The Gators landed a commitment Monday night from four-star wide receiver Leonard Manuel out of Vanguard High.

Manuel, ranked the No. 36 overall prospect in the 2020 class by 247Sports, isn’t the only top-ranked prospect out of Vanguard committed to the Gators — five-star defensive end Bryce Langston and four-star wide receiver Trevonte Rucker committed to Florida’s 2021 class at the conclusion of UF’s 9-3 finish to the regular season.

With Manuel’s commitment, the Gators have eight commitments in the 2020 class, which is ranked No. 3 overall by 247Sports.


  1. We have to start locking up Florida and dislodging the out of state powers from their stranglehold on the state. It looks like 2020 may start that process in a big way. For the state of Florida football sake FSU and Miami need to do it too. The demise of the Big 3 has seen the ascension of OSU, BAMA, Clemson, and UGA. They have pillaged our state. Need to take it back.

    • What difference does it make if a recruit goes out of State or goes to FSU or Miami? We gain no advantage by having kids choose FSU or Miami, on the contrary that is a disadvantage for us. If we lose a recruit might as well have him go out of State and not make our direct competition better.

      • Florida State can kiss my !@#$%^&*. I would love for them to have the worst recruiting class in the country and go 0-12 every year. We do not need FSU to be in the top 25 any more for us to reach our goals. Our SEC schedule and the SEC Championship game is more than enough. As for Miami, I would love to see them do better than FSU, like winning one game per year and that game would be the FSU/Miami game. I hope all 50 Miami fans celebrate by getting naked on South Beach and losing their watches after the game.

      • I just have a different way of looking at it. We can easily win the SEC title and even the National title if we lose to FSU or Miami. We probably won’t win either if we lose to BAMA or UGA. So I’d rather FSU or Miami be strong than UGA or BAMA because they have a greater impact on our season. If we are talking strictly recruiting, then I guess I want UGA or BAMA to be better because they don’t hand our trophies for recruiting. While we want everybody to be horrible that’s not usually the way things work. Everybody can’t be a sub .500 team. I want trophies not congrats. No moral victories here.

        It’s not hard to figure that if FSU and Miami suck, some other team(s) is going to reap all the recruiting rewards and potential titles that matter. UGA and BAMA are the most likely recipients plus they will dominate there own states. One of the reasons BAMA is so good is because most of their best running backs and receivers have come from Florida over the last 6 years. Historically UF has never EVER done better than signing 8-10 of the top 20 Florida players. Those other 10-12 players have to go somewhere. I don’t want to them going to UGA or BAMA and they didn’t when Meyer and Spurrier where here. They went to FSU or Miami.

  2. Chris Steele has the personality and the leadership to be a great recruiter when recruits visit the campus. The kid just has that “it”. Look forward to him being on the team for at least the next three years. The recruiting ball is now rolling fast down the 2020 and 2021 lane.

    • So now Patrick, gelco and GatorEd are also a bunch of silly juveniles bringing down the collective intelligence of this blog?
      Good, now I don’t feel as bad as I did when it was only me and 6, or is it 6 and I? Either way, thanks.

      • Geez, CO — I hope you’re not asking me! I’ve always had problems with the 1st person plural, it just all gets so confusing once you add one or more to the existing “we”. Patrick was only calling for somebody to lighten up, so his sheets are pretty clean. And Sparky? I’ve already said he’s an innocent bystander, his only sin being having the unmitigated temerity to actually know something the rest of us didn’t know — much less having the gall to take offense at being called a liar. Now Gelco and Gator Ed are pretty good old boys who have no doubt paid their dues and earned the right to have whatever sense of humor they so desire — believe me, I know that for a fact — so that just leaves you and me. You and I — we, as the case may be — have on the other hand earned the right to nothing… purveyors of so called alternative facts and opinions. That is to say, expressing unapproved opinions. But I will nonetheless defend with my dying breath your right to be “silly”. This I swear on Nick Saban’s grave, using all the money I can borrow from Gator65! So help me Ray Graves.

  3. It sucks that lost a commitment from a 4* DE for ’20 earlier today…..but I suspect that Mullen will have to pick and choose by the end of that recruiting cycle. Its fun watching the recruiting turn around. Go Gators!!

    • I don’t think it will turn out to be a major blow either, Sparky — but all indications were that he was a pretty good catch while we had him. You’re right on tho, we continue the trajectory in 2019 (or even better) and 2020 will be the Year of the Gator in the lunar new year. I don’t care if I need artificial respiration every 10 minutes by then, I’m not missing it for the world!

      • He did wonders with little at MSU just imagine what he can do with much more in Hogtown. We saw a glimpse of it last year, it ‘s just the beginning of our return to Glory, to paraphrase something Jaws would say in more flowery terms.
        Go Gators!