Dooley Noted: Gators status report after one year of Dan Mullen


Pat considers Florida football’s No. 7 ranking, previews next season position by position, reviews the College Football Playoff championship and more.

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Podcast breakdown:

03:21 — Optimistic about Florida roster

05:00 — Next year’s schedule

13:00 — Grading the Gators by position

21:27 — Clemson vs. Alabama

25:16 — How Tua’s greatness cost ‘Bama the title (by forcing Clemson to ramp up its offense)

27:19 — The secret to bowl game success is taking it up a notch

32:00 — UF basketball’s loss “depressing as heck”

39:26 — Three Things  


  1. Pat- your comment about Tua costing them the championship because he was so good and Clemson making the change because of Tua- to answer your question, Pat- no it doesn’t make sense. It’s totally stupid. Dabo and any coach is going to go with the best players to win knowing that they are going to eventually face some really good teams, no matter what year and teams are in the league, and a coach has to do whatever he can to get the best team on the field to face that competition. On the other hand Tua did partially cost them the championship by playing poorly during the championship game.

    Other than that, good podcast. Well done Dooley and Gainesville Sun team throughout the year.

  2. In Tua’s last two games he sucked. Alabama lost because their defense could not get to Lawerence. They very seldom blitzed where Clemson constantly did. Alabama’s DC thought he could do the job with a 4 man rush and could not get off that concept even when Clemson went up by 3 scores. Alabama’s DB’s were not as good as the gators DB’s were. No pass rush and an average DB’s killed Alabama.

    I certainly am sick of Alabama and Saban. Wouldn’t it be nice if Alabama lost 3 games next year and finished 9th in the polls? Go Gators

  3. Over the past few years, Bama has had tougher games when they can’t get to the QB.Their pass rush has been their best weapon, along with their O line. Line of scrimmage team. Did Lawrence get his uniform dirty the other night?

  4. Florida playing Miami in Orlando, is a real 1st game (see other past 1st games: Idaho, Micanopy Tech, etc..). But please be safe Gator fans! The last time Florida played a reg. season game in Orlando, I think was versus Miss. State back in the early 90’s. And sadly I lost a good friend in a fatal car crash when she was coming back home to G’ville after that Miss. State game. So please be careful Gator fans traveling to that game in 8 months. And I can’t wait to see Coach Strong and Coach Bell together coaching up the U.S.F. Bulls in “T-town!” That story broke after this podcast, so I get why there was no mention of that story in this podcast. Lastly, the Gator Men’s Basketball team is the story now in Gator-ville. And so far, Coach Mike White is quite possibly in his most difficult season as a H.C. in Hogtown. But here’s hoping he coaches these Gators up, and SHOCKS the U.T. Vols in the O’ Dome (A.K.A. ‘”Exact Tech Arena”) Saturday. Go Gators!