Gators begin offseason workouts with nine mid-year enrollees

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Florida received a jolt of depth and talent for spring football, as it has welcomed Monday nine mid-year enrollees to campus for the spring semester.

“These guys have the opportunity to get a jump start on their college careers on the field and in the classroom,” UF coach Dan Mullen said. 

The Gators list of early enrollees includes, LB Mohamoud Diabate (Auburn, Ala./Auburn), OL Will Harrod (Clinton, Md./National Christian Academy, DB Jaydon Hill (Huntsville, Ala./Bob Jones), QB Jalon Jones (Richmond, Va./Henrico), LB Jesiah-Gabriel Pierre (Mount Dora/Mount Dora Christian Academy), OL Kingsley Raitt-Eguakun (Jacksonville/Sandalwood), DB Chris Steele (Los Angeles, Calif./St. John Bosco), OL Michael Tarquin (Ocala / North Marion), Ethan White (Clearwater/Clearwater). 

All nine student-athletes are freshmen and enrolled in classes at UF.


  1. You lucky Gators! Ahhh! What an opportunity to work with the best strength and conditioning team in America who will help you achieve maximum destructive capability at your position, but even more instill in you mental habits which will prepare you to dominate in the pursuit of any goal you set for yourself! Welcome to the Savage Land! Welcome to the House of Glory!

  2. So about half of the kids that sent their LOI in December came in early, not bad. How does that compare with last year I wonder.
    Glad to see the 2 OL we poached from Miami are in and ready to go, same with the QB.
    Too bad we have to wait til the Fall for the games to start again
    Go Gators

    • Did you listen to him while mic’d up in the huddle during the last game? I thought he was nice too but I now have a feeling he has a different personality in practice than when he addresses the media. Maybe he needs to bring in that well known sports psychologist he used during his first year when the team was struggling with free throws. White didn’t think this team would struggle offensively but for whatever reason they have been during games.

      • I’m with you, Sly. White was pretty fired up in those huddles. He was on them to move and drive the ball, but somehow, the message just didn’t sink in. I think he needs to unleash a little of that fire on the refs, too. Seemed like Martin had them intimidated. SC always seems to get away with hacking, pushing, and shoving, I suppose, because they have a reputation for being physical. At the same time, their opponent, especially when it’s UF, usually gets whistled for the same things the ‘Cocks get away with.

        Btw, for sdgator, Preston Greene is the Gators S&C Coordinator and has been since August, 2011. That means he was there for BD’s Elite Eight appearances in ’12 and ’13, and the Final Four in ’14. I don’t think it’s his fault.

  3. Time to start growing into men – all nine are very valuable to the team re: their potential. This is where they begin to convert potential into reality. GO GATORS!!! p.s. This old man used to bench 350 pounds 10x when I was 45 (6’1″ 230 pounds at the time).

  4. 2:1 ratio…for every hour of classroom instruction, a minimum of 2 hours of study, review, and products. You’re going to be busy Gators! You are blessed to have such a industrious schedule. Embrace it! Go luck! Congratulations and Go Gators!

    • Almost every high school kid has the chance to have all credits that are required after the first semester of their sr year, providing they passed all classes. All of my kids could have, even though none took advantage of it.

      • Thanks. Has it always been like that? I just don’t remember anyone doing that when I went to high school, decades ago. Is this more common today than it was before? It seems like the kids have to be kind of on the ball to accomplish this, so hats off to them.

        • It has been possible for a long time, but only became popular in the last 10-15 years. Meyer was one of the leaders in the trend of getting them to school early so they get a head start on their freshman year.

          • Yeah, that’s is what I was thinking- it isn’t that I had not heard of anyone doing it back when I was at UF in the early 90s, but it just seemed to be more of a rarity, a particularly sharp and all-the-ball student athlete, whereas now we have 9 players in one year.

    • reza, while this is may be the case with a couple players ( Hudson for one), to say that EVERY player has regressed under White is asinine. While basketball is surely a team game, it is one that each player has to put in additional work on their own to achieve their potential, especially in areas like shooting (free throws for sure), ball handling and conditioning. To use the extreme description of EVERY player regressing and then pinning it on the coach is way out of bounds.