Gators land top-50 overall 2019 prospect Chris Steele

[Courtesy of UAA]

Florida’s 2019 class landed its highest-rated prospect Saturday afternoon when five-star defensive back Chris Steele committed to the Gators during the Army All-American game.

Steele, a 6-foot-1, 184-pound corner out of Bellflower, California, committed to the Gators during the third quarter of the showcase of highly recruited prospects in the 2019 class.

“They always say that home is where the heart is. And my heart is at the real DBU. I’m a Florida Gator,” Steele said during an interview on NBC.

Steele, who signed early with Florida and is an early enrollee, is ranked the No. 40 overall player in the 2019 class by the 247Sports composite ranking.

With Steele’s commitment and signature, Florida’s total number of early signees rises to 21. When the Spring semester commences Monday, the Gators expect to welcome nearly a dozen early enrollees to Gainesville.

*Steele led St. John Bosco to the state championship game in 2018.

*Recorded 32 total tackles, two blocked field goals, and one interception during his senior season, finishing his career with 135 total tackles.

*Chose Florida over Alabama, Cal, Florida State, LSU, Stanford, UCLA, and USC, among others.


    • Sparky. He silently signed with UF on the first day of the early signing period, but he wanted to wait to announce it with his mother and family at the Army all-star game. But he has been a Gator for a while, and it was no secret to those covering his recruitment. The corner spot is solid for next year now with Henderson, Wilson, Dean, Steele, Hill, Edwards, McWilliams, and Kimbrough (who is much better than his 3-star designation). And fingers crossed for Elam to Florida to play nickel/safety over Georgia (though I think he is going to Georgia to play with Stevenson now that Stevenson has committed to the Bulldogs).

          • Unless someone transfers soon, the Gators rosters is currently set at 85 players. No one else is leaving early. So one or more players have to transfer for Elam to be on the Florida roster next year. I imagine if Elam wants to be a Gator, Mullen and staff will have that hard talk with either the LB Smith, the LB Brunson, or the DB Lenton. He may have a few talks if Elam and another recruit or two want to also be Gators.

        • According to the people who cover recruiting, Henderson was going to commit to FSU, not Florida. No one covering recruiting thought for a second that Henderson was even strongly considering Florida. Georgia has roster space currently for Elam. Florida currently does not. And Elam has stated that he and Stevenson want to play together in college. What school did Stevenson commit to today? Not Florida. But like I posted above, Florida could ask one of the players not playing much (Smith, Brunson, or Lenton) to transfer out in order to make room for Elam and possibly other recruits. We will see. Believe me, I would love Elam to become a Gator.

          • According to previous post you said roster was full at 85 but on 1/2/19 it was posted that there was 3 spots left after joseph announced; so there should still be 1 spot after this guy and the receiver that signed on 1/3 or 1/4. Maybe some one with real number count can update it any vacancies are left.

      • SwampyGator – you didn’t mention Hooper. He may earn playing time as well. He nearly intercepted a pass in the Army All-American game. Also it seems funny that one 5 star player took us from being ranked 15th to 11th. Stars mean something to those that rank the teams…lol. GO GATORS!!!

    • USAF. I believe Elam is going to play the safety position in college. And I would currently describe Henderson and Wilson as lock down corners. But it would be nice to add Elam to the secondary. But I think he is going with his buddy, Stevenson, to Georgia. The two want to play together in college, and Stevenson committed to Georgia today. I hope those writing that (and Elam saying that) are wrong.

  1. They are taking notice. A few here have been skeptics. All good things take time to happen well. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Renewed Gators will take few years. The recruits coming in now will be here for that surge and rise to the top. Next season we’ll have players that produce and are champions, other teams will have recruits that wish they were Gators

    • I also heard he is coming to Florida. I think Georgia is having some issues and this Fields thing is not good. A friend who knows the family told me he will be playing the race card to get a waiver. Georgia won’t do anything about it bc Smart promised him a starting job when he recruited him, plus his dad got too much money from Ga. Elam might be aware of all this. But even if he isn’t, a lot of 5 stars who think they are 6 stars feel slighted, and the racial motivation for a transfer is never good for any recruit.

  2. With Perine staying things got even better. Read his statement on another site. Very well spoken and has his team before self. Here’s to a great season and a great future for the young man. Go Gators!

  3. Florida has been blessed by two outstanding committments SINCE the Peach Bowl – a highly rated receiver from Texas and a top-rated DB from California. Notice the huge geographical reach displayed by this year’s recruiting class (i.e. nationwide). Even if Elam choose UGA over UF (which I also doubt based on family ties), DBU will greatly improve this year (especally since we still have two outstanding corners in Henderson and Wilson and an already greatly improved safety situation). I like Dean at nickle – he can play either safety or CB, though our depth at the latter has now greatly improved. Our receiver corps is solidifying and our O-Line will have a bunch of new recruits to develop and add depth (since we are losing several starters). GO GATORS!!!