Dooley Noted: Florida’s going to see confetti again


Pat looks back on the Peach Bowl and Florida’s surprising successful football season, reviews recent bowl performances, talks about Miami and ends with Three Things.

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Podcast breakdown:

01:45 — Florida fans terrific at Peach Bowl

03:10 — Another overwhelming performance by the Gators

05:20 — Credit due to Nick Savage

09:20 — About the game

14:00 — The Gators are going to see confetti again

17:15 — It will go down as one of my favorite Florida seasons

21:00 — Gators emotional after the game

24:45 — Where to rank the Gators

27:38 — Worst bowl performances (so far)

31:30 — Miami

39:20 — Three Things


  1. We appreciated you and Robbie’s coverage, Pat. But both your picks were WAY OFF.
    You and Robbie PICKED MICHIGAN to win. In fact, Robbie said (paraphrasing), ”Michigan was gonna’ give Florida a BIG DOSE of BIG BOY FOOTBALL.” So it would be nice to hear why you and Robbie were BOTH WRONG picking Michigan (and blaming the Michigan players missing is not enough of a good excuse).
    And which team really handed out ”A BIG DOSE OF BIG BOY FOOTBALL?” U.F. gave it to U.M., that’s who! ”So let it be written, so let it be done!”
    And lets get U.F. Men’s Basketball in the Top 10, too, now! Go Gators!

    • Come on man, did you absolutely KNOW UF would beat the pulverweenies? In my football pool, almost everyone picked the rats, including me. I’m happily wrong, but Vegas odds also favored Meechigone. Now then, we have a secret weapon. Get Robbie and Pat to pick against the Gators in the future, we can’t go wrong!

      • Yeah, people are so annoying about this. Pretty much every pick Pat made was a logical choice, good pick based on the information known at the time. He is supposed to pick who he thinks will win, not who he wants to win. Almost every expert picked Michigan because based on what we all new, it made sense that they would win. Hard to account for Mullen being a much better coach and the Gators being much more motivated. I’m certainly glad Florida won, but if you asked me to give an expert analysis and prediction, I would have predicted UM to win.

  2. Wasn’t it the South Carolina game than Mullen told the players at half time” If don’t think you can win this game to stay in the locker room.” Great Great win for the Gators and especially for the seniors. Go Gators

  3. Three things after listening: (1) Muschamp will be a DC again..(2) ND was a level below other playoff teams, and was only qualified by the Fake Sports Median who always are looking to give a break to the Pac and Big 10…(3) I’ve changed my mind back to my original position 10 years ago: We all know the best college football team will always be from only the top 2 or 3, not from numbers 5-8, etc. Keep the CPF to 4, that’s enough for now.

  4. I’m done trying to listen to these. I’m listening with headphones on, and with all the gross smacking I feel like I’m actually inside Dooley’s mouth. I’ll just read the articles to save my sanity.

    Congrats to the GATORS and Coach Mullen & Staff on a great finish! Killed a couple of annoying demons with the last 2 BIG wins!!! Gator Nation is flying high and looking forward to next year!

  5. A dark shadow had fallen over the realm of the Gator. The once mighty warriors, betrayed by the idiot fool known as Uncle Mack and his predecessor, the dark lord of Mushdor, had fallen under the spell of mediocrity. The fields lay fallow, the walls of the citadel crumbled, and nights grew cacophonous with the wailing of wild, upstart dawgs, and the people huddled against the cold and dark, eyes filled with despair.

    Embrace despair! Give up hope! Screamed the town criers. Mediocrity Forever! Only spoiled fans expect competence!!!!

    Ah, but then after that long, dark night, arose a champion. He swaggered into town, chugged down a bottle of whisky and smashed it at the feet of the criers. Silence, fools! I will restore glory, I will restore pride, I will return these mighty warriors to they deserve!!!

    You’ll be lucky to win two games! Screamed the criers. We’ll pick you to lose every week because you will never match the coaching mastery of the all powerful Uncle Mack!

    Mullen only laughed, and as he laughed the sun rose, the clouds parted and the cleansing rays of glory poured down for sky! The spell of mediocrity was broken, the steaming taint of the mushmack cleansed, and the Warriors rose to their feet, raised tHeir fists to the sky and shouted, Go Gators!!!

  6. Jaws, if we actually can pull off a convergence of out-of-state Gators to the Swamp for a game next year — or maybe the O&B game in the spring — I swear, I’ll pay your way down if you start writing that book now and bring it with you!

  7. The Bowl Games are done!
    With Washington, UCF and Notre Dame losing, the Gators should finish 7th or 8th in the nation in the final poll.
    We are also clearly #1 in Florida and we should now set our sights on netting the remaining 4 and 5 star undeclared recruits for the 2019 class, particularly for the D Line and secondary.
    Let’s load up for 2019 and win the SEC East and more.