1. I agree, the play calling was awesome! The jet-sweep to score, the Perine pass into the endzone for a score, and Franks running up the middle immediately after after Michigan’s 3 L.B. went out of the game (1st U.M. L.B. sat out on his own, ha-ha-ha! THANK YOU Chauncey G.J.!). This year was as special as a non-SEC Championship game season could be. And I got my new shades for Christmas, and I really needed them. ‘Cause Florida’s ”futures so bright, I gotta’ wear shades!”

    • Totally agree and well said. I would like to add a big shout out to all the seniors, CGJ (gonna miss his goofy self) who played a stellar game and made some serious money yesterday and also Wannie , dude came in and dominated as a Frosh and has been an absolute road grader for us for the past 3 years. He deserves a lot of the credit for our running back group shining the way they have. Gator nation loves all you boys and wish you the absolute best in all your future endeavors. Most of all to coach Dan Mullen and his staff, who did exactly what he promised to do a year or so ago and came in, kicked a$$, and made Gator football fun again. The best part is as GI has already said, the best is yet to come. These days ” just wait till next year” has a whole new meaning in Gatorland..

  2. Thank you Pat and Robbie for a great season of coverage. I live in the college football netherworld of New England, and really rely on you guys for great reporting and commentary. Keep up the great work, and have a happy New Year.

  3. Great finish! The OL next year will be a work in progress, but recruiting should pick up with more 4*-5* more likely to give the Gators serious consideration. It took Dabo more than five years and Saban several years to really get established so patience is required to see it through. The Gators have the right coach and he knows how develop a team and call the plays. The future looks bright.