Notebook: Gardner-Johnson makes right call to play

Florida defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson intercepts a Shea Patterson pass in the fourth quarter before going on a 30-yard scoring run Saturday against Michigan in Atlanta. [John Bazemore/Associated Press/

By Zach Abolverdi, Correspondent

ATLANTA — Despite his decision to turn pro earlier this month, Florida’s Chauncey Gardner-Johnson never considered sitting out Saturday’s Peach Bowl.

Good call.

While four Michigan players missed the game to prepare for the NFL draft, Gardner-Johnson helped lead the No. 10 Gators to a 41-15 win over seventh-ranked Michigan.

He was named Peach Bowl Defensive MVP after making five tackles and two interceptions, including a pick-six in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

“It was a one high with me and the safety exchanging,” Chauncey-Garnder Johnson said. “He read it as the safety would sit there. We rolled, and I just speed turned, ball came right to me.

“We wanted to go out there and hold our ground. Give us a blade of grass and we’ll defend it. That’s what we did.”

It was the second standout performance for Gardner-Johnson in postseason play. He was named Outback Bowl MVP as a freshman for making two interceptions and a pick-six against Iowa.

After a 4-7 record last season, Gardner-Johnson was grateful to go out in style.

“It’s been a ride,” he said. “Winning a bowl game now, a New Year’s Six bowl, it just shows you the growth, because you’re going to take some bumps along the road.

“A lot of the guys will be around next year, and they can lead the younger guys. … This game right here, it’s one step closer to the program being back to where it was.”

Feleipe Franks totes the rock

Florida quarterback Feliepe Franks earned Offensive MVP honors for his showing against the Wolverines.

He threw for 173 yards and a touchdown on 13-of-23 passing, but also did damage on the ground. Franks rushed for a season-high 74 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries.

“He did a great job running the ball. That was awesome to see,” right tackle Jawaan Taylor said of Franks. “He’s a great quarterback and he came out from the first play and told us, ‘Let’s go.’ We just followed him.”

Franks had a few key runs in the game, including his 20-yard TD late in the second quarter to put Florida up 13-10 before half. Gators coach Dan Mullen revealed after the game that Franks called an audible for himself to score.

“He changed it. We had a different play called,” Mullen said. “He has the green light if he sees something like that, that they’re giving us. If you see a look they’re going to give us a play, you can take it at any time. Feleipe did a good job of calling that right there.”

With his two touchdowns Saturday, Franks finished 2018 with 2,807 total yards (2,457 passing) and 31 combined touchdowns (24 passing). He’s come a long way from his first career game against Michigan in the 2017 season opener.

His success this fall comes as no surprise to wide receiver Van Jefferson, who would have throwing sessions with Franks in the indoor practice facility until 1 a.m.

“When I first came here,” Jefferson said, “people were telling me, ‘Why are you going to Florida? Feleipe is not going to get you the ball.’ But his progression from last year to this year, it shows.

“People will talk about how bad of a quarterback he is, but he’s really not. He comes in to work every day, he’s on top of his stuff and he just wants to get better. It showed today and that’s why he’s MVP.”

More experience for Emory Jones

Franks’ productive day and Florida’s big margin allowed Emory Jones to get some action in the Peach Bowl.

The freshman quarterback played in the first series of the second quarter and relieved Franks before the final possession. Jones rushed four times for 14 yards and did not attempt a pass.

“It was great experience to come out here and get some playing time,” Jones said after the game. “I just did what I could in the moments that I had to help the team. We got a big win.”

The Peach Bowl was his fourth time playing in 2018, allowing him to keep his redshirt. Jones said he likes the games Mullen chose to use him in this year, particularly the last two.

He rushed a few times against Charleston Southern and Georgia, but threw for 125 yards and two touchdowns in the blowout win over Idaho.

“It was a great season,” Jones said. “I learned a lot, especially at the end of the season. It definitely helped me develop and I feel like it’s just going to get better from here.”


  1. Gardner-Johnson just made himself alot more money by playing. The last thing NFL scouts will see is that performance and bowl defensive MVP! I believe that will play in a teams mind if they are questioning drafting him or another player. Not just his outstanding play but the fact that he was willing to put himself out there for the team! Too bad the 4 MI players didnt understand that, too bad for them, great 4 us, though we would have won anyway!

        • gelco30 – Coach Mac’s decision to let Will Grier go showed poor judgement. Will would have kept the Gators in the running for the SEC East and bowl eligible, while Franks developed. Instead, we had to rely on Franks, who was not ready for SEC play, especially when our O-line could not protect him. This is water under the bridge – the Gators have redeemed themselves and then some!

          • Grier needed a fresh start after testing positive for a banned substance. He could have stayed, but as I stated before that just shows a persons character. It is the old fight or flight and Grier chose to flee. I am just as happy as I can be after that win. CDM got that monkey off of or back and now the future is so very bright. We are back! GO GATORS!!!

          • Well, as a by product of Grier leaving, we traded Mac for Mullen. In the immortal words of Jack Sparrow…. “I’m good with that..”

  2. CG-J 3rd qtr. pick was what an all-pro NFL safety can do. Covering far side of field, looks back at QB, sees the play going to other side, does 180 turn, sprints across field as QB not expecting safety over top and CG-J makes pick. Entire game moved him from 3-4 th round to 2nd round, possibly late 1st. Mel Kiper and
    todd mcspit never heard of him. Well, they and the stat

  3. The four UM players didn’t “miss” the game, they chose to sit it out and bail on their team. Not only did CGJ increase his draft stock, he showed that he valued his team and teammates more than hiding from a possible injury. In the process, he earned the respect and admiration of his teammates and Gator Nation as well as creating a memory for himself with such a great final game that he will never forget. Good luck in the pros, Chauncey. You’re a great Gator!

  4. When my man Chauncey caught it and headed for the end zone I knew it was over!! He played like a guy that knew this was his last game and he was NOT going to let his fellow players down. From pre-game warm-ups to when the last drop of confetti fell he was all in. That’s why I’m gonna miss two three roaming the defensive backfield next year. Great game!! Even if those UM dudes had played they wouldn’t have made a difference. The entire Gator team was locked in and it showed. Now maybe my Steelers can look to draft Chauncey in April because Lord knows they need him!! GEAUXXX GATORS!!!