Dooley Noted: Scouting Michigan ahead of Peach Bowl


Pat interviews Detroit News sports writer Angelique S. Chengelis about Michigan, Florida’s opponent in Saturday’s Peach Bowl; reviews UF recruiting; and talks eight-team playoffs.

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Podcast breakdown:

03:10 – Recruiting

09:50 – Possibility of 8-team playoffs

19:10 – Moving days for players and coaches

22:30 – Interview (Pardon the audio issues)

33:00 – Bowl season and SEC dominance

38:25 – Three Things


  1. Thanks for the ”Christmas day-after present” (this podcast), Pat and I also read the best and worst bowl games in Gator history, what a trip down memory lane. And I don’t remember, though, what was the ”Belk Bowl” or the ”Outback Bowl” (since Pat says, ”they did it right”) BEFORE the bowl sponsorship takeover!?!? Because I am old enough to remember the Bluebonnet Bowl, and I didn’t ever KNOW what the hell was a ‘”Bluebonnet” anyway!?!?! And also I remember the ”Sugar Bowl” being just the ”SUGAR BOWL”. I did grow-up part-time (holidays and summers) in Miami, and the ”Orange Bowl” was just, ”THE ORANGE BOWL” …forever it seemed. But I do remember The Orange Bowl parades being epic (having only seen the U.F. Homecoming Parade all my life).
    ”The USF&G (Insurance)Sugar Bowl” was my 1st memory of the HOSTILE CORPORATE TAKE-OVER of historic college football bowl games. So, the Tangerine Bowl, The Orange, The Rose, The Sugar, etc.. all sold out! Who doesn’t anymore?!?! But that would be a good article, the old bowl names and their NEW names now. Anyway, thanks again for the podcast, and I enjoy all y’all throw at us… most of the time!
    GO GATORS!!! Beat Michigan, at last! CHOMP-CHOMP!

  2. That was a good Christmas podcast. I’m really looking forward to the bowl game. I would like to see and 8 team playoff and you make a perfect point- yes, some games will be diminished but others will become more important. Truth is, the amount of important games will increase. There will always be controversy, but with 8 teams we could put the UCF to bed by letting them in while still keeping in teams with much tougher schedules. I would prefer to have automatics for the five Power 5 Champions plus three at-large placements decided by committee, but quite honestly with 8 teams it doesn’t really matter- they could do it your way and completely remove conference championships from the equation and I think the result will still basically be the same.