Scouting Opponent: Michigan QB Patterson returning for senior season

Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson is returning for his senior season at Michigan instead of entering the NFL draft. The quarterback announced his decision on Twitter. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — No. 8 Michigan will be short-handed against No. 10 Florida in the Peach Bowl.

Just not at quarterback.

Shea Patterson is returning for his senior season at Michigan instead of entering the NFL draft.

“There is absolutely nothing like playing in the Big House in front of the greatest fans in the country,” Patterson posted Friday on Twitter. “I wouldn’t trade those Saturdays competing with my brothers for anything. Can’t wait to play with the seniors one last time in the Peach Bowl! I also want to welcome and congratulate the new signing class — come in ready to work because we are coming for everything next season.”

The junior was voted Michigan’s offensive player of the year after transferring from Ole Miss and successfully appealing to the NCAA to play this season. He completed 65 percent of his passes for 2,364 yards with 21 touchdowns and just five interceptions. Directing a read-option offense at times, he ran for 268 yards and two scores as Michigan made a strong push for a playoff berth before losing at Ohio State.

Patterson won’t have the team’s leading rusher against the Gators on Dec. 29 in the Peach Bowl, and the defense will be without at least two of its top players.

Senior running back Karan Higdon announced Thursday he is skipping the bowl game to focus on preparing for the NFL.

Junior linebacker Devin Bush and defensive end Rashan Gary are also entering the draft and won’t play against Florida. Junior cornerbacks Lavert Hill and David Long could also choose to sit out the bowl game and enter the draft.

Note: Defensive tackle Aubrey Solomon says he’s transferring from Michigan to Tennessee.

Solomon tweeted Friday that he’s going to Tennessee. Volunteers coach Jeremy Pruitt said in a statement that “he is a great addition to our university and our football program.”

The former five-star recruit from Leesburg, Georgia, played five games and made six tackles during an injury-riddled 2018 season. Solomon, who is 6-foot-3 and 297 pounds, played 13 games and had 18 tackles as a freshman in 2017.

He was the nation’s No. 23 overall prospect in his high school class according to composite rankings of recruiting sites compiled by 247Sports.

Solomon isn’t a graduate transfer and would have to sit out the 2019 season unless he gets a waiver from the NCAA.


  1. unless its some kind of negotiating ploy, ucf has announced they dont want to play uf in football in 2020.

    i guess they will need to find a new athletic director. good grief, where do they find these winners to block people that know what they are doing?

        • UCF has won their games against each Power 5 team they have played the last couple of years (Auburn and Pitt). So “he” did not think. “One” did. Now, he and one get the opportunity to do it again vs. LSU. If UCF does beat LSU out in Arizona, there will be a lot more pressure on Stricklin to schedule a 1 and 1 deal with UCF. But I am not seeing UCF beating LSU this year, and that will likely put all the noise to bed.

          • Not what you posted. Not what I posted. And that was done to promote themselves to the committee, etc. for this year. Did not work completely. But that campaign did earn them a lot more respect in the media and with the committee. Beating LSU and playing Florida 2 for 1 and winning against at least two regular season Power 5 teams of high esteem (like Florida) would work. But I would hardly consider a top 10 team and a team that has been undefeated for two consecutive years (including their bowl win over an Auburn and a top tier SEC tea, and Pitt) a “mouse”.

          • The term, “mouse” was of course a metaphor; or perhaps even an analogy, but let’s not go down that fruitless highway again. 😃

      • Daz. UCF got Pitt to schedule them and they went up there and beat the crap out of Pitt. And they made Auburn look foolish in a bowl game last year. I would love to see UCF come to Gainesville because that game would be far more interesting to watch than UF playing Charleston Southern. And I have no doubt that the game would be highly competitive based on UCF’s performances during the last couple of seasons. And I would buy tickets to a game in Orlando as well. But Florida is not going to give up the guaranteed money for playing the Charleston Southerns at home vs. playing the UCFs away. All about the money.

      • AD White at UCF is not a jerk. Neither is his brother, who coaches basketball at Florida, or his dad, who is the AD at Duke. He is actually a brilliant and upcoming AD who has led UCF up the athletic program ladder in a highly admirable manner. UCF could hardly get anyone interested in playing for them or going to their games before White came there. Now, they are a top 10 team, are going to a New Year’s Six Bowl, beat Auburn in one of those last year, and are selling out their football games now. What a jerk!

        • He has all the hallmarks of a jerk, one in fact who over-estimates not only his own importance, but the relative importance of the school he represents based on one or two good seasons in what he (alone) refers to as a “Power 6” conference. His rationale and subsequent dealings with the University of Florida, the two of which are decidedly not equals in the world of college football, earn him the label as well.

          • Definition of a jerk: “an annoyingly stupid or foolish person”; or, “one who is cruel, rude, or small-minded.”

            Neither definition describes the AD at UCF. So, no, White has not “earn him the label as well”. But he certainly has somehow earned your (second definition above) of him.

          • Why do I sense another drive-by provocation coming from the direction of Tampa? Probably best to end the conversation here. Six Out.

          • Why do I sense you will never stop promoting your right wing views and insulting people who are obviously very intelligent and successful in life. But if you did, maybe my challenges to you would cease on here. And you might on occasion post your own original thoughts and perspectives instead of constantly sugar coating those posted by others.

  2. Seems the rest of the college football world tends to agree more with you 6 (and UF). I don’t think UCF will find and of the top POWER 5 schools that will schedule home and home with them. They should take the approach that FSU did when they were getting started and go on the road and win. Maybe earn some respect by winning against the big boys. And going undefeated for even 2 years, with a strength of schedule around 90, isn’t going to make you a power school.

    • That’s all I’m saying, Sparky — and I’ve historically been a pretty big fan of the AAC, and in particular UCF. They started losing my support tho, with last year’s rather delusional self promotion efforts vis-a-vis somehow being the uncrowned national champions…..and with this year’s dust up with UF (which introduced us to not only a fair measure of unmerited arrogance on their part, but the concept of the “Power 6” when there is in reality no such animal by consensus). It’s just my opinion, of course, which as 65 has pointed out are like anal pores in the first place. 😒 But all that’s unimportant right now — two days until Christmas! You have a good one, pardner…..

      • You personally insulted the UCF AD (and the brother of Mike White, who’s father is the AD at Duke) and called him a “jerk”, historically speaking. And I would not even be posting to you if you had put forth an argument for 2 for 1 vs 1 for 1 instead of posting the insult of AD White on here. But that is not what you did no matter how much you deflect the truth with your buddies on here.

  3. And by the way, that “jerk” A.D. at UCF clearly stated the other day that he would have done exactly what Stricklin said and did if he was the A.D. at Florida. But he is the A.D. at UCF and he is going to say and do what is best for UCF, not UF, as Stricklin does in reverse at UF.

    • Wow! You’re really full of it today…..something stirring in your cornflakes this morning that ought not be moving? Given the season, perhaps you should call a cease fire — you’re only fighting with yourself anyway. Go exercise, you’ll feel better when you’re done!

    • Swampy, the American Athletic Conference is 1-3 in the bowl games they’ve played. As long as UCF is a member of that conference its record will always be questioned. Does anyone think that UCF will enjoy the same success playing in the SEC? C’mon man… stop it already.

      PS. I recommend that you follow Gator-6’s recommendations.

  4. Sparky. Never said that I felt UF should not insist on a 2 for 1 or accept a 1 for 1. I understand why Florida would not give up a home game vs. Charleston Southern vs. a road game vs. UCF without having that 2 for 1 deal. But I also understand why UCF now would not give up a sell outs at their stadium to play in The Swamp two our of three times as well. Therefore, I understand why that “jerk” A.D. stood his ground and why Stricklin stood his ground. But I have no happiness in knowing that I will still have to go watch a Presbyterian or a Idaho State at The Swamp instead of a team like UCF. Show me the MONEY in college football these days, and not the attractiveness of the opponent when not playing a conference game. BORING, and why I am so much for an expanded playoff system and reducing the regular season from 12 games to 10 games (and also increasing the SEC schedule from 8 games to 9 games).

    • Just my opinion, but demote 10 FBS teams to FCS and put the remaining 120 into 12 geographically logical, 10-team conferences. Play an 11 game regular season with 9 conference games (playing every conference team) and 2 OOC games. This eliminates the need for conference championship games. The 12 champions earn a playoff spot. Retain some sort of rankings to seed the teams and give the top 4 a first round bye. If a team from the bottom 8 made the championship game, it would play 15 games, same as a conference champion would now. Just a pipe dream, but hey, it’s Christmas!