Four Marion County football players commit to Florida

Dunnellon's junior receiver/safety Jay Fraziars, left, Vanguard defensive end Bryce Langston, second from left, North Marion's senior offensive lineman Michael Tarquin, second from right and Vanguard receiver Trevonte Rucker, right, all will sign with the University of Florida. They posed in Booster Stadium in Ocala on Monday. Tarquin signed Wednesday. [Doug Engle/Ocala Star-Banner]

By John Patton, Correspondent

OCALA — Eight days. Monday to Monday. That’s how long it took for Marion County to go from near-afterthought to a major focus of Florida football’s future.

So, what went into Vanguard sophomores Trevonte Rucker and Bryce Langston, Dunnellon junior receiver Jay Fraziars and North Marion senior offensive tackle Michael Tarquin all deciding they were going to be the first in-county locals to accept scholarship offers to play for UF since NMHS receiver Freddie Swain in 2016?

It began with a group chat and finished with a second chance.

“And now, we’re ready to go,” Langston said. “It’s going to be fun.”

Close friends since their youth days playing MCYFL, Rucker, Langston and Fraziars said they had discussed playing together in college in the past, but things didn’t get really serious until they had a three-way conversation right around Thanksgiving.

At that point Rucker, despite growing up a fan of both Florida and Florida State, said that he was starting to feel ready to commit to UF over scholarship offers from Miami, FSU and Penn State, among others. But he wanted to gauge where Fraziars and Langston stood.

So, that night they talked Florida.

They all agreed they liked Gators’ coach Dan Mullen and his staff and felt like they had been made recruiting priorities. Each said the close proximity to home was a plus. And the idea of being college teammates was enticing.

The call ended with a semi-formal agreement that they were about to make some news together.

And Rucker was the first domino, announcing on Nov. 26 that he was committed to Florida.

A 6-foot, 165-pound 4-star prospect ranked 60th overall in the Class of 2021 by 24/7, Rucker started at receiver for VHS as a freshman before moving to quarterback as a sophomore. He said he expects to go back to receiver for his final two years with sophomore-to-be Stephen Curry taking over under center next Fall.

That is where Rucker will make the most impact for the Knights, according to his classmate.

“He has great hands,” Langston said. “He doesn’t drop balls.”

A 6-4, 190-pound 4-star pass-catcher whose size and athleticism should nicely complement Rucker’s speed at UF, Fraziars became the second to make his intentions known when he committed on Dec. 1.

Also a highly coveted outfield prospect, Fraziars said he plans to play football and baseball for the Gators, much like his one-year-older teammate at DHS, Maurice Goolsby, intends to do at Florida State.

Fraziars, who said he “comes from a house full of Seminoles”, had narrowed his college choices to UF, Georgia, Penn State, Auburn and Ohio State in October. He said he was leaning towards the Gators before the group chat occurred and felt pretty confident about committing after speaking to Rucker and Langston.

And his family is fine with that.

“They really want me to do whatever makes me happy,” said Fraziars, who added that being selected high in the 2020 Major League Baseball draft likely is the only thing that could keep him out of Gainesville.

One day later, not long after Rucker tweeted out that he had “a surprise” for Gator fans, Langston shared that he, too, was committing to Florida.

A 6-3, 212-pound 5-star pass rusher ranked fourth nationally in the Class of 2021 by 24/7, Langston grew up an FSU fan. His affection for the Seminoles was so well known at VHS that Knights’ coach Edwin Farmer said at high school media day in August he believed Langston would tough for anyone to lure away from Florida State.

But listing “coaching, closeness to home and putting me in a better position (to succeed on the field),” Langston decided he was most comfortable playing for the rivals in orange and blue.

Each pleased with their decisions, they say they are continuing to recruit a few other locals, one of whom is Vanguard’s 5-star junior receiver Leonard Manuel.

But one player they weren’t talking to was Tarquin, who they said they didn’t really know prior to early this week. But his announcement on Dec. 3 that he had flipped his commitment from Miami to Florida added a fourth talented local to the fold.

Content with his decision to play for the Hurricanes, Tarquin said he had told Gator coaches he was unlikely to change his mind after committing to UM on April 21. From there, Florida gave Tarquin a little space but never completely walked away.

Later in the year, knowing that Tarquin was planning to sign a national letter of intent on Dec. 19 and enroll in January, UF took another shot at the 6-5, 290-pound 4-star prospect. And Tarquin, who has attended football games at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for as long as he can remember, was open to listening.

Tarquin once told Urban Meyer at a camp that “I’m going to play for you at Florida one day” before taking a photo together. During a visit to Ohio State a few years later, Tarquin showed Meyer the picture, and the coach signed it and added the words “Mike, you have a home with the Buckeyes” — a school Tarquin said he also seriously considered.

But Tarquin really liked Miami and said he felt comfortable there. However, as national signing day got closer, Tarquin said he began to think about how he wanted to give Mullen an opportunity to make a pitch. So, Tarquin took a visit to campus, and on Nov. 26, the same day Rucker committed, Tarquin had Mullen and offensive line coach/co-offensive coordinator John Hevesy into his home for a visit.

They gave him a lot to think about, but it was one sentence that resonated.

“Coach Mullen told me something no other school did,” Tarquin said. “He said that ‘if you come (to Florida) you will work harder than you ever thought possible.’ That stuck out to me because I want to be great, and I feel like if I go to Florida they can help me reach my full potential.”

While he was the fourth to commit, Tarquin likely will be the first to contribute to the Gators, having signed his NLI on Wednesday.

However, before he can put on pads again, Tarquin will have to continue rehabbing a torn right labrum he suffered making a second-level block in preseason practice. That injury forced him to be a spectator for NMHS’s run to the FHSAA Class 5A state championship game earlier this month.

Tarquin said the current prognosis has him possibly available to go full speed when Spring practice begins in March.

That thought has him excited, as does the thought of seeing Marion County players dot UF’s roster.

“It’s awesome,” Tarquin said. “Who would have figured?

“I think it’s great, really great.”


  1. I love the quote below. it says so much about Mullen and what he believes, and by being honest about this he will draw the right players– the ones like Tarquin who understand that if you want to be better than other people you have to do what they are not willing to do. You have to work harder. Meanwhile, such a statement will repel the low-character types who are all talk and don’t want to work. It’s a great way to sound people out. I am sure Mullen can see it some of their eyes they don’t want any part of it.

    “Coach Mullen told me something no other school did,” Tarquin said. “He said that ‘if you come (to Florida) you will work harder than you ever thought possible.’ That stuck out to me because I want to be great, and I feel like if I go to Florida they can help me reach my full potential.”

    • Jaws, you are exactly spot on. As an example, some of the best physicians I know will tell you to a person that they weren’t the smartest guy in their class, but they were WILLING to do what was required — and the extra work — to succeed. I noted the same thing in this young man’s comment. Evidence of character that will no doubt help him in a phases of life.

      Where do we get such fine young men? I ask myself the same question every time I’m on Ft Hood. MGGA!

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            Trump isnt a warmonger like so many of his detractors are, he believes like the founders did, to AVOID foreign entanglements(like vietnam, afghanistan(he’s pulling us out of that useless hell hole) etc.. Once the job is done, bring our boys home and dont kill any more american sons by hanging around longer than needs be! Too many in the military, CIA and throughout Govt and big business just want the fortunes made with war and have learned to hid behind patriotism to succeed in their goals, and the sheeple follow blindly thru WW1, WW2, Korea, vietnam, Iraq 1&2 Afghanistan and they never end! As General and Pres. Eisenhower said” beware of the military-industrial complex”
            Now see what happens when you bring politics on here!

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        • Just like * ratings in recruiting, IQ is not the be all-end all in success either. Drive, determination, perseverance and willingness to work hard seem to me to be the ticket, however, but having above average intelligence sure doesn’t hurt one’s cause if the other ingredients are in place. I’ve seen it work out that way in the Army over the course of 32 years in uniform, I’m sure it works the same way in the business world too. It sure did for the Gators this year, once they had a couple of attitude checks!

  2. “Win the Home turf first”. Great to see top talent from within Florida staying home to play. Looks like we are recruiting the Ocala / Lakeland/Tampa area very well. Next step is to expand the UF haul from the Dade/Broward/Palm Beach area. Win these areas and then any out of state success will be the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie! Great job by Mullen and his staff.

    • We keep piling up the wins on the field, we keep our character strong, and we WILL win the home turf, Dan. And like you say, very likely make a lot of out-of-state kids wish they could be Gators too. I’m reminded tho of what Ben Franklin said when asked what form of government had been decided on: “We’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it”.

      I sure hope we don’t turn on Dan Mullen at the first, inevitable, temporary step backward. “If we can keep him”.

        • Agreed, so much as pertains to Dan Mullen’s truly stellar personal characteristics. He’s a leader, and what’s more, a real one at that. Even those who weren’t in favor of his hire have to admit that, so there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s the “real deal”. Me, I love that he took the job and sincerely wish that circumstances had allowed him to return to Florida when Myer departed.

          I think tho that there will surely come a point in his building project that something will happen to throw it — by appearance anyway — off track. That’s when the long knives will likely come out, but like you, I hope not. We give him the time and resources, however, and he’ll get us back to SECs and NCs — of that I have no doubt at all.

          Merry Christmas to you and yours…………

          • Adversity is inevitable. I am 100% behind Mullen because I know when it does come, he will handle it head on!

      • Gator – 6, exactly. Win the state back on the field and in recruiting first, and then we can take the next step… winning the SEC East.

        Step by step. After seven years of Muschamp and McElwain, this program was almost completely broken, ruined, and Mullen was given a monumental rebuilding job to pick the UF Football Program back up off it’s knees and get it standing on it’s own two feet again.

        Mullen is doing it the right way too. He’s putting one piece in place at a time and firmly it in place before adding the next one.

        It’ll all pay off down the road.

    • Dan, I live an hour north of Gainesville and there is a wealth of talent up this way as well that has continually been poached for the past several years by Urban, Saban and Dabo mainly. OSU currently has several 5 stars on there roster out of Jacksonville area as does Bama. Derrick Henry, Laremy Tunsil, Tyreke Johnson , Shawn Wade and Matt Jones (4*) are names that come to mind of top talent right in our backyard that has been going out of state for years from my area. CC Jefferson from my hometown is the last 5* kid from this area to sign with the good guys in years. This has got to change as well. 3 state championships were won this year from this area, so the perception that all the good players are located in the south half of the state is not correct. Getting the kid from Sandlewood HS this time was a modest start, but none of the kids from the 3 state title teams signed with us, once again they are all leaving the state. Dan needs to get this turned around soon IMO..

  3. It looks like we are finally becoming more relevant with the kids in our state. That was one of our biggest problems under the last staff. CDM did a great job with what he had on the roster only 43% blue chips. Just imagine when he gets a few years of recruiting the players that fit his system.

  4. Nice to see some local talent coming in to Gator Nation. Not only do the Gators gain some solid talent, they also gain a stronger hold on the local fan base, many of the younger fans who will become season ticket holders for the first time.

  5. It is all starting to come together. The recruits are seeing the product. Think what will happen after a few years of recruiting the young men Mullen feels will fit our system. I am glad to see Marion County players wanting to play here. Beating out FSU,PSU, OSU, UGA, AU. That to me is worth more than, uh Gator6’s paycheck! Win Florida first in recruiting. I don’t think we need to be number one in recruiting because I do think that the services do provide a lot of insight into these young men I think there is a lot that is missed. MOO. There are probably 100,000 or more HS kids playing ball. There are 130 approx. DI teams taking about 2600 recruits per year. That is the top 2.6% of all players. That means the * rankings are looking at the top % and the differences in talent cannot be that far off. Character and attitude may be the biggest take away from rankings. I don’t profit from this but the services do. That is why hard nosed recruiting the old fashioned way will yield great results as well. Mullen had to do this in M St. I do agree with all of you the upper % of the rankings yield players which will yield faster results. BUT there are a lot of busts there too. Ultimately we are going in a great direction and with every winning season we will attract more of the top recruits. It would be nice to have players in line wanting to come here. There was one that was in an article yesterday on this site. This is the most fun I have had since Meyer left watching the recruits start to come around. Life is about hard work, while there are some that everything seems to fall in place without the effort those individuals struggle when things change and they don’t have the work skills to get them back into the game. Mullen is going to show them how to do it right and if they accept they will reach the greatness they all seek.

    • I totally agree. The way the fans live and die by these star rankings, it makes you wonder how the hell coaches were able to recruit 20 years ago without all these services telling them who the best players are. I just wish they would do away with star rankings for good. All it does is make these players get huge heads and think they’re superstars before they even step foot on a college campus.

      • Joe. I remember back in the day when Joe Willie Namath was a highly sought after recruit by everyone. And his recruitment was all the thing in the newspapers. Then, Steve Spurrier and the battle between Tennessee and Florida for his services. Same with Herschel Walker from Georgia. Not much has changed except the internet and social media now.

        • And again, Joe, check the class rankings of the four teams in the playoffs. And the two teams that just played for the SEC title. Getting a bunch of 4 and 5 star recruits provides a program with the opportunity to win championships. You do not win them without those type of recruits. And Mullen and Florida are all about winning championships, so I am told. Florida needs to sign 3 or 4 more four star recruits or better in February or the program will fall further behind Bama and Georgia. And LSU, in the SEC. But I can only imagine what Dan Mullen will do if he does that and consistently does that in the future on the recruiting trail. He can outcoach Smart and his staff, and he has already shown he can coach on the same level with Saban and his staff.

          • Wasn’t questioning whether the top teams had a bunch of 4 or 5 star players or not. Just think the star rankings are ridiculous and should be done away with. Leave it to the coaches to make their own evaluations like they did for 100 years before the internet and .com websites came around.

        • And yes, what’s changed from the days of Namath and Spurrier is those stars and composite numbers next to the name. I’m not saying do away with covering recruiting altogether, I’m just saying get rid of the stars and numbers and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Everyone knows who the top players are, but once you start going down the line, then there’s really not that much difference in talent. You know what the difference between being a 3 star and 4 star player is? About .0009. You’re going to tell me that 3 star player is so much worse than the 4 star? But if a fan sees a 3* next to a commits name, it’s oh man we need to be signing more 4 and 5 star players and Mullen needs to step it up. Imagine how those players feel when they see fans saying that. I mean that’s just ridiculous, and that’s all the star rankings do.

      • Joe, very true. One can be the best (fill in the blank) and no one ever would know if the talent isn’t made public. One can think they are the best and everyone will know if that talent is made public. While the services use all these ‘camps’ to evaluate which is doing a good job those camps are pay to play and distance and expense is not in some families abilities or desire. So a star could be hidden in plain sight. With the % of athletes so small that make the next level I think there are another 1k or so that are possibly better than what is seen publicly. That is a lot of top talent that is not uncovered and could potentially end up on someone’s roster. Regardless we are making a splash now in the arena and at this point trust our coaches to do what they are doing. Could change over time but for now I like what I see.

        • 65. If Florida closes with the top DB recruit from California (forgot his name right now), and the DB recruit from Florida (Elam), and one or two very good (or potentially very good) defensive lineman in February, then you, me, most of Gator Nation, and Dan Mullen will be very happy and love what we see. My fingers are crossed that Pickering will flip from Miss. State to Florida because of his strong relationship with Mullen, and Young will flip from Alabama to the Gators because Bama has signed too many DL recruits already. Those two, with the two DBs mentioned above, would move Florida well into the top ten concerning this year’s recruiting class rankings.

    • Well put 65, Coach Mullen isn’t just about loading up on 5* talent and trying to ride that to a Natty like our neighbors up north, his many years at State learning how to do more with less, overcome roster inadequacies with coaching and timing, and developing an eye for those individuals with the talent that just haven’t been identified due to lack of exposure to the camp circuit, etc have prepared him for where he is today. And now, with the resources and talent pool at his disposal at UF, we are sitting sweet. Let Kirby keep loading up on the 5 stars, its ok because Mullin will coach circles around him when the roster gap closes just like the ole ball coach used to do to them, and I think it is getting there quickly. I haven’t been this excited about Gator football since the HBC left for Washington. I am thankful for the 2 natties that Urban brought to us, but never was really comfortable that he was doing it the right way. And the more time that goes by the more the ole gut seems justified for feeling that way. The stench he left behind still lingers if the breeze blows the right way. Only time will tell if CDM is what he seems, I worry somewhat that we have been in the wilderness so long that we might be willing to travel that same road again and I must admit that the ” fryingpangate” and Kodak Black in the locker room make me a little nervous, but thus far Dan has shown a willingness to do things the right way to get where we want to be and I for one am ecstatic and willing to give the benefit of the doubt in that regard.

      • Pappa, I think you just captured the essence of what most of us Gators feel, and just in time for Christmas at that. Wish I had the fluency of words to express so well the emotions, logic, expectations and reality surrounding Gator football and our coach as we head into a new era. I don’t have to tho — you did it for all of us.

        My wife, the lovely Gator-3, who is not a football fan and understands none of this, would ask why is this so important, with the world falling apart all around us. That’s easy: Because we’re Gators! Merry Christmas……..

  6. Just an interesting follow up comment on Dan Mullen and recruiting. Pretty sure Mullen never had a top 10 recruiting class at Miss. St., but he did recruit effectively, transforming MSU into a competitive program and relevant on the recruiting trail to this day. I think the fact that a full season after Mullen left MSU for UF, this year’s MSU recruiting class is ranked in the top 15, pretty much where the Gators are ranked at this point. That’s not a negative; I think it shows the impact of the overall program and culture that he built at MSU, so what he will most likely accomplish at UF over the next couple of years should have Gator Nation smiling. My humble opinion only of course, but I am looking forward to not having to throw pillows at my TV when the Gators are on during the coming years.

    • Dan so I’m not the only one that was throwing things. I was so mad I almost launched the remote at the TV. Lucky for me I was intercepted and went outside and did three days of yard work in 3 hours. That was repeated several times from Muschamp to Mac. Enough that it almost gained a medical (Gator 6 might have the real term) term derived from the medical term the coaches had (can’tcoach-itis,).

  7. Well said 65, and I feel your pain. A few years back when I lived on a couple of wooded acres I kept a nice small chainsaw at the ready when the Gators were on TV. By halftime, I grabbed that WMD and went out back and made some nuisance tree pay for my frustration. Fortunately for the trees we moved before Mac came aboard, so all I had for my feelings toward him was those damn pillows. Good thing, as I might have been tempted to use that chainsaw on him. Love Dan Mullen and his crew!

  8. Mulllen is building a solid program with a stable coaching staff like Sweeney did at Clemson. Neither is the slick salesman that Saban, Smart, or Meyer are, but just like Clemson, UF will sell itself when Mullen gets the ball rolling in a couple of years.

    It helps that Miami and FSU are down now and won’t have the facilities to compete with the Gators on the recruiting trail. Also, as the recruits in this story said, being closer to home is a plus. That will give South Florida recruits an elite choice that parents can drive to to see them play.

    Go Gators!!!

    • I also see Mullen following the Clemson blueprint. Solid Top 10 classes every year. Player development is ingrained into Mullen’s DNA from his past coaching stops. Other than his stint at Florida, Mullen and his staff had to excel at player development to develop 3 star recruits into 4 star players to be competitive. Mullen’s assistants were chosen for their player development not for their sales pitch. This philosophy leads to consistent results. Christian Robinson is the one assistant that may develop into an ace recruiter.

      Getting the Lakeland 3 was critical to getting back the state of Florida. The exodus of star players leaving Florida over the last 10 years is alarming. Alabama, Clemson and OSU have feasted on the bounty of Florida. This needs to stop! Alabama has signed 3 of the Top 10 in Florida. I don’t count Nolan Smith from IMG because he is from Georgia. Clemson has signed 2 of the Top 10.

      Early signing period results for the Top 50 players from Florida.

      FSU. 8
      Florida 6
      Miami. 5 (leading for 3 more)
      Alabama. 4
      Clemson. 4
      Oregon. 2

  9. I dont give a rat’s behind about star ratings. I believe more in Mullen’s ability to evaluate talent. I love that he’s weeding out guys by telling the recruits they will be working harder than they ever have. Just think what that means, we will soon have a whole team that has the mindset that they came here to work harder than they ever have and that will be their motivation to come here. Think what that will mean in the weight room and on the practice field! No more slouchers, no more guys taking plays off. He is intending to fill a whole team with a work harder mentality. There will be no end to what they can achieve. I’d rather have a team of 4 stars with that mentality then a whole team of 5 star premadonnas!
    In addition, most of these guys in this article were FSU fans yet they chose UF. How long has it been since that happened? That is a huge statement in and of itself as to where Mullen has already taken this program. I cant number the times thru the years weve lost important commits to FSU. I was always bewildered by it but THIS was music to my ears!

    • You’re right Daz! The FSU and even Miami angles in this story cannot be minimized. These 4 kids grew up watching Jimbo and his boys kick Gator tail and chase NCs over 6 of the last 7 years, as we watched the Chump and McElwhiner turn the Swamp into a playground for the Spearchukers. Is it any surprise that these, and most other elite recruits in Florida, were Nole fans growing up?

      In one season, Mullen and staff are changing minds and raising the quality level of our incoming recruits. That will make the Gators a real SEC team in the trenches, where games are actually won.

      There are serious, hard working kids and lazy troublemakers at all star levels of recruiting and those kids CHOOSE where they go to school. If, for example, the Gator strength and conditioning program is a joke (as it was under McElwhiner) is it any surprise that lazy troublemakers would CHOOSE to go to UF? Is it then any surprise when FSU, Alabama and Michigan’s hard working kids pushed the Gators around EVERY SINGLE TIME they played McElwhiner’s gang of lazy troublemakers?

      I, for one, sure am glad that lazy troublemakers will NOW have to CHOOSE other places to play their college football… like perhaps Tally, or Coral Gables!

      Go Gators!!!

  10. If Florida can sign Elam and/ Steele and another interior or SDE d-line this class will be complete. The O-line signees can become a special group under the tutelage of Hevesy. It is the beginning of championships!

  11. I hope we can put political jousting aside. Both parties of this government have created a morass that is dividing everyone. Take it off this site. Discuss it in private you can do this on this site. Merry Christmas, seasons greetings, all the best to all sides. At least I think we are all on the Gators side even if we disagree on everything else.

    • 42-7 at the half! I think they’re for real 65……but some of those huge linemen are gonna have to shed some pounds when they graduate. AR 600-9 won’t be kind to then unless they’ve got a brigade commander with, uhhh, shall we say, cugliones the size of Texas?

        • I like Houston, and I like Applewhite. But I don’t think they ever encountered formations like they saw today, 65. Totally undid them — hell, I think Army even would have given Texas a run for it’s money today! But they’ll get exposed in their own bowl game, I’m quite confident.

        • Houston was the shiznits in the 60’s, have been pretty good in the AAC (which is about as close to Power-5 as it can be), and would no doubt prosper in the Big-12 if they could ever get back in. But with all the stupid decisions made by that conference in the last 10 years, they’d probably bring in Buffalo instead!

    • That was SMU, 65. They’re still not back, and neither is old SWAC member Rice but for different reasons. Houston would be a good choice, I think, to reconstitute the Big-12 as long as they brought BYU in too. I get the $$ component, but c’mon — college football is still regional/geographic. West Virginia in the Big-12? Probably a better choice for the Big10 instead of Rutgers…..but I’m still not certain I really follow the advocacy for UCF to the Big-12 either. StL makes about as good a case that can be made. Once again tho, I digress. Damn I hate the off-season!

      • Thought Houston was in that. Never followed Western teams. UCF wants in a major conference. For tv it would give the big 12 new territory. Actually wouldn’t be good for SEC for them to be in Big 12 recruiting FL. Some of the geography is a little strange but yes its all about the $$

    This is supposed to be about Florida Gator sports. There are MANY websites to express your political views. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. I am asking those who review comments to drop/delete those comments that become political. IF PEOPLE CONTINUE TO POLITICIZE on a sports site, eventually the site will be dropped/closed or ANY and ALL comments will be barred.