Swampcast: Special Recruiting Edition


Gainesville Sun correspondents Graham Hall and Zach Abolverdi talk Florida Gators football recruiting.

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  1. Let’s continue to refine the presentation. It is getting better. Make sure you’re not giving free advertising for other schools. Simply say, “other schools”, “another school”, etc when making references to the “other schools”. Listeners should register all positives by repetitively hearing good vibes regarding the Gators! Quote: e.g. Florida hasn’t got an Official from xxx. Better: Florida may be able to squeeze xxx in for a visit next week if things work out…Make it a WOW factor for both the player and program! Go Gators!

  2. Very nice scripted presentation guys. It is good to see Zach back in harness with the Sun. He and Graham make a dynamic duo for Gator Nation recruitniks to stay up to date. Hoping for a top ten 2019 class. Go Gators!

  3. Guys, GREAT detail, yet concise report. Being an ole time presenter, I advise that it would be very beneficial to your viewers, if you could display a list of the recruits between you. Your providing great information, but it would be MUCH easier for the audience to follow, if we were observing they’re names/school/location and number of stars….you guys can figure out the appropriate amount of information (it shouldn’t be to much).

    Thanks and keep it coming!!!