Swampcast: A Special Recruiting Edition


Gatorsports correspondents Graham Hall and Zach Abolverdi bring you talk about Florida Gators recruiting.

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    • Why? They’re both talented young guys and dynamite together. Unless, of course, that means they’re colluding with Russians or something (not against the law)…..or worse yet, with Seminoles (which should be against the law).

  1. Was hoping for more good news this weekend, what with all the studs in town for OV’s and all, but I guess when your trophy fishing the degree of difficulty increases substantially due to the smaller pool of candidates and all of the various baits they have already been exposed to. GO GATORS !

    • LOL. Also notice the new generation sports horizontal lined polo shirts while the Swampcast generation dons the checkered button ups. It will be interesting to see if the new generation wears polos 25 years from now.

      • Sly, that is true. Polo shirts are for the years before your chest becomes a part of your belly. Graham, just kidding with you Sir, besides, Zach looks like one of those guys that had a full beard in the 6th grade. Thanks to both of you for all of your hard work and information. I try my best to keep up with recruiting and if not for you guys I would know even less than I do. I assume from all the crickets since this report that nothing big happened for us this past weekend of OV’s..