Swampcast: Recruiting With Graham Hall


Gainesville Sun correspondent Graham Hall, right, talks Florida Gators recruiting and other Gators topics. Have a question? Leave it in the comments section below and Graham will provide an answer. That’s Sun photographer/video wiz Brad McClenny on the left providing a digital assist.


  1. Fair monologue on recruiting…presentation could be smoother in spots. It gave several competitors recognition and props; sometimes unnecessary over Florida as a program. Accentuate Florida’s strengths and minimize or deemphasize weaknesses…don’t bring it up if it isn’t necessary. Recruits are observing. Help to entice recruits to sign with Florida by presenting a positive and pro Florida pitch. Thanks and Go Gators!

  2. Thanks Graham. I must admit I was surprised by the possibility of a Franks transfer after the progress he has shown in his first season under Mullen. I can’t see Franks wanting to transfer. I definitely see a Trask transfer as a distinct possibility given his skill set versus the spread offense. However, Franks has shown he can be a capable runner when his emotions are into it. I would think Mullen wants 3 QBs on the team. If Franks and Trask transfer who is the 3rd QB?

  3. I’m shocked that Graham would suggest Franks should transfer and further, that Mullen would encourage him to do so to pave a smoother ascension for Emory. That’s radical considering the progress Franks has made this season and the success he’s had. Franks has shown he’s a willing runner and does not shy away from contact. He may not have the moves that Emory has but he has more power similar to the Tebow style. Both Mullen and Franks got more comfortable with him running the ball as the season progressed. Maybe Grahams has aspirations to become the next shock jock.

    • Sly, I don’t think Mullen is being untruthful when he says he only wants a willing runner, but I believe what he means is he only wants Feleipe to be a willing runner. I just think Mullen really wants his QB to provide a significant portion of the running game, and I don’t think Feleipe is that guy. I also don’t think that’s good long term for the Florida offense. Besides putting your QB at unnecessary risk, I believe you also cause the best RB recruits to think twice about having to compete with the QB, in addition to the other RB’s, for carries. Does anyone other than MSU fans know the name of the Bulldog RB’s. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Franks “should” transfer, but I don’t think CDM would be bothered by it. At this point though, if we could be fairly certain we’ll get the FSU game version of Feleipe, I would hope to see him as the starter next season.

      • Joe – I don’t disagree with most of what you said but the way Graham phrased it doesn’t make sense. While Franks may not be the ideal dual threat quarterback that Mullen wants for the position, I can’t imagine him going as far as thinking he “has to implore Felipe to explore his options elsewhere or risk Emory Jones maybe transferring or becoming unhappy.” Mullen and Felipe are vested in each other and Mullen will find a way to make it work utilizing his strengths just like he did with Leak and others who were not his ideal quarterback. While Emory has shown promise in limited action, I don’t think Mullen has determined that he is better than Felipe (ala the situation at Alabama). Maybe some fans have reached that conclusion based on Felipe’s performance when pressed into service as a freshman before he was ready on a dysfunctional team that had lost its coach mid season and a bunch of teammates due to suspensions but I don’t think Mullen has reached that same conclusion. That is not to say that Emory won’t or can’t win the job next year. It is premature to reach that conclusion. If Emory becomes unhappy because he lost the competition with Felipe, then I would have no problem with him transferring. It doesn’t make any sense to implore Felipe to transfer in order to keep Emory happy.

        • I agree, Sly. With Franks, you’re getting a QB that has already taken you to the cusp of a 10 win season. With Emory Jones, you’re getting what could be an upgrade, but that amounts to unproven potential. I don’t want Franks to transfer, but I’m not sure CDM is as opposed to the idea as you and I.

  4. I agree on the Franks assessment. I thought Franks played better the last 3 games but he’s a drop back passer and just isn’t the kind of qb Mullen wants or knows how to use. Franks didn’t have 1 game with 300 yards passing or 50 yards rushing the whole season. That’s pretty amazing in itself for a Meyer/Mullen type offense. First time ever. Mullen is struggling on the recruiting trail for a couple reasons. First, he’s never been known as a great recruiter. Second, we only played 2 true freshman on offense or defense with any consistency; our 3rd string running back and our starting cb after the previous starter was sidelined with an injury for the year. Players aren’t going to come to UF if they think they are more or less guaranteed to sit on the bench for 1-3 years while juniors and seniors are the starters.

    Don’t understand why this swamp cast isn’t in the recruiting section of the site. Isn’t it about recruiting?