Case dropped against former Florida running back


A domestic battery case against former Florida running back Adarius Lemons has been dropped, according to court records.

Charges were dismissed earlier this week because the alleged victim was unable or unwilling to cooperate.

Lemons was arrested in September on one felony count of domestic battery strangulation and two misdemeanor charges β€” battery and criminal mischief property damage.

Lemons, a sophmore, quit the UF football team immediately after the Gators’ loss to Kentucky on Sept. 8.



  1. Im glad, who wants bad things for anyone, like it or not, imo hes on defacto probation for a good portion of the rest of his life with the arrest on his record i believe, maybe not i hope, of course.

    i get why we recruit 4 star athletes and more (I believe he was a 4 star), but i hope there is still a filter to get guys that have emotional control of themselves, that’s one of the traits of leadership that combined with skills is imo how we get to the next championship. the traits i read about to add to it, dogged non-quit determination (i imagine 6’s bloodhound willis has that trait), ability to speak up when needed, while having good relationships with all of the teammates, but an occasional jawing on the opponent, humility (i.e. not just yes sir no sir but thankless tasks reliably done), a forthright aggressive manner of finding an edge, and passionate nonverbal ways of communicating that resonate with the teammates, are the model imo. I like perrine among the 50/50 guys left for those traits, and hope the new recruits have this to go with elite talents. sorry if i repeat this, ive seen the results, and believe in this approach, and regret my inabilities in some of these areas personally.

    • He does not have an arrest record from this incident if charges were dropped. His juvenile records, however, are sealed. I did have issues at Clearwater High and had to go to a secondary school for academic and behavioral reasons. But he did well there and seemed to be back on the right path until the shouting in the locker room after a game that got him kicked off the team and this unfortunate incident that clearly shows that his emotional and behavioral issues have not yet been overcome. Hopefully, one day, he will overcome both and stay on a good path that will allow him to have an outstanding athletic career and make tons of money to support himself and his family. Fingers crossed for him. And for the girl.

  2. The first post to this article clearly defines why I dislike the person making it so much.

    Get you life together and do well, Adarius Lemons. I hope, as a very young man who has made plenty of emotional mistakes, you get the help and support you need to do exactly that. Best of luck to you. And keep your hands off women, always.

    • I suspect strongly that if he beat, slapped or strangled your daughter, which seems to be a pattern with athletes in particular, that you would be less forgiving of him or others. I have zero tolerance for any man that lays his hand on a woman. No excuses ever!

        • I have little doubt that you would prefer a front row seat at a public lynching, there Sparky. And no doubt that you feel that having a heart of forgiveness and compassion for someone not even charged with a crime in being “liberal”. Well, if so, I am liberal in that way. But, maybe, the situation was not as bad as first reported and the woman also had a “liberal” heart of forgiveness and compassion. Shame on her.

          • And if she were my daughter and she did forgive with compassion and the situation was not as bad as reported (which clearly it must have been), I would be extremely proud of her. And if she were my daughter, pressed charges, and Lemons was convicted of assaulting my daughter, I would want the book thrown at him. Being the true liberal that you think I am.

          • Having close family involved in the prosecution of these type cases gives me a different perspectiv. A lot of the victims of domestic violence are unwilling to follow thru with prosecution. It doesn’t change the facts of what happened or was or was originally reported. It simply makes it nearly impossible to prosecute. Unfortunately most commit the same type crime again in the future. Let’s hope this isn’t.the case here.

          • “I have little doubt that you would prefer a front row seat at a public lynching, there Sparky. ”
            And you discerned this damming statement from what? That Sparky owns a gun? That he lives in central Fl? That he called you a liberal weenie?
            You need to slow your roll there bro, you ass-ume too much from too little.

          • And you failed to notice the smiley face emoji to suggest he was tongue in cheek. But of course he who does not have a sense of humor would not notice these things

          • CO. Or assume less, as you can make an ass of u not me. Ever heard of presenting an antithetical response, CO? Let me explain. In essence, if Sparky was expressing a point with a word or language, I expressed the opposite point using different language but with the same reasoning (without the emoji). So, the intent was and is the same. So, maybe it is you who should slow your roll there bro.

          • Can’t we all just get along? β€πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’‹

            Please don’t be so hard on CO, Swampy — he’s a good man and it’s just that he hasn’t seen the light yet. Yes, I know, he’s an independent thinker — many gang members are like that in the face of civility like yours — but he’ll come around, I promise.

  3. UF elected to give Lemmons the opportunity to overcome personal issues that plagued him in high school. It looked for awhile that it might pay off for all concerned. It’s too bad that he lacked the temperment and self control to follow through. He is certainly a gifted athlete.

  4. Swampy-Tampa: Since you’ve chosen for reasons known only to you, to identify me with scorn for a rather benign comment, I’ll point out that you’re doing it again rather than demonstrate any restraint whatsoever. I suppose you can’t help yourself, object of pity that you are. I do really feel sorry for you.

  5. 6, Swampy common guys it’s clear you guys have difference that are of different views on most everything. But as a relatively new guy here I will say i enjoy reading your posts. 6 your humor and enthusiasm and background, Swampy your research and insight. Guys I am asking that we leave the attacks on each other out. I understand you don’t agree and have different humor levels. You are both passionate Gator fans and let the other stuff do. Not my business. Save the derogatory stuff for the trolls who deserve the ire. Again you can both tell me to pound sand and I’ll respect that. I am sure I’m like others in not having the same opinion at times but I respect the right of others to have that opinion.

      • Maybe take the same approach when posting about 18 and 19 year old kids. Lemons has issues, but he does not have a hateful and criminal heart. He just has emotional challenges that hopefully he will seek and get help and support for in the future because, as Prairie stated, he is a very gifted athlete who could make a ton of money some day and give back to the community from which he came; if he does turn his life and athletic career around somewhere else. I hope that happens for his sake and the people in his life. Just saying.

        • And I see nowhere on here where you have made any attempt to acknowledge or apologize for your mean spirited post about Lemons. I believe you served to protect the right to not be found guilty without first being charged and convicted of what you are said to be guilty of, right? Well, if you served to protect that right, maybe consider honoring that right for others in the future.

        • Didn’t intend it to be mean spirited, but I hereby humbly apologize and am deeply remorseful that you took it that way. Please pass on my apology to Mr Lemons and his loved ones the next time you see him, if it’s not too much trouble.

          If you are referring to my military service, the enlisted portion of which was as an MP — why yes, you are again absolutely correct now that I think about it. I only wish I had thought of it then, I’m sure I would have had a much more productive and happier life. Thank you for pointing that out, from the bottom of my heart.

    • 65. I am not attacking him personally. I do not even know him and do not want to know him. I stand against intolerance and hate. I always will. His initial post was intolerant and hateful concerning Lemons and his situation, and especially since he does not know Adarius’ heart, life, or the situation (or the girl). When he stands before his Jesus, he can explain his view difference between hate and love. I will die one day without pause or concern about heaven or hell, knowing I stood for something and was consistent in what I believed. I respond to what I view as intolerance and hate on here. Always will. Just post intelligent, positive things and do not hide behind humor and I will move on. Period.

      • Swamp I think some of us have been jaded by the ugliness in the world and taking religion out of this have just seen un-seeable things. Again I like to say that anyone who has done something wrong myself included has an opportunity to correct that wrong and move on. Mr. Lemons came in with questions and there are statistics that show that many of these types of offenses are a pattern that is not broken without professional help. But in all things one has to want help to be helped. His behavior at UF with staff says he does not feel that way. Life is about choices we all make some of us will go with a clean conscience and others not so much. I think the reference 6 made that FAU is an option is true in that they have taken some players that made bad choices. If he can turn wayward players around I’m all in. Swamp even the * system we all need is somewhat concerning as I believe there is a component that looks at their records which sort of devalues a player with questionable history.

      • It kind’ve goes both ways with that line of thought. Technically one would have to know Adarius personally in order to speak on anything relating to his heart, life, or situation, so unless you know him personally, no one should be claiming they know what type of person he is. It’s the same thing for anyone commenting about it. Nobody knows their personal situations either, especially whether they’ve dealt with violence in their own lives or to their family. I’m sure if they’ve dealt with it they’re naturally going to be far less tolerant of it and shouldn’t be attacked for feeling the way they do. Not everyone’s going to view these situations through rose colored glasses.

      • Jeez what a load of crap!
        6’s post was less intolerant or hateful than your response to Sparky, HIPOCRITE.
        Again you are full of yourself as the judge and jury of what is right or wrong.
        FYI you are not the blog moderator. You don’t get to decide what is hateful or not. You don’t decide what is intelligent commentary or not.
        You may think you know it all but you don’t, PERIOD.

        • No, clearly my post was both racist and intolerant, CO. Thanks for sticking up for me, Pal, but I certainly don’t deserve it. I mean, I didn’t actually realize I meant it to be that way until Swampy pointed it out to me — I was just trying to say, “OK, good for you, you’re clear of jail time and FAU would probably love to have you now”. I sure glad Swampy straightened me out, there’s no telling what I could have said when I was a racist, intolerant bigot!

          • You and CO sure feed off of each other, like two hammerhead sharks in the sea. Thumbs down to both of you. Sincerely.

          • Certainly not to question you, but that’s a little unfair to hammerhead sharks don’t you think? Now, had you said, “Like two scum sucking wads of spit”, or something equally demeaning that a couple of low class, ignorant rednecks could easily grasp, I could clearly relate. But hammerhead sharks it is — I’ll do some research and try my best to comply.

      • “Stand against hate…” That’s funny. You’re transparent dude. One person brings hate to these boards, replete with petty name calling. I thought you were a hole spammer when I first read your vitriolic posts. Keep it Gator man and everything will be everything.

    • Sparky. I do not hate rednecks. I dislike rednecks who are hateful, mean, and aggressive towards others. Plenty of mighty fine rednecks out there that I have encountered while hunting deer over time. But I have encountered others that are just hateful, mean, and angry at the world and at minorities that they generalize about and put all in a little box. Hopefully, you are the type that one enjoys hunting deer with in season instead of the front row type I mentioned above. I believe and hope you are.

      • Swampy, I respect your football acumen, your right to free speech, and your courage to stand up for your beliefs. I’d simply point out that expressions of disagreement and criticism don’t necessarily equate to hatred and intolerance. If that were the case, almost all of us posting on this site would be guilty on a regular basis. I believe that today’s progressives have co-opted the word “tolerance” and twisted its meaning to require approval and acceptance as prerequisites for tolerance. That ought not be.

        • Joe, right on if we all tolerated each other we would all get along. Doesn’t mean we have to agree, approve or condone another’s actions as long as they are not causing harm to others. Lemons hurt himself by his actions and that I have no problem with. Hurting another person in this case a woman I do. What is in his heart is in his actions. In his case I believe there have been multiple instances. Whether the person presses charges or cooperates is a societal issue. How far does it go before someone is hurt beyond an I am sorry. On top of all this each situation is different and unique but the patterns that drive this are not. This can be debated forever but I think that the people debating this on this thread are some of the best people on this site regardless of your point of view.

        • I hear you, Joe. I am neither a progressive nor a right wing conservative. I am more a moderate thinker that votes for both parties (and other parties) depending on the person I am voting for in an election. However, I do see things a little differently, as a moderate. I see both the progressives and the right wing conservatives doing exactly what you are saying as prerequisites for tolerance. Extremisms on both sides of the fence ought not to be the rule. and that has NOT made this nation great. And you do not have to approve of something to accept something, or someone’s right to be something. This nation is becoming a nation of polar opposites and lacks the balance that did make and does make this nation great. Extremisms and intolerances (not acceptance) make us weak as a nation. And extremism rules right now. Approval (particularly with the current president) it seems, is now required to be accepted, which reflects intolerance of others and other thinking. And intolerance is not limited just to one group or one side. It rules both sides right now, and that is dividing this country and making it weak from my perspective; and not great. But this is a social and political debate, not a sports debate. But I would like for both to become decent and less non civil. And I see a lot of non civility on these blogs by a small group of posters. Like you, I wish we could keep to positive debate about football and delete all the non civil, demeaning, and insulting language. But some feed off of it on here. Trolls and others. I make mistakes on here, but I always try to post with intelligence and as much knowledge and awareness about a topic as possible; as well as provide as much insight as I can about a topic. I will question when I think I should. I will agree when I think I should. I will inform when I think I should. And I will always challenge when I think I should. I prefer not to be attacked when I do those things, and I will defend when I am attacked and personally insulted when positing factual information and my perspectives on topics. Anyone, even trolls, can challenge my viewpoints and perspectives. But do it with civility and without insults. And there is never a need to insult kids (and especially kids who are or who have played for UF). Just my perspective. Thanks.

          • There you go again. For claiming not to be a progressive you sure use their tactics of labeling those you disagree with intolerant and hateful, like you did with 6, or racist, like you did with Sparky.
            FYI you are not here to “inform” or educate anyone, you are here to comment on football like everyone else. Practice what you preach and stop talking politics and religion. Your repeated slights towards our President are getting tiresome, it’s not our fault you voted for the Corrupt Clintons, you have another chance in 2 years, in the meantime suck it up.
            Same with your slights about Christians, keep it to yourself and don’t be so hateful and intolerant towards those who believe in God and the Bible. Again HYPOCRITE.

          • CO. I did not vote for Hilary. I did not vote for Trump. I wrote in the person I did support. Thank you. And DJT and HC represent as human beings all that I do not believe in, period. You have the right to disagree with me about Trump. This is America. And I will have my fingers crossed for change to greatness in 2020. Bloomberg would work for me as that positive and decent change for all of America. Better yet, a Bloomberg/Kasich ticket. How is that for “progressive, liberalism” ??????

      • As an older Gator, I’m interested in reading the contents of the articles and intelligent comments from knowledgeable fans. Whether you agree or not with a comment, say so in a polite way… reason to attack each other guys, that’s a no no. Let’s stay on script.

          • Look, I know the old SwampyGator “thumbs up” don’t mean squat to a knuckle dragger like CO — but I’m sure it means the world to Sparky. I can’t wait for the day when I might earn one too! πŸ’–

          • Wasn’t being sincere with the thumbs up. Being a hyrocrite, as usual. An arrogant, egotistical one to boot. You could even add self righteous jerk to that. Just a few of the names I have been insulted repeatedly with by you and CO on here.

          • Aww….and you had me so excited with that Thumbs Up. Well, that’s life ain’t it just? Build a guy up and then pull the rug out. I only ask that your benevolent light shine on me once again, but I understand if you’re too busy…..

          • Would you two please stop? You’re going to make me quit coming here and I don’t want to do that. Take it to twitter (where I’m not at) or meet somewhere and settle it the old fashioned way…but please stop it on these pages. I’ve had enough and I think I can probably speak for most of us who are here often. Thank you.

          • You got it Rog, vote me off the island if needed — but after Swampy’s missive of 30Nov1305Z in which he finally takes the time to reveal all that he stands against, all that he stands for, his exemplary virtue, his abiding belief in truth, justice, and the American way — it just strikes me that, with the passing of Mother Theresa and perhaps Martin Luther King, he might be the only true, genuine human being left on the planet. In short, a wonderful guy free of sin, a virtual beacon of light in a troubled world certainly worthy of emulation, who in retrospect has every right to call others out — myself most prominently — as racist, divisive, exclusionary, unintelligent, unenlightened, uninformed, and any other liability that comes with not measuring up to his standard. Accordingly, I’m ashamed of myself for ever having the unmitigated temerity to say that he’s arrogant, dictating what members can say what, lecturing, hectoring, bullying, abrasive and so on. I was clearly wrong to ever question his authority, if not responsibility for policing this forum so splendidly.

            Just as an aside, during the time when I failed to recognize the marvelous person that Swampy, nee Tampa, really is — I did in fact enjoin him numerous times to take this thing off line, but to no avail. He wisely refused to do that, of course, and I think we can all be glad for that now. Gator-6 Out.

          • 6. The truth apparently is whatever you try to convince people to believe it is. But I believe that society as a whole still believes in true enlightenment.

          • You’re about to get your wish come true, but don’t push your luck, big guy. Other issues to deal with right now beside your nonsense. Out.

  6. Tampa, you “dislike rednecks that are intolerant or hateful”, please tell me any group of people that don’t have a certain percentage of “bad apples”. I consider myself a “redneck” simply because I grew up in a small town in north FL (yes alachua county is in north FL). I’m tolerant of anyone that respects his fellow man, works for a living to support his family, and doesn’t think the Government owes him anything.

    • Sparky. Equivalent logic would tell you that I would dislike anyone who is intolerant and hateful. And the government owes a lot of people. Retired soldiers. Wounded soldiers. Retirees. Senators. Representatives. Presidents. People who are disabled. Governmental workers. Citizens driving on roads and bridges. And others I cannot currently think of. But people who scam the government because they can is a problem for the government to solve, not you or me. It does not, unfortunately. It mostly enables. I say, worry about yourself and do right yourself and worry less about others you cannot change and work for change without complaining about the lack of change.

      • I agree with most of that post Tampa, but sadly there are some lunatics out there that keep working hard every day to take away small parts of our rights that the founding fathers of this great Country saw the need to include in the Bill of Rights. When we just do nothing, it allows them to take a little more every day.

        • Not saying not to do anything. There are plenty of ways to work for positive change. But complaining, blaming, and being unable to compromise for the good of all is not a good way to do it. And that is all that is going on right now, it seems.

  7. HEY! I just had this crazy idea …. let’s try talking about Gator football. There are plenty of other forums for the piety and self-righteousness. How about we change the subject to some good old-fashioned slobber-knocking gridiron stuff? I mean, it may not be as self-aggrandizing, but it could actually be FUN! Try it! You might like it!

    • That’s a good ideaTrooper, but this article really isn’t about football except in an ancillary sense. Certainly we could speculate about how the loss of Lemons will affect the Gators or where he might end up playing now that the charges are dropped, but the real issue is a troubled young man with a propensity toward domestic violence and, most likely, an anger management problem. Hopefully, this will be a wakeup call for him get some counseling to deal with these issues before it’s too late. Despite our differences, I think everyone here wishes Lemons the best and hopes he goes on to a successful football career and a happy, productive life.

  8. Domestic violence has been a problem in college athletics for a long time now, ( anyone remember Lawrence Phillips ) and sadly is learned behavior for many of these kids. Not an excuse but just a fact. HBC made the policy in the 90’s that if you put your hands on a woman, you were gone and he stuck to it. Personally I think that this was one of the reasons that he always had the national perception of running a “clean” program. Unfortunately we probably are going to see more than our fair share for another year or two because much of MclNuss’s success at Colo St was due to him taking flyers on talented kids that others had passed on because of questionable character issues and he brought that same philosophy with him here. ( see Lemons, Robinson, etc ). I think he may have seen himself as some sort of “savior” of kids that were from rough backgrounds and had the emotional baggage that comes with that environment while growing up. Maybe he was, its not for me to say, but it will be incumbent on CDM to weed out the bad apples from our program and locker room before these kind of “black eye” issues ( fryingpan gate? ) quit plaguing our schools name. I have faith in him that he will get this done. GO GATORS !

    • Pappa, I think some feel that caring them out of the program is saying that don’t care. The program cannot have the distraction and stigma of allowing behavior that is not acceptable. Notice I didn’t say illegal as domestic abuse is difficult in legal world. Football is human with all the warts that go with it. While caring someone of that is a bad character is good for the team I don’t think anyone doesn’t want that person to get help, change their ways and become a productive m member of society. But those are choices that individual must make.

      • Agreed, 65. There’s little doubt that many of these kids have grown up in less than wholesome environments with little or no examples to emulate as to how a man should behave and carry himself, especially in the area of relations with the opposite sex. Anyone that has paid attention to even a few of the lyrics in the most popular music that is listened to by most of them have heard the disrespect and objectivity towards women in general and that translates into their personal view of things concerning women. Many of them need counseling in this area and others to have any hope of a successful life. While all of that is fine and good and certainly a noble endeavor, it is not the main objective of our football program which should and is now that CDM has taken over to win natty’s. Anything else that could potentially become a distraction or deterrent to that happening should be cut loose post haste. The University Of Florida should never have to take anyone less than top shelf in character in the hope of winning football games, we should be able to pick amongst the cream de le cream of in state players every year for the ones we want. Everyone deserves a second chance to correct a bad decision that they may have made in a heated moment of passion, that is why there is junior colleges such as last chance “U”, and other institutions that I will refrain from naming else I might spark the wrath of others on this site that seem to be offended by someone stating obvious situations that everyone can see for themselves. They survive by taking a chance on these type players much like the situation I referenced with MclNuss at CSU..

        • Pappa, we can help others without tarnishing our image. We had enough bad varnish in our past. Just keeping them in the program sends the wrong message. As far as the debate ongoing the dislike some have for each other could be solved by not responding to posts in a personal attack. If you don’t agree, don’t agree, or don’t day anything. I’ve had disagreements here but haven’t taken them personally. Some here take a different opinion as an attack. Yet all here (I think) are Gator fans. There are two on here that need to agree they disagree and stop attacking each other.

  9. I apologize to most of the people on here and Gatorsports. I let my dislike for a few posters on here get the best of me. And I should have refrained from making it personal. Way to personal. And it grew into a slippery mountain for everyone. Much regret about that. Swampy Gator.

    • I think the committee got it right. I agree with moving OK ahead of UGA (and not just because I dislike UGA). I get why UCF can’t crack the ceiling but I don’t like the fact that a non-power 5 team has zero chance to make the playoff and have a legitimate shot at wining the national title. Something needs to change in my humble opinion.

      • Rog if ND players in a conference then there could be a strong car to do to 8 games. Could have first round two weeks after conference championships. Then two weeks til final four. Then the final 9 days later. Yes more games but damn that would be fun. I’m sure I’m missing something that wouldn’t work. Conference champions power 5 (if ranked in top 10) three others group of 5 champions (if ranked in top 15) or at large if no qualify. Must be in a conference to play.

        • I believe the Power 5 conf champs should get auto bids no matter their record in a 8 team field, with 3 at larges. I don’t like this “we know this team is better” stuff…or discounting what happened ON THE FIELD…and guys using barometers like eye test, etc., and other forms that are pure speculation at the end of the day.

          All Gators should remember that in 2006…a lot of these same personalities, (Herbstreit, Robert Smith, etc) all said…clearly Ohio State and Michigan are the 2 best teams and should play for the title, while a 1 loss SEC champ stayed home. We know just how wrong they were (Michigan lost to USC 31-9 the same year in the Rose Bowl)…so all the UGA is clearly the #4 team, and leaving other confs out based on “gut feelings” etc should be outlawed. I’ve seen the same talk in College hoops….this league is clearly the best, only to get owned in opening rounds of the tourney…as they actually decide it on the court. Then they play 2 sides…some like Feinbaum stating that UGA is penalized by playing the chip game…I agree to an extent, and stated so on this site about Auburn being hosed last year…and Bama getting is despite not even winning their side of the division. They weren’t demanding Auburn be #4 even though they dominated Bama the last game of the season, and UGA the game before. Auburn had 2 losses last year just as UGA doers this year, but they are crying different tears.

          Giving the 3 at large bids should allow those teams a shot like a UGA or Ohio State this year, plus a Top 10 rated no Power 5 school. Then at least we can say everyone has a shot. Currently, non power 5 schools have NO shot and its not like they haven’t won bowl games.

          • Smith I can live with win and you’re in. I think the subjective part is also about $ in the games. The bowls don’t want a dud. maybe the first round isn’t a “bowl” game but a game on neutral territory.

          • Gator 65….you are spot on. I believe it’s the $, but just think some level of inclusion is only fair. I just think what goes between the lines, vs talking heads who are routinely wrong is a far better measure.

            Yes…on paper the 88 Dodgers may not have had the best talent, but they housed the A’s who were loaded. That/’s why you play the game.

  10. Honestly…and living in the Pinellas Co area, I was pulling for this kid. To even get a scholarship at UF after his troubles was IMO an olive branch and chance for this young man…likely not given to someone with his troubles void of his athletic skills. He definitely had it tough over in Clearwater, but in honestly from a playing perspective…he was not out of bounds to move on as he was the odd man out and looked to be behind young guys like Pierce. Cronkrite did the same and moved to USF. It didn’t work out and he needs to figure out how to handle things more professionally. I wish him luck…