Video: Florida vs. FSU preview

1956 staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley provide a preview of the Florida vs. FSU football game.

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  1. F.S.U. has the speed, as always, to nullify those ”quick passes in the flats” by the Gator ‘O’. The answer?
    I don’t know, but that’s why these football coaches get paid the BIG $$$. But some ”misdirection plays” perhaps, to set up some big plays (20 yds or more). And I know the ‘Noles ‘D’ is tough against the run, but it cannot contain Scarlett and Perine for 4 qtrs, in my opinon. And ‘IF’ Ohio State gets absolutely clubbed by Michigan, and Florida wins in Tally, wouldn’t Florida get into the ”Top 10 C.F.P. poll” and stay there, even after ”Championship weekend” Dec 1st? Either way, Go Gators! Work those damn ‘Noles silly!

  2. If, in fact, this game is Florida’s biggest of the year, as Dooley said, then you have to like the Gators’ chances. They’ve played two or three of these this year and have done well — UT, MSU (both in hostile territory). Even against UGA, they were in the game. FSU, on the other hand, has not, losing to Va. Tech, Miami, etc. Play hard, play smart, Gators. Work ’em silly.