Dooley Noted: Florida at FSU, another Big Game for Gators


Pat talks with the Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier about Saturday’s game against the team for out west, FSU, and Spurrier’s new team the Orlando Apollos. Hear all Pat’s ideas for what the Gators need to do to end the losing streak against FSU, get some point spreads and, or course, Three Things.

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0:30  Wrap-up of the Florida Idaho game

1:50  Before the season I though Florida was an 8-4 team, now ?

4:30  Coaching the difference in rivalry games

9:15  Voting on All-Americans and All-SEC, any Gators to vote in?

11:30  Is Florida better than FSU

12:00  What Florida needs to do to end the streak and beat FSU

17:45  This is the biggest game of the year for Florida, for several reasons

19:30  UF FSU a big game for recruiting?

21:00  Some UF fans are nervous about the game against FSU

25:00  Interview with the Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier

32:20  Spreads and Game of the Week

39:01  Three Things


  1. Thanksgiving is a good time for everyone to reflect on how much we are blessed. Life’s journey is not a bed of roses for all and our time is limited. I’m most thankful that I Believe! Doesn’t get better than that.

    Pat: Good show. This game is always a chance to make or break our season. With the expectations we have this year, a lose would be a big hit to our Gator guts. A win and we are in a great bowl and a “very good season”, a great one compared to last years debacle.

    I’m an avid knowledgeable golf fan and play monthly competitive two day tournaments, but I’m not going to pay $30 to watch Phil & Tiger: (1) The PGA season is too long as it is, we need at least a three month lay off, but to cover today’s world, its only six weeks…I’m tired of watching until January. (2) It will not be much entertainment value…my last memory of each is the Ryder Cup debacle performances (that’s why I don’t watch golf exhibitions).

  2. ”Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!” -Goethe.
    The H.B.C., Spurrier, showed us (40 and up Gators) that it can be done. While Meyer/Mullen’s Gators did it, too! So now it’s your turn 2018 Gators! THUMP THE DAMN ‘NOLES! Go Gators!

  3. Florida vs. FSU has always been a big game. Forget the records. Around 1955, Gators and FSU could not agree on a contract. The Florida legislature went nuts over this idea and some state senator introduced a bill REQUIRING the teams to play annually. With the thought of legislation, Florida and FSU agreed to the annual game. At that time, FSU was the little sister in the state and Graves wanted to schedule an out-of-conference opponent. And Doak Campbell stadium then held only 22,000. Gators did NOT want a split of that so Florida agreed to play if the game was in Gainesville every year (Florida Field held about 65,000 then). So it is not true that there is a law requiring the game, but there’s no talk out of either school about not playing every year. Gators also used to play Miami every year but dropped that game when SEC split into two divisions and required all SEC teams to play 7 conference games. Now, it’s 8 SEC games.
    Bout time for Florida to win in Tallahassee. My favorite reqular season Gator win was the Rain Bowl 1982 when Gators scored late in a torrential downpour to win, 13-10. The national championship game in 1996 (52-20 Gators) is my all-time favorite.

  4. I think the Georgia game was a much bigger game than the FSU game. If Florida wins that game, the letdown doesn’t happen against Missouri. Florida is looking at being SEC East Champs and a potential playoff spot.

  5. MexiGator, as soon as C.J. Henderson went out this year, we weren’t going to win the Georgia game. C.J. McWilliams was over-matched and Georgia exploited it.

    The FSU game hinges on scheme, which makes me optimistic. Grantham needs to figure out how to put Francois on the ground several times while not letting the Noles receivers get deep. And hopefully we can figure out how to cover a tight end. FSU’s offensive line this year is like Florida’s circa 2015, which will help.

    We should have a big rushing day. Notre Dame rushed for 365 yards against FSU. Syracuse rushed for 222 yards. I think the offensive line has been getting better and better and has the size to wear down FSU. I suspect Mullen will double-team Burns, if necessary, with Scarlett and/or Perine.

    Our (finally) clear coaching advantage and the Nick Savage effect should make a big difference this year. And the most encouraging thing of all: The Gators have played their best football on the road this year.