Inside FSU: Seminoles serious about their streaks

Florida State coach Willie Taggart after upsetting Boston College in Tallahassee on Saturday. Florida State defeated Boston College 22-21. (AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser)

By Curt Weiler, Tallahassee Democrat

TALLAHASSEE – A lot will be on the line Saturday.

Florida State’s 36-year bowl streak and 41-year streak of winning seasons. A five-game winning streak over the Florida Gators that the Seminoles would love to keep for another season.

No one around the program is shying away from the multi-fold importance of this weekend’s matchup.

However, there’s a belief that if FSU (5-6. 3-5 in ACC) is to knock off No. 13 UF (8-3, 5-3 in SEC), it’s going to come down to what FSU is able to do as opposed to what the Gators aren’t.

“I don’t think it’s about Florida, it’s got to be about us and about what we’re doing and we got to be on our ‘A’ game in what we’re doing. We feel like our ‘A’ game, if we’re on our ‘A’ game, we feel like it’s good enough,” FSU head coach Willie Taggart said at his Monday news conference.

“We have to be on that and again against a good football team and we can’t make the mistakes that we have been making. We got to be sharp on everything we’re doing and doing it at a high level.”

FSU enters this week riding off after it snapped its three-game losing streak and maintained its opportunity to get bowl eligible after a fourth-quarter rally led the Seminoles to a 22-21 win over then-No. 22 Boston College.

“I was excited not only with the win but how we won. I thought our football team needed to win a game like that and hopefully that can propel us on to better things moving forward,” Taggart said.

“We’re going to build off of that from last week and knowing that it’s going to be another physical ball game this week.”

Talk of the streak arose during Monday news conferences both in Tallahassee and Gainesville.

“It’s very important. Like I said after the game, we’re a prideful university, we pride ourselves on winning and you think about the streak, that’s winning. We have been winning every year,” Taggart said.

“So it’s very important that we go out and give our fans, our alumni, our former players and coaches that have been here and our current players and coaches everything we can to see that we get this victory and keep it going. That’s important to us and we know what is at stake and we got to go take care of business.”

Asked what it would mean for the Gators to end the Seminoles’ NCAA-record streak of bowl appearances, first-year UF head coach Dan Mullen told reporters, “That’d be great. I’d love to do it.

“That’s what rivalry games are all about, right?”

For the second straight year, FSU needs to defeat the Gators to keep its bowl streak alive. It did so last year in a 38-22 win in Gainesville that became Jimbo Fisher’s last game as head coach.

This year, the Seminoles have to beat a UF team that could play its way into a New Years’ Six bowl with a win Saturday.

In spite of the odds — FSU opened as a three-point underdog when the spread was released Sunday — there was palpable confidence radiating from the postgame interviews after the win over BC.

“That’s all we’re playing for right now. It is do-or-die at this point so we can’t afford anything else but a win,” FSU cornerback Stanford Samuels III said.

“We’re going to win next week. We’re going to beat the Gators.”

Added FSU running back Cam Akers, “We’re fighting for a bowl streak. We’re going to practice and play like it.”

If the team is able to carry over what it found late in the BC win, there’s confidence that Saturday’s outcome will be favorable.

“It’s the last game of the season, we need to practice that way, we need to meet that way, we need to walk that way and then do it on Saturday,” Taggart said.

“We got one last opportunity at home in Doak to put it all together and so it’s more about us. If we can do what we need to do, we feel good about it.”


  1. The semis are desperate and I expect a massive program-wide cheating effort to use dirty tactics to keep their tainted streaks alive. This will be aided and abetted by the crooked ACC officials, who will have been given orders to make sure the semis become bowl eligible. It wouldn’t surprise me if they sabotage our headsets, try and injure players, steal signals and concoct some pre-game shenanigans to try and get some of our guys thrown out of the game.

    Be ready, Gators! FSU is corrupt to the core, and they are willing to destroy people’s lives and careers to win this game!

    • Jaws – DANG – tell us how you really feel…LMAO. I actually feel the same way as I have seen bad officiating practically every time we go to Talla-ho-see. Like I stated in an earlier post – HUMANS are the most deceitful creatures in the UNIVERSE! Corruption is rampant everywhere in the universe. I will be recording the game, and if there are any discrepancy’s in officiating I will bring it up here and maybe we can band together to right any potential wrongs! GO GATORS!!!

      • I look forward to your report. Depending on how the game goes, it could be as much about what is NOT called as fake calls against us, but I expect to see FSU’s receivers pushing off all day and our DBs getting flagged for even the slightest contact. I also expect FSU’s Fat and Pathetic offensive to hold all game long without getting flag except on downs where it doesn’t matter (a third and ten where the semis throw and incomplete and we decline the penalty anyway).

        The late hits and spearing will be harder for them to pull with all the emphasis on safety now, but they will be twisting knees and poking eyes on the bottom of piles where it is harder to see.

    • Dude, man up and stop making excuses even BEFORE the game. You sound like our pathetic loser president blaming his assumed loss on rigged polls. You’d do well to watch a few episodes of Andy Griffith and come back and ask to be a Gator.

  2. Bring your A game coach; y’all will need it.
    Just so you know, this game’s not about streaks or bowl games. It’s all about pride. Beat your number one in-state rival. Anything else is incedental. There’s a new sherriff in town and he’s taking his possee to Tallahassee to corrall a W. That’s plenty for which to play. It’s so sweet just to beat the Noles. Streaks or no streaks.

  3. I really hope the streak is all that’s talked about till the game starts. Hopefully they’ll be as consumed with it as the Gators were going into the UK game. We all saw how that turned out. Streaks have to end sometime, and I’m pretty sure this is the year for them to end. Another one will probably end in Ohio as well. I personally believe a 5 game losing streak and every player on the roster having never beaten FSU, carries a lot more motivation.

    • Yeah. When they brought Mickey Andrews back, I knew that dirty play would come back with him, and right away they jabbed a finger in the Syracuse’ quarterback’s eye, all while Andrews stood on the sidelines laughing with glee, clapping and then high-fiving the player when he came off the field.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the semis give players rewards for injuring opponents with extra $$$$ if the hit is illegal.

  4. Nashville, not a hit. He grabbed his leg while he was under the pile and twisted his foot around 180 deg, all right in front of the crooked ACC officials and on film. If I’m not mistaken, that was the game that SOS finally said enough is enough and barred the ACC officials, or we went to using big 10 officials or something like that. Hate em, despise em, can’t stand em and there stupid ya-ya war chant ! When I went there ( doak ) to their rusty, broken down, ghetto-project looking stadium for my official visit in 1976, ( yes I’m THAT old ), they were a bunch of disgusting, classless losers (watched them get beat by Clemson that sucked back then and loved every minute of it ) they had the gall to insult me and call me bad names just because I chose to come for my OV in orange and blue. They were a bunch of bums then and have only gotten worse since. IMHO..

  5. Have to remember that The Zooker walked into Doak Campbell stadium on Bobby Bowden Field dedication and thumped the rivals. Made the rivalry even more intense. Gators have their number on “special occasions “. 54-28 because our o-line will lead the way! Great night to be a running back. If Franks doesn’t get stupid or feels sorry for himself or wants to be the hero, then the Gators should roll. Run the backs, give the ball to Harvin Jr 10-12 plays and they will roll big time! Just saying what I see works! Go Gators! Beat the streak ending punks down the road….