Swampcast: Overview of Senior Day win



  1. It’s official now — after Boston College pulled about the biggest boner of the season by not going for it, FSU squeaked by and won the game. I had to mute the audio due to the fingernails-across-the-blackboard aspect of the female announcer, but one thing was clear anyway: Their bowl eligibility depends on beating us. WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN. This must be relentless effort from start to finish for a full 60 minutes. The seniors will have a chance to lead the way and really go out in style — it is anything but “just another game against a team with a losing record”. These guys will want to burn our campus down!

    Of course, with this victory over BC and a 5-6 record, FSU will be considered Play Off worthy if they beat us….and Willie Taggart will be a shoe-in for AP/ESPN Coach of the Year. So Gators, just remember that too! 😀