Dooley Grades The Gators: Taking care of business

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks (13) celebrates Saturday after scoring on a 17-yard run in the first quarter against Idaho at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Lauren Bacho/Staff Photographer]

Offense A-

First half: Florida came out pitching and catching and doing both pretty well. Feleipe Franks put up some gaudy numbers in the half, including 274 yards and three touchdown passes. The Gators only ran it 13 times in the first half.

Second half: Emory Jones did have a nice touchdown drive, but fumbled away another chance to score in the third quarter. Florida was playing with few starters in the second half and it especially showed on the offensive line.

For the game: After Florida ran for more than 300 yards last week, Idaho challenged the Gators to throw and throw they did. UF needed only 4 yards in the fourth quarter to go over 400 passing yards for the first time since the 2010 Sugar Bowl, but fell a yard short.

Defense B+

First half: Florida only allowed five first downs and 123 total yards as it used speed as a major weapon in harassing quarterback Mason Petrino. Florida forced six punts in the half and only allowed 38 passing yards.

Second half: There were guys on the field we hadn’t seen in a long time or at all and the defense had some busts. Still, most of the yards Idaho gained came on scrambles by Petrino, who finished with 87 of the Vandals’ 154 rushing yards.

For the game: Florida’s speed and physicality forced Idaho to punt nine times and the only touchdown came late with reserves playing. Plus, the Gators scored twice on interception returns, so the defense outscored Idaho 14-10.

Special teams C+

First half: Tommy Townsend should have had to pay to get in as he never came close to trying a punt. The only times the Gators had to cover a kickoff (twice) they did a good job limiting the Vandals to 13 yards a return.

Second half: Townsend must have heard me because when he finally got his chance he shanked a 24-yard punt to set up an Idaho field goal. Seeing freshman Jacob Copeland out there returning a kickoff was one of the highlights of the second half.

For the game: The Gators didn’t need special teams to do anything special in this game and there weren’t many opportunities, The kickoff coverage was strong and the kickers were perfect on their extra points. The one negative was a coaching miscommunication on a punt that sent Dan Mullen into a fit.

Overall A-

We’re not trying to kid anyone into believing Idaho is any good, even at the FCS level. But the Gators took care of business, built some confidence and came out of the game healthy. That’s eight wins for a team that Vegas had at 7.5. So if you had the over, good for you.


    • Ok guys, I’m gonna try to play the part of mediator on this subject, regardless of how it may or may not be accepted. I get those who defend Franks and want to see him do well. I don’t think there is a single true Gator who does not wish Franks was the second coming of Tim Tebow or Danny Wuerffel, and there is no question that the kid gives it his all on every snap. You have to love him for that. He has a cannon for an arm..and, he is dangerously mobile for a QB of his size. His fatal flaw is that he thinks he can make every throw, a la Dan Marino or Aaron Rodgers, but his decision making is a lot like a poor man’s Brett Favre. He throws balls he should not throw, and he waits sometimes way too long to find open receivers with an offensive line that is not good enough to give him 7 seconds to throw every time he drops back. I think this goes back to his days as a HS QB in the Panhandle where he faced inferior competition and could use his raw skills to outduel his opponents. Remember that one of our QBs that has a statue outside of BHG was a Panhandle QB with mediocre arm strength but an amazing football brain who could consistently put a catchable ball in places that only his receivers could get (Bless you Danny W.) It’s not always about your arm or your legs. It’s what is between your ears.

      Just my opinion.

  1. how about a low grade or an incomplete for the athletic director on this one, 3 games a year available for miami, ucf, or usf, the latter of which have upgraded their program since the ole ball coach spotted the flaw about not playing miami in his first press conference 30 years ago. maybe we are still in the days where foley decisions still affect things, but its past time to take advantage of the excitement over the new realities of football throughout the state.
    yes i am pleased the players got the work in, but im not big on feeling bad for the opponent which i did all day today. the coaches on both sides are professionals, this really isnt what they are all about either

    • Alabama vs. Citadel, Georgia vs. UMass, LSU vs. Rice, A&M vs. UAB, Auburn vs. Liberty, Kentucky vs. M Tennessee. Unfortunately for the fans, after going through the gauntlet that the SEC presents, most teams schedule cupcakes before rivalry week.

        • the problem is ratings being down and stands not being full. maybe ten years ago this was not such a problem but it is getting to be a bigger issue every year. besides most of the teams named, if scheduled to a nearer sec school (such as uab v aub instead of a&m, rice v a&m instead of lsu), you get the same relative schedule strength and closer games to have better attendance i would think. sure miami and ucf are tougher teams but if we play and beat them we might do better signing players from those areas which could help us.

          • I’m not even sure what part of Texas Idaho is in anyway, but I do know it’s a long way from Gainesville. Logic would say, however, that we would have pretty good attendance potential from virtually all SEC-East teams except for Mizzou and Vandy. Good attendance + good games would certainly include Miami, FSU, and Ga Tech….and right now anyway, UCF and USF.

  2. Hi guys and all Florida Gator fans around of the world. Let’s enjoy this win even was not as exciting as expected, but still WIN IS WIN. Love to see smile back on players face and seems like they are enjoying every second. GO GATOR!!! finish the season with HIGH FIVE. GO GATORS.