Military heroes recognized at UF-Idaho game Saturday


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The University Athletic Association will recognize twenty-seven members of our armed forces (Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy) on Saturday for Florida’s annual Saluting Those Who Serve game, presented by Wells Fargo, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

 Veterans that will be recognized span multiple generations, as there will be individuals who have served during World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War, the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War, respectively.

 In addition, nine current service members will be celebrated.

 Each individual either attended the University of Florida or has a special tie to the Gators or the UF community.

W. G. “Bill” Ebersole, Army Air Corps. (1943-45) – World War II

Jacob L. Feaster, Jr, Army (1952-92) – Korea

Norm Tankersly, Army (1952-54) – Korea

Joe Mastro, Navy (1965-05) – Vietnam

Steve Dodd, Army (1968-70) – Vietnam

Keith Brandon, Army (Recently Retired) – Desert Storm

Edward Davis, Marine Corps (2010-15) – Africa

Devan Phillips, Air Force (2010-14) – Europe & Middle East

Jon-Michel Estes, Marine Corps (2009-13) – Afghanistan

Norman Ho, Air Force (2009-17) – Various Deployments

Brandon Meyer, Marine Corps (2005-10) – Iraq

Bristol Rigby, Navy (2011-14) – Pearl Harbor

Michael Ricks, Army (2012-16) – Various Deployments

Rick Hurtado, Marine Corps (2013-17) – Iraq

Jonathan Novak, Army (2010-14) – Africa

[David Leh, Navy (2008-16) – Various Deployments

Christopher Salinas, Coast Guard (2010-15) – Various Deployments

Dave Kratzer, Army (-2016) – Afghanistan

Andrew Holland, Air Force (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

Blake Milner, Air Force (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

[Jordan Routt, Air Force (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

Salma Campos, Army (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

Brandon Fung, Army (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

Lance Talman, Army (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

Thomas Shields, Navy (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

[Jack Rasmussen, Navy (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

Kathleen Fewell, Navy (Currently Serving) – Various Deployments

 Tickets for Troops

Gator fans can sponsor military service men and women, veterans and their families by purchasing and donating tickets to a Gators Football game.  To contribute to the Tickets for Troops program, please contact the Gator Ticket Office at (352) 375-4683.