Dooley Noted: Reasons to go to the Florida-Idaho game


Pat previews the Gators’ home game again Idaho and interviews Laura Rutledge of ESPN and the SEC Network.

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Podcast breakdown:

01:07 About the Idaho Vandals

08:10 Why you should go to the Florida-Idaho game

12:10 A schedule with two byes makes so much sense

17:25 Bowl opportunities and the Gators

21:56 Interview with Laura Rutledge

35:16 The coming weekend and the Vegas spreads

40:45 Three Things


  1. Pat, seems a little disingenuous to first state that YOU wouldn’t go to this game unless you had to (its your job) but then spend 4-5 minutes convincing us of why WE should go. That’s like saying there’s no way in the world team X can win, but here’s 5 reasons they might…

    Physician heal thyself…

  2. How long will it be before there is a complete separation between the power 5 and group of 5? While I understand all the reasons why a UCF is unlikely to ever play for a NC (and if not them, then who will ever have a chance?), I also think that for the 50 or so schools in those conferences, that it is quite unfair that they can never be a national champion. At EVERY level in EVERY sport, every team has an opportunity to win it all. But not those G5 schools. If we aren’t even going to let them have a shot, then give them their own NC to play for. Its the right thing to do for the players, the school, and the fans. Its like being on permanent probation with no chance ever for parole. Maybe just give them their own division.

    And scheduling one or two better teams every year would not help either, because the totality of their schedules, by virtue of the weakness overall of their conferences, precludes them ever being taken too seriously.

    While we’re at it, can we forbid Div 1 teams from playing Div 1A teams? (FBS/FCS for you PC folks). Heck while we’re at it, lets just forbid power 5 schools from playing anyone but other power 5 schools (after the new division above is created). Knock games back to 11 per year, 2-3 are fluff anyway for the big time schools. Have 2 byes, and no need to increase length of season.

    As for an 8-team playoff–why not? No need to automatically include conference champions. Just the top 8 in the final rankings would suffice. If any conference complains, tell them to get better teams.

  3. We always love the Cinderella story. On the surface it does seem unfair to immediately preclude the G5 teams from a chance at a NC. However, the truth is their schedule isn’t the same as a P5 school. Perhaps, if a G5 school used their non-conference schedule to go on the road and demonstrate why they should be considered for a playoff spot they would have a better argument. Bobby Bowden used this strategy to elevate FSU from an independent into 5he ACC in 1992. Regardless, an 8 team playoff would open the door to include one deserving G5 team each year.

    • Yea I agree with this completely. If you move to 8 teams then you very likely give a team like UCF at least a shot at the dance. We seem to have no problem with this in the NCAA basketball tournament. UCF hasn’t played an SEC schedule, for sure, but how is that their fault. They have won every game they have played for the past two years. Throw them a bone. If they got crushed in an 8-team playoff, then don’t invite them back next year. As long as the system remains the way it does, it means there are only 65 teams that can truly compete for a national title, and the group of 5 is really Division I-AA. Here is the scary thing..if UF wins out, we could end up facing UCF in the Fiesta Bowl. What happens if UCF wins that one? Hopefully not, but at some point, if they keep winning, how do you keep them out of the dance?

  4. Better reasons:
    Because their team name actually has the word “Ho” right in it. Plus, it sounds like a line from Leaving Las Vegas”

    “Who da ho, here?”
    ‘I da Ho,” she answered.

    2. Because their nickname is The Vandals, which is old German for ‘I Da Ho.”

    3. Because their quarterback weighs 173 pounds and makes a crunchy noise when tackled. He is the son of their head coach and nephew of Bobby Petrino, who knows a few things about Hos.

    4. Because they have a defensive back named Grabski, so you know the officials will be watching him closely. Also, he seems to have no connections to Hos.

    5. Because the Gators are playing, life is short and you don’t want to spend your final days sitting in an old folks home drooling apple sauce down your chin thinking, I wish I’d gone and spent the day with those Hos, but I mowed the lawn instead. This is one of the top ten all time regrets of the elderly. Do not be that person!