Dan Mullen’s weekly news conference



  1. Wonder if Mullen is ever going to dumb down the offense enough for you know who to run it? Apparently throwing for 160 yds while two running backs are lighting it up and winning the game for you and taunting your own fans is the best we can hope for.

  2. I’d like to express my appreciation for some of the more intelligent and logical posters on here that have expressed some level of support for me and my comments on here like COJones, Gator 6, Alum84, Gatorgi79x7, and a few others. That being said, being logical and being constantly attacked for it by others who have different opinions and who are clearly protected by the “moderator” on here has grown old. So from now on I’m going to just join the crowd and roam around the message board making statements about other posters that usually do not bring anything to the conversation and are often totally off topic because that’s obviously what the Gainesville Sun encourages. Maybe not by their words, but certainly by their actions. Regardless, I’m just going to be like a lot of the other people on here from now on because trying to have logical conversations with people who amount to nothing but internet trolls has become tiresome. Much more easy to just be like them. I’ve been coming here on and off for years. I often wondered why some people came here obviously just to anger specific other people on here. Now I know. No wonder there’s always been several people who come here just to attack other posters. The posters the attack deserve it. Whoever this “Mike Winters” Guy was that Tampamoron called me for weeks and weeks was probably right. Based on what I’ve seen here, he probably just started out posting his honest opinion, got tired of being attacked, and just starting giving it back to those who were doing it to him. It probably became fun to him to see these jerks heads exploding when he said whatever the things were he was saying. I wish he would come back. I’d like to have a good laugh.

  3. so a review of where we are …. 1.booing our own players 2.celebrating a comeback win against a team that is not yet bowl eligible 3. empty seats everywhere 4. mullen telling players to remain in locker room if they do not believe (which screams culture problem) 5. our starting QB telling fans to shut up 6. will probably be a single digit favorite against possibly the worst FSU team since leather helmets. WOW …..

  4. According to some, Coach Mullen hasn’t done anything to get excited about yet. In fact, maybe less than the previous coach. If that is the case, then I guess improving last season’s win total by 5 or 6 games still wont prove anything. Finishing strong instead of limping to the end wont prove anything. Finishing his first season ranked in the top 10 will be irrelevant. Until Mullen wins a title of some type, nothing will be proven. And even then it better take 3 years or less.

    • Sparky, I’ve questioned CDM at times, but I admit it’s probably because I’m not a big fan of the spread option offense. I do think he’s done a great job with Franks, and he’s improved the play calling drastically. I’ll also learn to love the spread if we can win with it, but it was hard for me to do even when Urban was here for the two NC’s. But I do believe it will take 9 wins or more to constitute a significant improvement over what last season should’ve been. I have no doubt that last year’s team would’ve won 7 or 8 if not for all its misfortune which hasn’t befallen this year’s team. That would include opening with a tough, Power 5 opponent in Michigan, suffering a mass suspension days before the opener that cost it its best WR and RB, not having its best QB healthy and having to start a redshirt freshman, missing the opportunity to right the ship after Michigan by having to cancel the hurricane game, and going through the bizarre and stunning departure of its HC in mid-season. In contrast, this year’s team started a redshirt sophomore (I know…he was learning a new system and didn’t get good coaching last season anyway), had a full complement of players, opened with a cupcake, got another relatively easy game after the embarrassing loss to UK (it was embarrassing based on the state of UK now), and has had stability at the HC position. Certainly CDM and staff have done a good job, but they’re not the only difference between this season and last. I’ll grant you that Mac brought his troubles on himself (and the team as well) and the offense wasn’t improving, but he had the misfortune of having to play more than half the games of his UF tenure without his preferred starting QB for one reason or another. If this team wins 9 and is at least competitive in its bowl game, I’m willing to consider that a significant improvement. Marcus Spears currently has CDM as his choice of SEC CoY, and that’s reasonable from the standpoint of comparing win-loss records from last season to this one, but as I said, I don’t think its a legitimate apples to apples comparison.

      • Joe, every time I felt the urge is disagree with you, I really couldn’t since you defended and tied your points to such logic. Are you and Sly related? Separated at birth? All kidding aside, that was about the best treatise on the subject that I’ve read in a long time — well done. And, no one was trashed in the process — so very fair and balanced too.

        • Thank you, 6. I think most on here would agree that CDM is an excellent coach, and again referencing Marcus Spears, perhaps the second best coach in the SEC. I also think most agree that Mac was a bad fit whether they think he’s a bad coach or not. I don’t mind disagreement, though. Heck, it’s what makes reading these comments so much fun. I used to read the G-Ville Sun op-ed page just to get riled up, but now I just come on here! It’s very hard to believe anyone could disagree with someone as obviously smart as me, but I know it happens (need to learn how to insert emojis so everyone knows I’m kidding…sort of). We can argue civilly while sticking to our guns, and still come out fellow Gators on the other side. As far as Sly goes, that dude’s pretty sharp, and now he has that cool profile pic, too. Go Gators!

          • Hey, if you want to learn how to insert those cool emoticons, or whatever we’re calling them this week — just ask Gator65 to message you for a tutorial. Taught me everything I know! (Now, it did cost me about $400 in a new windows program and other associated software, but it wasn’t 65’s fault that I hadn’t upgraded since 1998….)