Swampcast: An overview of Florida’s win over South Carolina



  1. This win and tough comeback performance does provide Dan Mullen a great foundation to build on for the rest of the season. He and staff can now work on players and plays during the Idaho, FSU and bowl games. Plus, they can work on overall team character to hopefully get these guys back to playing this motivated for whole games (IE. UT/MS/LSU streak).

  2. Here’s an “overview” for you: On another site, ranking this week’s Winners and Losers, South Carolina was noted as the Loser — for not being able to hold onto their big lead in the 4th Quarter like they clearly should have been able to. No mention of the favored Florida team showing amazing drive, character, and determination to overcome that big lead and pull out a victory in their first season under a new head coach (who by the way has them ranked after a losing season a year ago). Kind of made one think that the Gators are a Division III team that somehow shocked the current defending SEC champions, or something!

    I suppose with coverage like this, Dan Mullen’s first national championship three or four years down the road might get a blurb on the back page of the sports section! 😉