QB Trask suffers broken foot at practice, father reports

Florida backup quarterback Kyle Trask looks downfield to make a pass in the second half Saturday against Missouri at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida coach Dan Mullen’s decision on who will start at quarterback Saturday against visiting South Carolina is a moot point now after Kyle Trask suffered a foot injury at practice Wednesday and had to be carted off the field.

Trask’s father, Michael, posted on Facebook on Wednesday night that his son is out for the season because of a broken foot. Trask fractured his foot practicing a trick play Wednesday, his father wrote:

“Gator Nation, I am sad to say that Kyle was injured today in practice while doing a trick play where he hands off to the RB and then goes out for a pass. The throw to Kyle was low and when he planted his foot to catch the pass he felt a pop. Unfortunately he fractured his foot and will be out for the season. Just a freak injury. The good news is that it will be minor surgery and he will be 100% for spring ball in 2019. Thank you for all the well wishes and support for Kyle, we appreciate you very much! Continue to pray for Kyle’s recovery.”

Calls to UF seeking comment were not returned Wednesday night. Trask missed last season after surgery on a foot injury.

Mullen said Monday he will wait to see how each quarterback practices this week before deciding who will start Saturday. It appears Franks is the choice to start now, as Mullen has said he wants to redshirt Jones.

“I’ve always said we’ll look and see how practice goes. We might play two quarterbacks, might play three,” Mullen said. “I want to see, we’re still putting the game plan together. I want to just see, you know, as we put the game plan together, we go out and practice it, who gives us the best chance to win.”

Franks finished 9-of-22 passing for just 84 yards vs. the Tigers before Trask came in with five minutes left in the third quarter. Trask, also a redshirt sophomore like Franks, finished the game 10-of-18 passing for 126 yards and a 7-yard touchdown pass on fourth down to receiver Josh Hammond.

On the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday, Mullen said he was working on a plan for how he’s going to use his quarterbacks Saturday, but he’s not ready to reveal it.

“I’m not going to share what our strategy is of which of the three quarterbacks (is going to start), or how much of the three are going to play,” Mullen said. “I haven’t done that all year, so I don’t plan on sharing that strategy just yet.”

Prior to Wednesday’s practice, Mullen said the three quarterbacks had been having a good week.

“They’ve done a really good job of digging into the plan, and working to understand it, what we’re trying to do,” Mullen said. “Understanding the different checks we have in.

“Obviously, every defense is unique. You’re still going to run your offense, but how it applies to that defense.”

Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports was first to report Trask’s injury. Staff writer Robbie Andreu contributed to this report.


  1. I think we are stuck with Franks for better or WORST, I don’t think Jones is far enough in the play book to sacrifice his RED-SHIRT unless absolutely necessary! If we can not violate his red shirt let him get his limit and wait for his development for next years starter. Coach will definitely have to be selective as to what games he plays now, if he doesn’t have to use him in the SC game, Don’t.

      • Yea, because he’s such a talent, we dare not violate his red shirt, he’s the next Tim Tebow that will take us to 3 straight NCs …. give me a break, Franks sucks, what do we have to lose by putting Jones or even Toney in at QB, this vanilla offense sucks, if Franks starts and plays most the game, I hope we lose by 50 to SC, Idaho and FSU

        • Kevin Patrick

          Well aren’t you just the worst fan ever. I’d use a question mark but it’s more of a statement than a question. The coach doesn’t play the player you want him to play so you hope we lose all of our games by 50?? Let’s see….. pouts, throws tantrum, sucker in the dirt, whiny, yep I think it’s a 12 year olds bedtime.

          • Oh yea, gotta protect that redshirt, it’s all about saving Jones for the next 4 years, because that’s when we’re gonna win 4 straight NCs … please … when Franks fumbles it away or passes into double coverage Saturday and we’re down late to SC, how many of you will be screaming at your TV for Mullens to bench Franks and put in Jones or Toney?

          • Well since I know the deal going in….I guarantee I won’t. Especially Toney who has taken how many snaps at QB? Not even Bama has 4 straight chips…so that’s a false narrative. I know you are being facetious, but setting your team up down the road is not a bad plan if you have serviceable QBs. We are 6-3 and #15. Not only Wuerffel…Doug Johnson, Rex Grossman were redshirts. Protecting a redshirt gives a guy an advantage and was likely the plan….but at times you have to burn it due to circumstances that broke the plan…like this one…an injury. It may happen…but it’s not jump off the cliff time.

        • Dang Kevin….that’s a little harsh don’t you think. Why would you ever want your team to lose??? This isn’t the end of the world for Gator football.

          This is about developing these kids as football players and men. It is entertainment for us…..it is life for them. Wish them the best and if that isn’t entertaining enough for you, go out on Saturday and paint the shutters.

    • i agree and would love for this to be minor. Injury risk with Kyle was imo a factor in Franks being the starter in the first place. Assuming the worst for Trask, Franks is our starter and jones is the backup. Franks is going to give you his all, thats proven, and that should be enough to beat south carolina. if not, jones is also someone to be enthusiastic about.

      • You’re damn right he has, Smith…..and I’m sure he doesn’t like the overall situation any more than we do. He is, however, being paid to manage the situation and I’m quite confident he’ll do just that — based on his track record this season and his history as a seasoned SEC head coach. If he can get the entire team’s collective head out of their collective butts this week, we should be back on track.

    • I think CDM has done an amazing job to this point. And in 3 years we’ll all look back and say, dang Coach, that was a heckuva job in rebuilding the Gator program. Even with a few bumps along the way, enjoy the ride Gator fans.

    • Hey LT, read this article and then tell me you still feel there’s not much difference between Mac and Mullen at this point. The biggest bombshell is when it talks about several of Mac’s former assistants saying him telling Grier to go elsewhere had nothing to do with the suspension and everything to do with wanting to win with his own guy. I think that speaks volumes about how terrible of a coach he was. There’s not too many coaches in college football that would make that stupid of a decision and put their ego’s in front of the betterment of the team. I think we can all agree that that’s definitely not something Mullen would do. We would’ve seen an under-developed and ill prepared Jones starting since game 1 if that were the case. Putting the wins and losses aside as the only determining factor, I think it’s safe to say this program is in better hands, with a coach who obviously wants what’s best for the program and to make it the best it can be. I’d love to hear the super Mac fan Sly Sylvester’s take on this as well.


      • Joe – Those sound like fighting words. Fortunately, I’m not in a mood for a fight with you. I enjoyed reading your perspective as I do most posters on here. Some I agree with, some I don’t. You haven’t been over the top with the McElwain bashing or calling him disgusting names. This “super Mac fan” is more about defending those who are unable to defend themselves and questioning motives and logic than following the crowd or believing everything the media publishes. You might have better success looking for a fight at another forum with the letters h,a,t,t,e, and r in it’s name. We are more collegial here as another poster put it.

        As for my take on the referenced article, I would start with questioning the nameless former assistants. Why are they nameless? What are their motives? Whenever a journalists uses nameless sources, my antenna zeroes in on their motives rather than what they have to say. I guess that’s the critical thinking in me.

        • Apparently you’re triggered easily, cause those were far from fighting words. Everyone knows you’re the one fan around here that seems to always defend him tooth and nail, making you appear to be a super fan, so I was interested in hearing your take on this. You’ve provided the response I expected, which was to question everyone but Mac, even though no one really stands to gain anything from providing their knowledge of what happened during arguably the biggest decision of his entire tenure, but they can certainly lose something if they’re currently coaching with other programs, which requires anonymity. That’s a common practice in the sports world. I could understand questioning the validity of it if he were still coaching the Gators and people were trying to get him fired, but it’s hard to wrap my head around what they’d have to gain now by fabricating lies in an article. It’s not like he’s a big mover and shaker in the college football world right now.

          • You are assuming Mac didn’t make any enemies who would jump at the chance for a little revenge. Maybe you’ve never had a boss, associate, or former friend you hated and still hate to this day. People have long memories even if they don’t stand to gain anything. I’ve seen people twist stories to hurt someone they didn’t like just because they can by look at a situation with a completely less than objective set of lens. You are assuming they are assistant coaches and no longer at UF. Strickland and those behind Strickland’s decision to delay the standalone facility by a few years would fit the bill. Not saying they are the anonymous sources but it is a possibility.

          • Here’s another interesting view for you to chew on. Why hasn’t someone suggested a correlation between Trask’s injury to this year’s strength and conditioning program? He did break a foot last year and many have recently blamed it and other injuries on McElwain’s SC program. Again, I’m not questioning that there were more injuries last year or that Savage has a more rigorous SC program. I just question the correlation between injuries and the SC program. There have been many studies done on the subject with conflicting conclusions. People will choose whichever conclusion that fits their narrative. I question their objectivity.

        • Sly, it sounded like you may be on to something regarding your comment on the delay of the football complex. Wasn’t that a major source of friction between McElwain and the administration?

          The ongoing debate on the current state of the Program continues to revolve around the selection of coaches. This discussion misses the bigger picture as to how a Program reaches a consistent elite level. I am of the opinion that it didn’t matter who was hired at the time of the Muschamp and McElwain hires. It also pertains to the potential for success under the Mullen regime. I believe coaches can influence their team result to the extent it matches, maybe slightly exceeds the teams talent level. However, the sustained success of the Program, it’s talent level, is influenced to a greater degree by the resources it is provided by the administration. I am not saying Muschamp or McElwain didn’t have their faults. Stubbornness and a lack of self-examination appeared to be their main faults. Maybe a sense of humor with McElwain would have helped. At least Mullen knows the definition of insanity. I am interested in hearing your and LT’s opinion on why the program has not experienced sustained success for the last 10 years.

  2. Looks like Franks went all Tonya Harding on Trask. If you can’t beat em’ beat em’. LOL! Maybe Trask tripped over Franks Billy Goat chin hair and hurt his knee. Franks passes like he shaves. He can’t hit a wide open spot.

  3. Hate it for Trask. Hope he doesn’t turn out to be as injury prone as LDR. Also don’t think it’s fair to suggest his success against MO was due to their defense not game planning for him. What competent D.C. doesn’t have a contingency plan for the opponent’s backup QB, especially since there’s not that much difference in style between Franks and Trask? Was Trask running secret plays the Gators hadn’t shown before?

  4. For those asking what do we have to lose by playing Emory now, just listen to our coach. He said earlier this week again thay playing a qb before he was ready can hurt him forever. I trust Mullen more than any keyboard coaches. Here’s hoping Muschamp will try to hand us another win.

    • I believe a more accurate paraphrasing of Mullen’s comments on QBs is that he wouldn’t start a true freshman because it could hurt their development. Mullen has certainly shown in the past that he uses freshman in select packages to get them positive experience. I was not sold on the need to redshirt Jones at the beginning of the season. The new 4-game redshirt rule has certainly thrown a wrench into the thought process regarding how much to play Emory Jones. It made it easy to pick 4 games and then redshirt him. I am guessing the plan is to use him in Idaho where he can get a lot of snaps and the bowl game. It is late in the season to play him now, but I was hoping they would have used Jones more in wildcat and RPO packages during the course of the year similar to what Mullen did with Tebow as a freshman. You have two QBs that do not fit your system and a freshman that does fit. You have two more QB commits that fit your system lined up for the next 2 years. I would think a little more separation in class years wouldn’t be a bad thing. Either Jones is the real deal or Jalon Jones or Richardson will surpass him. It is becoming more rare for a NFL quality player to stay 4 years. However, maybe that isn’t the case with spread QBs.

      Regardless, we have to trust Mullen’s decision making.

  5. Best wishes to Trask for a speedy recovery. As much as it hurts Gator Nation, we can’t imagine what’s going on in the kid’s head this morning. It looked like he was finally going to have an opportunity to get on the field only to have it taken away. Let’s hope he keeps his chin up and comes back stronger. Wasn’t it a broken foot last fall that sidelined him for the season?

  6. Gator Nation!! I -like you-went into panic mode once I got the alert that Trask was out for the year but let’s look at it this way. I feel bad for Trask as it was looking like he might finally get his chance to prove his worth as a starter but it might also prove beneficial for Franks. Now he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder if he makes a mistake, which might make him focus more. It might make him think twice about running out of bounds as opposed to taking that extra hit. It might make his focus more laser like in the details such as holding onto the ball with 2 hands when running near the goal line or making the correct check at the line. I’m rooting for him because dude has ALL of the physical tools that make NFL scouts drool. It’s upstairs that needs work and if he puts it all together he will be a lock first rounder. Let’s see if he can manage to control his emotions, hit his 2nd and 3rd check-down reads, and make a throw away instead of forcing that ball into tight coverage or taking a sack. If he does happen to go down I think Emory is more than capable of running the offense. He’s a willing runner and has a nice arm to go with it. Most of all I like his demeanor. He seems very even keel which is what a QB needs. I think Coach Mullen will emphasize the running game more on Saturday to take pressure off of Franks. They can’t go 3 and out too many times because that defense will get worn out. Look for more wildcat packages with Toney. Why not throw Dre Massey in the mix as well?!? Don’t know why they haven’t used him more. He arrived with all of this hype and ever since that opening day ACL injury a couple of years ago he has been pretty much MIA. GO GATORS!!!

    • BRGF – “Now he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder if he makes a mistake, which might make him focus more. It might make him think twice about running out of bounds as opposed to taking that extra hit. It might make his focus more laser like in the details such as holding onto the ball with 2 hands when running near the goal line or making the correct check at the line.”

      We’re talking about franksandbeans, yes? Maybe you should’ve added:

      “HOPEFULLY Now he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder if he makes a mistake, which might make him focus more. HOPEFULLY It might make him think twice about running out of bounds as opposed to taking that extra hit. HOPEFULLY It might make his focus more laser like in the details such as holding onto the ball with 2 hands when running near the goal line or making the correct check at the line, HOPEFULLY “

  7. What a darn shame. Was finally really looking forward to seeing a game this year. Not that I haven’t watched year, but had real hope for a new look offense with a truly balanced run and pass attack. Of course mostly a shame for Trask. What a good kid that has done everything asked, and kept a great attitude all season. Also find interesting the “how convenient” comments. Sure does let Mullen, QB coach Smith, and Franks off the hook. Don’t know what the answer is now, if the plan is to redshirt Jones, which I disagree with Mullen on. You can keep things real simple for Jones. Or maybe go to the triple option with Toney or another one of our slot guys. Nobody is going to respect our passing threat anyway, might as well go all running attack.

  8. This poor guy. And not just because of missing an opportunity this year. Last year he was hurt for the year as well and would have most certainly gotten his “shot” with how poorly all the other QBs played.

    Who knows, maybe he could have started and somehow played well enough (even with our crap OL) and cemented himself as the starter this year. A Gator can dream can’t be?

    Regardless, it’s time for Gator Nation to put their big boy pants on and cheer for your damn team, with Franks. Now that there’s no other realistic option, stop the booing and actually cheer on your team. Go be FSU or Miami fans if you’d rather clean your attic or boo Franks. What good will either do. Gator Nation has enough negative fans, go piss off.

  9. Dog-gone! I hope he has a speedy recovery with no complications. And as others have commented he has done everything asked of him. We just have to hang in there Gator Nation…. we have a bright future ahead of us.

  10. Sorry to hear that about Kyle. I was looking forward to seeing him take his shot this weekend. With all his injuries , the ease by which they come, and the fact it has been a battle for him to get playing time healthy anyway, I wonder if he will ever have a chance to see the field the rest of his college career. I hope he has a good and speedy recovery and maintains the good attitude he has always had .Good Gator.

  11. Looking forward to a healthy return in 2019 for Trask. As for this season, I think we did better than expected particularly with another (in a growing list of ) ineffective QB’s running the offense, and key injuries in the secondary on defense. Frustrating but rebuilding takes time.

  12. Just to add some fuel to the fire. Does anyone know if Jalon Jones is enrolling early. Could be an interesting spring keeping up with the Joneses, (Jone’s? Jones’?…whatever) In the meantime I hope Feleipe has a great game against the Cocks. I hope the Gators kick ass.