Naming Gators’ starter at QB may be game-time decision

Florida coach Dan Mullen talks with quarterback Feleipe Franks in the first half against Georgia at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]

Florida coach Dan Mullen is working on a plan for how he’s going to use his quarterbacks in Saturday’s game against South Carolina, but he’s not ready to reveal it.

And he probably won’t until game-time Saturday.

“I’m not going to share what our strategy is of which of the three quarterbacks (is going to start), or how much of the three are going to play,” Mullen said Wednesday on the SEC coaches teleconference. “I haven’t done that all year, so I don’t plan on sharing that strategy just yet.”

Feleipe Franks, who was benched in the third quarter in last Saturday’s loss to Missouri, is competing with Kyle Trask and true freshman Emory Jones for the starting role.

Mullen said earlier this week that he could end up playing two quarterbacks and possibly all three depending on how things went in practice this week.

Mullen said the three quarterbacks are having a good week.

“They’ve done a really good job of digging into the plan, and working to understand it, what we’re trying to do,” Mullen said. “Understanding the different checks we have in.

“Obviously, every defense is unique. You’re still going to run your offense, but how it applies to that defense.”



  1. Well, what he’s not saying is…. “Franks is the guy, period”. So to take CDM at his word, he may be shaking things up a bit this week. Not to bash Feleipe, but with the performance of the offense the past few weeks, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. We’ve all heard that Franks has looked the best in practice and I get that….and I get that CDM knows better than we all do on who gives this team its best chance. But if Franks is a practice player and not necessarily a gamer…..maybe Trask is a gamer more than a practice player? 🙂 My guess is, Emory Jones has the physical skills, but won’t play a ton until he gets the cerebral part of the game down. I’m looking for that to happen before next season.

    • The one thing I hated hearing Mullen say at his press conference Monday was that he couldn’t ever remember starting a redshirt freshman qb. I think all fans will be a lot more excited if one of the 2 Jones is our starter against UM. In Mullen we trust. Go Gators!!

      • And the interesting thing about that is, in today’s world, freshman QB’s are more and more ready to play when they step on campus. They’ve been to camp after camp and had private QB coaches since the 8th grade. You see Freshmen or second year guys playing at Clemson, Bama, UGA, USC, among others.

        • Tua did play a fair amount as a freshman, and arguably won the job outright against Georgia. but even then he didnt start day one. Whatever calls mullen makes, hes about as good as you can ask for, so i wish former Gator QB Luke Del Rio and Thomas Goldkamp would cool it on twitter etc. about this whole thing alienating Mullen from the fans.

  2. The reason Franks is such a good practice player is because decision has already been made for him, meaning he doesn’t have to think about it. That’s the problem with him, he’s not a quick thinker. I’m surprise to see we didn’t drop lower than 15th, in the poll. I keep reading about how the offense is going to get better and how the defense in going to stop the run and the pass, well the proof starts on game day. Are we going to play 60 minutes or are we going to quit early as we have in the last 2 games?? We will see saturday. As always I’ll watch the game and pull for the Gators to win. No matter what, win or lose, play hard for 60 minutes. Go Gators!!!!!! Good Day……………..

  3. I won’t get into the discussion centering around Franks being a nice kid, but dumber than a rock, etc. He’s done his best, I think we all should leave it right there. But the truth is, practice and actual games are totally different things. In practice, you HOPE to simulate game conditions as close as possilbe, short of injuring someone, but it is at best an approximation. Just as training is an approximation of combat. The real pressures are always different, and if practice works — you can get close. Maybe. You hope so.