College Football Playoff Rankings No. 2


Michigan moved into the fourth spot of the College Football Playoff rankings, behind Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame.

Georgia was next at five, followed by Oklahoma.

The playoff picture cleared up after a weekend where several contenders asserted themselves. The top-four teams in the final rankings on Dec. 2 will play in the national semifinals.

The Crimson Tide easily dispatched LSU from the top four, beating the Tigers 29-0. LSU, though, only dropped to No. 7 after its second loss, ahead of Washington State, West Virginia and Ohio State — all with only one loss.

Unbeaten Notre Dame moved up one spot to No. 3 and Michigan jumped a spot after a 42-7 victory against Penn State.

1. Alabama 9-0
2. Clemson 9-0
3. Notre Dame 9-0
4. Michigan 8-1
5. Georgia 8-1
6. Oklahoma 8-1
7. LSU 7-2
8. Washington St. 8-1
9. West Virginia 7-1
10. Ohio St. 8-1
11. Kentucky 7-2
12. UCF 8-0
13. Syracuse 7-2
14. NC State 6-2
15. Florida 6-3
16. Mississippi St. 6-3
17. Boston College 7-2
18. Michiagn St. 6-3
19. Texas 6-3
20. Penn St. 6-3
21. Iowa 6-3
22. Iowa St. 5-3
23. Fresno St. 8-1
24. Auburn 6-3
25. Washington 7-3

The playoff semifinals match the No. 1 seed vs. the No. 4 seed, and No. 2 will face No. 3. The semifinals will be hosted at the Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl on Dec. 29. The championship game will be played on Jan. 7, 2019 at Santa Clara, Calif.


    • I like UCF and USF, and in general the AAC, which is not a bad conference. But when they start playing an SEC schedule week in and week out, and win, they can declare anything they want to. Until then, they’re only making asses out of themselves.

      • LOL Doc. You tell it like it is.

        Are you familiar with Mike Bianchi, the columnist for the Orlando Sentinel? I laugh at him too. His opinions are highly polarizing using cherry picked data. He’s been justifying UCF’s claim of a National Championship over the past year. What a tool and a homer!

  1. It’s flattering that Florida’s the highest ranked 3 loss team (#15) in the new C.F.P. polls. But does that even matter to this team? Does a 9-3 record mean anything to this team? Because 10-2 didn’t! Or is ”shutting it down” the new mantra for the majority of these Gator players (like last year) after their immediate goals are NOT attained (winning the East)? Well one thing’s for certain, we’ll soon find out! Go Gators!

  2. Hard to argue with the SEC bias comments that non SEC fans always claim after this poll was released. LSU at 7 with 2 losses, with one of those losses to the Gators who only dropped 4 spots after getting destroyed at home by a team that was winless in the SEC? There’s really no logical explanation for those rankings. Seems like they kept the Gators up there simply to justify LSU’s ranking. It also seems like the committee is doing everything they can to ensure 2 SEC teams make the playoff. Looking forward to seeing the chaos this delusional committee causes each week.

    • I don’t know if there’s a bias. Here’s how we did relatively speaking without looking at comparative data from other conferences:

      1. SEC vs Power 5: 6-3. Wins against Purdue, Louisville, Miami, Washington, Kansas State, and Texas Tech. Losses to West Virginia, Notre Dame, and Clemson. Those are good losses to top 10 teams if there is such a thing.

      2. SEC vs non-Power 5: 32-2. Both losses suffered by Arkansas.

      • I agree that the SEC has done well against other power 5 conferences this season, but there’s really no logical explanation for only dropping LSU to #7 and no way the Gators should be in the top 15. Yeah LSU has a good win over Georgia, but the loss to Florida is not great and their strength of schedule has taken a significant hit as the season has progressed. Their best wins were Miami, Auburn, and Mississippi State. 3 teams with a combined record of 17-10. I could understand if it was a close loss to Bama, but they were dominated and shut out at home. Even teams like Tennessee and Arkansas were able to score 21 and 31 points on Bama. I’m not saying there is a bias, but non sec fans certainly have an argument for one with this poll.