Swampcast: Another home defeat



  1. ”(Florida’s) a team we thought had been immunized against lack of effort.” -a Pat Dooley article.
    But we’re told ”this reality check is for everyone.” Well that could be troubling since many Gator fans have become ”show me 1st fans.” Now there’s going to be a ”High Plains Drifter” type showdown.
    Insert that ”whistle shoot-out” melody. How does it all turn out?
    Check back next week after South Carolina game to find out.
    I have to do this, my other feelings aren’t ”printable.”
    Go Gators!

  2. I think the “show me 1st fans” are throughout a lot of college football teams. If the Gators played well today and lost you have a different scenario. This performance left me speechless. Do you think these players can turn this around and be competitive to a solid South Carolina team? I can’t attend the game and I hope I don’t turn it off after the first quarter. This isn’t a religion its entertainment. Every minute of my weekend is precious and I intend to enjoy every one of them. If you want me to watch it better be entertaining. Win or lose.

  3. Come on people haven’t you figured it out yet. Mullen came here for his retirement money. Put up with Gainesville for 3 years and walk with 20 million. Shove Franks down our throat until we fire Mullen. Same story different song. He is a bullshit artist. You know welllllllllll, Franks wasn’t that bad! i thought he did some good stuff too. Right one pass the entire game. The kid couldn’t play sandlot football. Boy he has a future here!!

        • I agree, 6. I think aloha “predickted” a 55-10 MO beat down of the Gators, so while it was quite embarrassing, it wasn’t as bad as he was hoping. I still think CDM can right the ship. It’s just looking more and more like it won’t be with Franks at the controls.

          • Joe, finishing 9-3 and winning a decent bowl game would be a mighty fine showing for Year One. I would be so proud — and so exhausted — that I’d probably sleep for a month afterwards. But the most important thing is, I think, for CDM to right the ship IAW his plan he’s got to have the recruiting boost that type of season would give him. I just hope the current players buy into the future of the program as much as they buy into their own futures.