Dooley Grades The Gators: Not good

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks scores a 3-yard touchdown late in the second quarter Saturday against Missouri at Steve Spurrier-Florida Field. [Lauren Bacho/Staff Photographer]

Offense D

First half: The deep throws by Feleipe Franks were off target and Missouri kept jumping the bubble screens. Combine that with a mediocre running game and mundane play-calling and you get a 164-yard half that was only that good because of the final drive.

Second half: Dan Mullen had no choice but to make a move at quarterback after Florida’s start to the half was no better than the first half. Kyle Trask did some good things on his first drive of the season, converting a pair of fourth-down passes, including one for a touchdown.

For the game: Obviously, Florida’s offense is not very good right now. We will all sit back and see what Mullen does with his quarterbacks, but it almost feels like Franks has regressed into oblivion. This was also not Mullen’s best day as a play-caller.

Defense F-

First half: Mizzou is not a good matchup for Florida because of the scheme of the offense and it was pretty apparent in the first half. Florida looked solid on the first two series, then played phantom defense for most of the rest of the half. Missouri ended up averaging 6.8 yards a play in the half.

Second half: The Gators needed to establish something defensively at the start of the half. Instead, Missouri drove for touchdowns on a pair of eight-play drives. And after Trask gave UF a spark, the Tigers kept the ball for the next 6:12 on a field goal drive. Pathetic.

For the game: What has happened to this defense? Georgia carved up Florida, but this was a Missouri team that has struggled against SEC defenses. Maybe that Georgia game took something out of this team, but Florida has allowed 19 third-down conversions in its last two games.

Special teams C

First half: When Dameon Pierce blew up his blocker and made a textbook tackle on the kickoff at the Missouri 13 to start the game, you wondered if this might be a big game for the special teams. But Tommy Townsend had an average half and special teams weren’t much of a positive factor.

Second half: While there were no shortage of penalties on special team plays, there was a shortage of big plays. Townsend kicked better but what was he thinking getting a pair of penalties? Evan McPherson remains consistent.

For the game: Coverage was not as good as it has been and penalties were a little ridiculous, but special teams really didn’t make much of a difference. Florida did go after one punt, but didn’t get close.

Overall F

So maybe the grades don’t add up. But did anyone walk away from this game thinking Florida deserves any better of a grade? This team looked a step slow and disinterested at times. There are probably several reasons for such a poor performance, but there are no excuses. This falls on everyone.


  1. Franks stinks and by extension, if Mullen keeps playing him, Mullen stinks too.
    After listening to Mullen’s post-game comments, he still thinks Franks did OK and that all his problems stemmed by something other than Frank’s (in)abilities.

    • Man, you better not say anything bad about Mullen on here. I simply said at this point in his tenure here that he hasn’t shown anything more than Mac did and people came unglued. Of coarse, those people have scattered after consecutive blow out losses.

    • Lay off of Franks. He is a good quarterback who has a ton of ability. He hasn’t been coached right and still isn’t being coached properly. Trask looked good playing against a defense that was playing soft because of a big lead. Franks is still the best option.

      • Lay off Franks? The guy is not an SEC QB. Did you see him chewing on his mouthpiece when he got benched? The guy is lost. And if he is our best option then we are sunk. He can’t even find enough time to shave his chin. Tampa Gator, you are not the mouth piece for Gator Nation. Somehow you seem to think you are the voice of Gator Football. Just because you have entirely too much time on your hands to spend 14 hours a day leaving comments on Gator Sports does not make you an expert. Other folks have opinions and I’m not sure who anointed you king of commentary. Franks is a BUST!!!

        • Gulf Coast Gator
          So I’m not allowed my opinion? Someone gives their opinion, I respond with mine, and then you claim that I don’t think others can have an opinion? What exactly are you smoking? Regardless, I’ve probably the mouthpiece for Gator Nation because so many others I see on here are backwoods rednecks with third grade educations. It’s been obvious for a long time that I’m the most intelligent person on this website.

          • You blew it right there with your – I’m the most intelligent person on this website and third grade educations comments. You are deluding yourself. Proud Gator grad myself.

          • Nope, Tampa, this was simple understand: The team final has no confidence left in Franks, thus the D has lost heart, along with the O, and they’re toughness. All you “fairness to Franks” guys should now get it: Whenever he sees an open receivers he “can’t hit the broad side of a barn”! If, he was any good, you would have saw it last year and through all the chances he’s had this year! Plus the D was obviously not coached up for that little Mo Offense. Where as the Gator LSU defense gone?????

            It’s now Trask’s turn. He easily pitched the ball to open guys, PERIOD. Franks hasn’t and can’t do the job!

          • Rest assured there are quite a few UF Alumni on this website Tampa, but no one needs a degree to talk about college football. And it seems dumb to get in a pissing contest over who’s the smartest poster. LOL

          • Tampa – even though you are on the abrasive side, I usually enjoy your comments because they are usually thoughtful and knowledgeable.

            But this…… is pretty arrogant. You’re obviously not trying to make friends and humility is not your strongest trait.

            I guess I’ll start skipping over your comments. What a shame.

          • Rog, et al: Even TampaGator, as narcissistic as he is, would not write manifest tripe like that. This has to be an imposter, using his screen name. To descend to this level, he would have to be mentally ill — and I’ve never detected a shred of evidence of that in him at all. Personality problems, yes — but that is a far cry from mental illness. These are not his comments unless otherwise proven to be so.

      • Tampa…you were right about UGA’s defense being a lot better than UF’s. The way the. Gator D played against LSU influenenced my judgment, but the backfield now seems overchallenged in trying to handle man coverage with the consistency needed for Granthams scheme to work, as injuries and lack of depth affects their performance. Looks like Grantham’s scheme needs to be adjusted to compensate, but that’s hard to do at this juncture.

      • No no he sucks stip the defending him nonsense u can’t coach him do u ppl not get it he’s an idiot he can’t see the field and anticipate receivers breaking or anything at all he telegraphs everything locks on one receiver so should’ve benched him first day of summer camp now onto a more alarming issue the defense …….. it went from elite to worst in the sec over the course of a game against Vanderbilt and its only gotten even worse grantham must go at once bring in a oldschol defensive coordinator. We need total front office overhaul as well we need staff full time dedicated to recruiting , personnel and strategy like being in the New England patriots front office for a off season seminar on how to manage elite football from a talent and strategy stand point . Example why is tony not touching ball more alert Mullen that he needs to put tiny in offense mode ….. we are still not in top 10 for recruiting and now that our Cinderella season is gone theee is no buzz in fact year is already lost cause it’s not getting better it’s going on year 12 need mass suit overhaul more commitment to winning and its time fansstaty really pushing it

    • Sorry Tamp, I don’t agree. Franks is not a good QB and if he isn’t coached properly by a guy like Mullen, then he can’t be coached into becoming a good QB. And Tessie, as for Mullen he will do well. He just needs the right pieces that obviously Knucklewain couldn’t find.

  2. Derek Dooley beat Todd Grantham. Let that sink in. Franks regressing into oblivion is a statement I don’t understand. What has Franks done this year that has been so impressive? What passes has he thrown in his career, other than the heave to Cleve, have been impressive? And then, go back to Derek Dooley….a coach that has NEVER coached any offense in his career. He out coached Todd Grantham. There is no excuse for that. That collective “BLECH” you’re hearing that’s resonating through Gator Nation… hear it? That’s the Dan Mullen Kool Aid that just went Franks sour. So, where does this team go from here? Best you can hope for now is 9-3; but this football team looks like it’s on the downward spiral towards 7-5. We will see.

  3. Tonight says a lot about how good this team really is. And it’s not nearly as good as most people thought. I tried and tried and tried to tell people on here a couple weeks ago to pump the brakes on emotions and give this season some time to play out before anointing Mullen a great coach. I told people that this team was no better at this point than McElwains first team. But, I was told this team was “obviously better” and Mullen is “obviously a better” coach and me simply questioning that made me an idiot and I “don’t know football” etc etc. Now, literally days later, this team has been blown out in two consecutive games and just had its pants pulled down, at home, by a team that was 0-4 in sec play. Yeah, this team is “obviously better”. My fellow Gators will never learn. When things are going well, you can’t tell them we wouldn’t beat the Patriots. When things go bad, the sky is falling. Maybe now people can understand a little bit more why I said Mullen and this years team haven’t proven they were any better than Mac and his first team yet. And they won’t prove it this year. And since Mac won 9 games and the East his second year, they won’t prove it next year either. At best Mullen can put up similar numbers to Macs first two years.

    • I love how you somehow think this justifies your argument that Mullen isn’t a better coach than Mac. You’re obviously still only looking at wins and losses as the deciding factor. All this game showed is how far Mac has dragged this program down. Just curious, did you see what Will Grier did tonight? You really believe Grier would be playing for WVU if Mullen was his coach from the start? You can bet for damn sure Mullen won’t be gone in a year and a half and will no doubt have this team competing by that time. You clearly don’t even realize Mullen has won 6 games with a bunch of players that were recruited to run a completely different offense than the one he runs, but feel free to stick your chest out thinking you won that argument. Sorry, but this game didn’t change my opinion on that matter.

      • Joe. So when Mullen is winning it’s because he’s a great coach but when he loses, it’s because of Mac???? Give me a freaking break!!! This is the same team Mullen had when you guys were all over his jock and it’s the same team he’s been embarrassed with the last two weeks! Is it really that hard just to admit you are WRONG and that, right now, we don’t know Mullen will do any better than Mac did?? Are you really this hard headed?

      • And as far as Grier goes, he left because he demanded to be handed the starting job when he returned from suspension. NOBODY should be guaranteed a starting spot! And if Mullen would have handled it any differently then he isn’t much of a man. Could you imagine a player walking in to Spurriers office with his dad and demanding a starting spot??? Grier got butt hurt and left of his own accord. And so be it. It is what it is.

        • Hey Joe, one more thing , IVE NEVER SAID MULLEN ISNT A BETTER COACH THAN MAC!!!! What I said was that at this point in Mullen’s tenure, we don’t know who is better. But people went totally ballistic because someone dared to not kiss the feet of Mullen!! People like you just read what you wanted to read in to what I was saying instead of putting childish emotions aside, actually looking at what I ACTUALLY SAID and looking at the FACTS that supported what I was saying. Btw, those FACTS are becoming more and more overwhelming with each and every blowout loss.

          • You love throwing stones, but don’t actually read what people are saying to you. Maybe you should take your own advice. I think the only one being childish here is you with your rants. We do know Mullen’s a better coach. Not only does he have a far better and more proven resume, but he’s already done more with this team than Mac did. Not sure why that’s so hard for you to wrap your head around. Maybe your just so focused on proving your point and bragging about it, that you’re not actually comprehending what’s being said to you. Mullen has 6 wins with the exact same team Mac won 4 with. What are you not understanding about that? In 9 games Mullen has 2 top 25 wins, Mac only had 3 in 3 years. What’s not understandable about that? You’re right, as far as wins and losses in the first season, things seem the same, but you need to look deeper than the surface to see where your argument is absolutely ridiculous. Notice no capitalization was needed?

      • Btw I’m not impressed by Mullen six wins with players who were recruited to run a different system. Mac won TEN games under the same circumstances. Please quit letting your emotions overrun the ability to intelligently compute facts.

        • The fact that you think Muschamp was running and recruiting for a spread offense, is just further proof of your lack of understanding college football. But you’re right LT, the wins and losses are the same, so that means everything else is the same…LOL!! I guess based on that thinking, then Grier and Franks are equal QBs since they both won 6 games in Mac and Mullen’s first seasons, right? That’s a pretty ridiculous statement, no?

  4. I also said, just earlier this week, that Trask should get a shot a qb. Simply because with Franks play being what it is, what do you have to lose?
    That didn’t seem to be too popular with some people on here either. Anyone here that wouldn’t have liked to see Trask start the game today now? It’s not hindsight. I called for it on this website no more than 3 or 4 days ago.

  5. Grade F is being kind. What has happen to the Gators ? First half of the season we look as though we turn a corner and was going to not having to watch these kind of games anymore. It’s not losing that bothers me so much as to the way we are losing. They looked like they just wasn’t into the game after the 2nd series. Well there are 3 more games to be played maybe they will wake and play as a team again. If Franks never QB’s the Gators anymore, well that would make me for one very happy. Good Day……………….

    • I can tell you what happened. They quit. There is a LOT of quit in this program. You saw it in Meyers last year. Then again under Muschamp in his 4 win season. Was Georgia Southern really better than Florida? Yet Florida laid down at home against a non D1 school and lost. They quit last year too. Maybe it’s a cultural thing at Florida or maybe it’s just the type of people the players are these days. You do see it at other schools too . FSUs players have quit too. But it’s been happening a whole lot at Florida the last few years. This program lacks players with character and quits at the drop of a hat.

    • If Nuss keeps calling an East/West passing attack, we will never improve. What! Nuss left? You wouldn’t know it the last two weeks. I stopped watching after 4 of the first 5 passes went to the sidelines. I just love the 3 yard pass when you need 9 on third down.

      • What out!!! Saying things like this coaching staff is anything except slight years ahead of the last will get you called an “idiot” and someone who “doesn’t know football” on here!! Lol. It’s funny how to blow out losses, one to a team that was winless in the SEC and at home will change peoples views. Maybe now some of the knuckleheads on here that were soooooo much smarter than me just a week and a half ago can now see what I was trying to tell them. Mullen is a good coach. But at this point we don’t k ow that he will fair any better than Mac did here.

      • Evidently you weren’t a Gator fan before Spurrier coached. This was the normal I grew up with. I will still cheer for them, win or lose. I am still 100% in on Mullen. Whoever he decides to play at qb next week I will cheer for. Here’s hoping for better results.

        • Graduated in 68 and of course endured all the horrors pre-SOS. While I was spoiled by SOS and the Tebow run, I must say that UF football was a lot more interesting in the old days compared to the lack of offense we have endured in the past 9.

          • Gator Steve
            We weren’t exactly an offensive juggernaut in the 80s. It’s just that the current state of the program is fresh but the memories of the 80s is fading.

        • Sparky.

          Remembering the days before Spurrier brings us back down to Earth. But it’s impossible to do that with most of the fans today. I remember a packed stadium for EVERY GAME even if we went 6-5. Today, there had to be 10,000 empty seats. The fans as a whole today get what they deserve. It’s hypocritical for a fan base to bash the team when the fan base can’t even show up for the games!!

          • LOL. Wes Chandler, Don Gaffney, Chris Collingsworth. PS – you made your point about the Pumpers – but do you have to make it 20 times?

          • I guess most forget (I certainly forgot about the ’83 team), but the Gators won 9 games each season from ’83 through ’85 and finished in the top 6 in the final AP poll each year. They were #6 in ’83, #3 in ’84, and #5 in ’85. Also think I read that the ’84 Gators finished at #28 in the nation in total offense at 298.5 yards/game: 244 rushing and 154 passing. Different game back then, but those were the most successful seasons in Gator history pre-Spurrier.

          • With all respect to Timmy, John Reaves, Carlos Alvarez and Tommy Durrance brought the most exciting offensive football ever to UF – before Doug Dickey ruined them.

          • Gator Steve

            I don’t have to do it 20 times. But I could do it 20 times more and still not catch up with how many times I was attacked for my opinion on that subject. Lol

        • Sparky, certainly losing to UGA was normal for the first 16 seasons of my Gator fanhood, but I don’t recall it being the norm to get blown out at home by unranked teams. Still, I’m with you in cheering for them win or lose. Go Gators!

  6. Grantham’s defense was fun to watch after the Kentucky game when the dbs were playing man coverage like DBU. The lbs and rushers are now messing up on assmts and the backfield seems half what it was–with injuries and lack of depth obviously affecting performance. Probably too late to change the def scheme at this point, so this gushing leak may be hard to plug. It is the first year in the system, and with the backfield being what it is–Grantham may need some miracles to get things back on track by Saturday. The offense could easily get on track if the Gators had a reliable qb. From his brief opportunity to play in a game, Trask looked like he could read and see the field much better than Franks, not to overlook that he appeared to be a more consistent and accurate passer. It goes withot saying that Coach Mullen would make a lot of fans happier if he’d give Trask a chance to lead the offense against SC. Maybe even put Jones in the mix. Couldn’t do much worse than Franks did the last two games.

    • Look, Franks has only three shortcomings: He has terrible mechanics, he can’t read defenses, and he can’t see the field. Other than that – he’d be an all star. And the coaches’ play calling has been awful the past two weeks. If Mullen wants to make excuses for Franks, then he must accept the blame for this embarrassment (or haven’t you heard what the announcers have been saying).

  7. An embarrassing game to have watched. Saw a lot of empty seats for a homecoming game. This week and last week looked like the Knucklewian days. I will go with the thought that Mullen called a limited playbook because of how limited Franks is. Franks is not the answer. Not sure who is (at least who on the roster is). As for the defense, they played a lot of minutes because of the ineptitude of the offense, and it caught up with them. And while Henderson had a relatively good game a CB, the rest of the secondary (except for Gardner-Johnson) is very week at pass coverage. I guess I was fooled at how good we played after the KY loss, into thinking that we might have a 10-2 season. Hoping for 9-3.

  8. Can we give them a P for putrid? This team, coaches included, has not acted like they wanted to play football since the Open Date. What happened? I don’t give the Gators, with their current attitude, a chance against anyone except Idaho and I’m iffy about Idaho.

  9. And the bad news is – what will losing 4 of our last 5 do for our recruiting momentum that we had garnered after somehow beating Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU and Vandy in a row? And how did we do that?

  10. Right on Gulf coast. I got attacked last week by Tampa idiot and Joe Schmo myself for stating the obvious, as I have all season, that Franks is NOT the best choice for QB on this squad. We can all see it. Mullen was simply enamored with the big arm, and his own ego. Thankfully he finally gave Trask a shot. While he’s not Drew Lock, he damn sure has shown a lot more than Franks when given the opportunity. I finally for one quarter got excited about watching the Gators. And your’re damn right about Tampa idiot, thinking he speaks for Gators. This clown needs to go hide his face, and then get a life.

      • Tampa, do you need an exorcist? I do believe you’ve been taken over by either Alvin York or Orange54. For the unaware these were two of the Tennessee bozos that infected Gatorsports for a few years. They had nothing to offer but snide comments and dire predictions of how badly the Vols were going to destroy the Gators. Hopefully, they fell into one of their backwoods stills.

        • It’s not Tampa. His screen name has been hijacked. Not that he doesn’t have it coming for all the holier-than-thou BS he slings around….but fair is fair.

          Here’s your first clue: The real TampaGator ALWAYS starts with the salutation of the person’s name he is about to lecture, followed by a period. Nobody else on here does that, or at least I haven’t seen it. EX: You. Lecture follows. Now look at his posts today and yesterday. Salutation is normal paragraph style.

          I can’t believe I’m defending the guy who has called me a troll and even lied about what I’ve said — but it is not him.

  11. My first response is simple, PLEASE everyone , chill out!! We are all upset over this loss and it hurts!! LT , I apologize but I feel your incorrect and delusional. Franks was so bad i could smell him 1500 miles away! Mullen IS a better coach than Mac was and the offensive improvement has proven that hands down! You want facts ? Hows this on for size, Total offense ranked #79 in the country = Mullen. Total offense ranked #123 in the country = Mac. Definite improvement under CDM regardless of what you claim to know! Mac NEVER fixed the offense and we won with Defense!! Check it out for yourself . Had it not been for 2 seasons with Geoff Collins as our DC, Mac would NEVER had won the SEC with the offense he was running! Remember what happened when we faced a real football team ? Mac had no answers, just lies and excuses for blow out losses. You can only do so much with awesome defense!! It has not been CDM character to run his dirty laundry in the press like MAC did. He keeps it in house and NEVER degrades a player in the press. His benching of Frank’s should speak volumes of how he is feeling as does his body language. Tampa Gator, With all due respect sir, I hold your words with very high regard as usually you are pretty close in your observations. But, to come on here and slam everyone when only 1 as offended you was completely out of character of you and is completely uncalled for. In my own opinion, Emery is our future and CDM knows it. He is buying time with this offense, this season and if you watch how he speaks and his body language you can see he isn’t completely satisfied with the talent he has. This game had nothing to do with bad coaching, this had to do with kids out of position and not applying what they are being taught at practice. Safety’s out of position? Blown coverage’s? You think they are coached that way? did you bump your head? That’s a clear sign they were trying to make a play instead of staying where they were supposed to be. Comon guy’s n gal’s, WE ARE ALL GATORS!!!!! STOP the bickering between each other !! CDM will have a much better offense next season, we just have to get though this one first. Everything always gets worse before it gets better. God Bless

  12. Trask showed that he’s a better passer. He’s got a strong arm and touch, able to put enough air under the ball to make his throws catchable. It was so good seeing Tre Grimes, Josh Hammond and Kadarius Toney making those grabs. Franks is a thrower, a flame-thrower, but not much of a passer. It’s hard to imsgibe that Mullen will go back to Franks.

    I’ve been a Gator an awfully long time. We hit some peaks during the tenures of Ray Graves and Galen Hall. We’ve had two especially exceptional coaches in Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. If you’re fairly young names such as Youngblood, Trapp, Reaves, Alvarez, Chandler and Brown, Scott Brantley, Marshall and Bell, Emmit and Anderson might be little more than oldtimers’ history. It’s pretty rich.

    Mullen will return our program to an elite level when he gets the athletes in his program that match his philosophy. As for the loss to Missouri, three of their defeats were to teams we couldn’t best. I wasn’t surprised they beat us, only by how poorly we competed and executed.

    • Clyde, do you remember that scrappy 1963 Gator team that went into Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa with no chance of winning and then handed Bear Bryant his first loss there? Most of Ray Graves teams weren’t overly talented but they didn’t have any quit in them. Those teams were a lot more fun to watch than what has been on Florida Field recently.

  13. I can remember when Dooley had nothing bad to say about Will the Chump. All the way until the end Dooley told us how good he was. Mullen on the other hand gives Mullen an F in his first year. I think Dooley was on the Chump’s payroll

  14. Fellow Gators: Although not readily apparent from the comments on this forum, it is entirely possible to express one’s opinions regarding Florida football without insulting, denigrating, and making personal attacks on posters who hold differing opinions. In fact, insulting another poster is indicative of low self-esteem, and lack of a cogent counter-argument. It is the variety of viewpoints and different perspectives which lend interest, depth, and breadth to the discussion of the topic. This would be a boring world indeed if we all shared the exact same opinions and frame of reference. It is not a sign of superior intellect to disrespect and disparage differences of opinion. Quite the opposite. It reflects a mind closed to listening, learning, and understanding the positions of others. Sadly, the lack of civil discourse displayed here is reflective of our society as a whole. A microcosm of intolerance, boastful pride, and closed minds does nothing to advance understanding or appreciation of our unique, yet collective support of the Gator football team. GO GATORS!