5 Questions with … Van Jefferson

Florida wide receiver Van Jefferso tries to make a catch but is interfered with by Georgiadefensive back Tyson Campbell (3) during last Saturday's game at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. [Brad McClenny/ The Gainesville Sun]

Florida redshirt junior wide receiver:

Q: What does Dan Mullen do to get the players to buy in from day to day, week to week?

A: He’s just himself, but at the same time he demands a lot of us. Just the way he talks to us, he preaches hard work and being the best team in the country. That motivates us as players. So, we want to be the best team in the country. I think we just need to come out here and do a great job, all players, and just try to do our best.

Q: Does he motivate differently?

A: Yeah, he fires us up a lot. Before the Georgia game, we had practice and before the practice he put on this big highlight video of Georgia and how the rivalry is and things like that. So that kind of got us pumped. He’s just himself. He makes practice fun. We just come out here and do what we got to do. I love playing for Coach Mullen. Coach Mullen, when I first got here, he was just so kind and genuine. I love playing for him, he’s a great guy.

Q: Will there be some opportunities for the Florida wide receivers against the Missouri secondary?

A: I think the receivers can create some one-on-one matchups, with Tre (Grimes) and Freddie (Swain) and Josh (Hammond). I feel like the slot is going to have a big day on Saturday. I feel like we can take advantage of that. We just have to go out and execute, that’s pretty much it.

Q: How nice was the deep throw true freshman quarterback Emory Jones made to you that drew an interference call in the second half against Georgia?

A: It was good. He made a great pass. I think I could have adjusted to the ball better. For him being that, like his first throw, that pretty surprised me. It came out so pretty and I was just focused on it so much, so when I saw it I was just like (eyes wide), ‘Emory has an arm.’ Emory’s going to be a great quarterback. I feel like he’s going to lead this program to a national championship in time. Feleipe is, too, but Emory is a cool kid. He’s quiet. He goes about his business, he works hard. I’m proud of him. He really puts the work in.

Q: What kind of impact is wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland having on special teams?

A: He’s crazy on special teams. He runs down hard, he beats guys. Every time he goes out there on special teams I just watch him. I see him burn by guys all the time, downing punts near the end zone. He’s been a big piece of that special teams and he’s helping out the defense a lot putting offenses on the 1-yard line and stuff like that. He’s been great on special teams.


  1. Refs hurt us last weekend. We need a big bm day from the offense, particularly Franks and receivers to become a whole package. Missou has hung close in some conferences games and is likely to not go winless in SEC. That said if the d can shut down Lock and keep the run game in front of them this game will be a 2 score game Gators. If the d plays soft in pass protection and gives up big plays Missou stays in it til the end. If we force take aways it could even be more than two scores. Mullen has Franks as starter and he know all these guys better than any other. Expect some tweaks to the offense to help o. I would really like to see defense read routes better. Gut says we are better than what we saw last week, and we are better than Missou. If they can get past last week and Henderson is good to go this could be a huge game for us. Big win or small….it’s great to be… (next poster can finish)