Florida’s depth chart vs. Missouri



  1. How could McWilliams show up on the depth chart after last week? It is painfully obvious that he has no business playing in the SEC. Put Massey, or anyone on the roster, in there over him. They could’t possibly be worse.

    • Because a team loaded with 5* players was able to complete passes against him he has no business playing in the SEC? Why was UF even in the game in the 2nd half in we had a db that shouldn’t play in the SEC? Shouldn’t the dogs have just run up the score? I would actually say you have no business being a college football fan.

      • Yep, and the good teams see it. Just watch the 1st few possessions of the LSU game. He started for some reason and they went right after him until he was replaced. Look, I have no ill will towards the kid. I’m glad he’s a Gator and I hope he becomes a star. I hope he graduates. I wish nothing but the best for him. But, right now, he isn’t good enough to be on the field.

    • Is it your position that we cant have an opinion if its not supportive? Come on Man! That’s what every fan-base in the country does. The kid is getting a full ride to a major college on the backs of the taxpayers of the state of FL. I’m pretty sure we all have the right to comment on his play. I didn’t see anyone attack him on a personal level just evaluated his play.

      • blackgator seemed classy to me, saying he might be a good kid and might get better, 50 people said the same thing about franks, including me in so many words.

        robbie said before the year started we had a depth issue at db, and he was right.

      • hes getting a free ride because he and the other football players generate more than 100X the amount of revenue that his scholarship costs. tax payers are not paying a thing for his scholarship at all, and that is a major BS excuse to be critical.

      • Everyone has a right to an opinion, but it seems people are being a little too harsh on a kid that probably wouldn’t have seen the field much going into the season, but is now being forced to play sooner than he’s ready because of injuries. I’m sure he’s doing everything he can to try to help the team, but isn’t quite at the level he’d like be at right now. I think it’s safe to say if there was a better option, then they’d be in there in a heartbeat. I’m sure the coaches are feeling the pain as much as the fans are every time he gets beat.

    • I’m not saying anything bad about the kid, other than giving an honest evaluation about his ability to play CB. As a scholarship football player, that’s fair game. But, I am actually bashing the coaches more than the player. He was a very low rated player coming out of high school, one of our Randy specials that we got a few years back. He was rated somewhere around #1500 in the country and we were his only SEC offer. He clearly doesn’t have what it takes. He may be a great kid, may do everything right in the classroom, may be solid on special teams. That’s all fine. But, the bottom line is that he shouldn’t be playing CB for us. Whenever he was in the game against LSU they went after him. Georgia did the same. It’s not exactly a secret.

  2. You can have any opinion you want, but the least valuable fan opinions are usually those that deal with which players should be playing and which shouldn’t. Fans aren’t in practice all week. Fans don’t know who can remember their assignments in non-base defenses and who can’t. Fans don’t know when injuries are being kept confidential to keep opponents in the dark, or when a player is being punished for reasons the coaches don’t want to disclose.

    C.J. McWilliams is the fourth cornerback on a roster with a widely acknowledged thin secondary. Literally the last guy on the team actually recruited as a cornerback. Florida’s depth at secondary and linebacker has been well know since last year. Well, the worst possible thing happened: Both starting corners got injured. It’s all well and good to say that Dre Massey or Iverson Clement couldn’t do any worse, but I suspect they could. If they were better they would be playing. And incidentally, while opponents are picking on McWilliams, he actually made a great play when he got flagged in the end zone. It was not pass interference.

    But here’s the bottom line: The issue isn’t whether C.J. McWilliams is good enough. It’s whether he’s the best guy available given all the circumstances.

  3. In all fairness, he was called out by Coach Mullen who said the term, ‘broken assignments” without calling him out by name. All real Gator fans want all Gator players to be ”the best they can be.” It only makes all the other players on the team better (in practice). But as someone who only played football through life up to varsity at G.H.S., the kid got burnt (as I used to say to local D.B.s in high school, ”Toast!”). Receivers and D.B.s talk a lot and have to have a lot of confidence. The only difference is receivers and D.B.s are (were) usually out in the open for all to see. But I hope he grows up quickly ”on the field of play.” Go Gators!