Swampcast: A review of Florida-Georgia



  1. Are you two aware that the Gators’ colors are orange and blue? I have watched the swamp cast every week, and you both always wear neutral colors to the game. This week, you could almost say you are wearing UGA colors. Support the team that you have based your careers on and wear their colors!!

    • 3rdGenUFgrad I have come to the conclusion that they are NOT Gator Fans. It’s like they enjoy seeing the Gators struggle and lose. The poor guy on the mower is just doing his job and they were being jerks to him.

    • 3rdGen and HB, Pat and Robbie are writers for the GVL Sun. They are not fans of the teams they cover. They don’t say “we” or “our”. They are professional journalist who are unbiased about the team they are assigned to cover. If you expect them to pick a side then how can you expect them to be objective? Its called Journalism 101 unbiased reporting. Most newspaper reporters know that. Many TV reporters do not. If you want rah rah coverage read UF’s site but don’t expect anything negative, or anything that puts the program in question.

    • LOL. Leave Pat, aka the Grumpy Old Man, alone. He’s paid to be objective. He did pick Georgia, and many other teams, to beat Florida. He is a tad homer, as much as being a homer can be for a beat writer/columnist, and still appear objective. (Thinking out loud: I think I found another underdog to defend.)

  2. Even with the roller background noise, I could her you guys just fine, LOL. We were in a good position to win the game at 14-13, then Franks flushed the game down the toilet. The far side ref throw the interference flag! The ref 10 feet from the play didn’t. I hope he gets in trouble with his SEC review today. He’s the one that caused the 7 play stuffing our D line performed.

    That suuuuurrrrre was a pretty pass Jones throw! I wonder if his overall field decision process/brain would perform better than Franks? Mullen is trusting enough in him to not fumble by letting him run! Hummmmm?

  3. Generally agree with Pat but I still like the direction of this team. Quarterback play was poor, period. Franks regressed to old Felipe and he now has 4 turnovers in the last two games. He is average at best. Combination of Henderson’s injury and Stuart and Edwards suspensions for the game (selfish and stupid on their part if it really is for failed drug test) was a killer for the defense. We are on a journey that will take longer than one season. Believe in Mullen and be happy we are still heading in the right direction! Beat Mizzou!

  4. I actually liked the white helmets now that they have the “‘Gators” on BOTH SIDES. But since we’re nitpicking, and while I truly believe this team could still play in the Orange Bowl, etc.. with a ”10-2” record, this is what I’d like to see: TONEY used more CREATIVELY! The kid is special and a quick pass in the flats is just not enough. Run a damn speed sweep and don’t out think it, Coaches!
    And the young Florida D.B.s need to learn HOW to watch the W.R.’s eyes, then TURN AROUND and PLAY THE DAMN BALL, please! I had better D.B.s guarding me as a W.R. in high school football at G.H.S. in the mid 80’s.
    So come on Gators, get up and REGROUP, again, and go 10-2.
    Go Gators!

  5. White helmets, secondary woes, not Mullen’s players, busted coverages, bad qb play, penalties, how many other excuses can be thrown out there? Georgia is just an above average team that is pretty consistent as demanded by their coach. He is relentless and coaches as if he’s playing in the game. He has passion for Georgia. His players play hard for him and his coaches and players both fear and respect him. Florida could have steam rolled Georgia. We just aren’t there and maybe we won’t get there. Watch the players effort away from the ball if you want to see their mental preparedness. If they are standing and walking around watching the game that tells you all you need to know. Great Coaches know their business in all phases of the game, but most importantly, they are able to handle any push back by players, coaches, fan base, and they are singularly focused on winning. Otherwise, they will just be around long enough to collect a check, and then move on leaving the program, yet again, to rebuild from the bottom. This Gator team has a ways to go. It’s up to the head coach to get them there. Less expenditure for off field energy and more intensity on the field can only help improve performance. Some players and coaches can’t handle that, and that’s okay, but the head coach must press-on.

    • wow you are clueless or dejected maybe, a gator fan possibly,,, but to say that this team isn’t getting better even in a loss. Or isn’t playing hard???? did you watch the goal line stand ???? insane absolutely insane stand. This team Is good not great our QB is what he is and until we get at least a decent one we will need to play this way and win games on effort. Im pumped for the future Gator C/O 92

  6. The DB situation will be fixed if we add Elam and Steele to the 2 CBs currently committed. Then Edwards and Stewart can light up all they want. The QB situation will only be fixed when coach has Emory ready, Feliepe will always be Feliepe. Great arm, doesn’t have it between the ears.

  7. Just a few meaningless observations:
    1) I wish it were the white helmets on the equipment trailer that caught fire. Get rid of them.
    2) This is one reason why college football is broken. Four games left in the season for a 6-2 team and the only discussion is they’re just playing for (meaningless) bowl position. If there were a 16 team playoff, sitting at 6-2 and ranked 13th you still have everything in the world to play for. But I know I’m dreaming. Much better that the Gator, Fiesta, Sugar, Chick-Fil-A Peach, et.al. mean nothing significant than if they were playoff games.
    3) You will never win championships with 3 star players. The softness of the defense is directly a reflection of a front 7 that were 3 star guys as well as two of the safeties. We have good players but not great players.
    4) I am excited that Dan Mullen is our coach. He had a game plan that was perfect and still gave us a chance to win. First offensive play he calls the perfect play. But, of course, Franks gonna Franks.

  8. I don’t mind white helmets, but get rid of the tired Gator script and go with an innovative design using an alligator head on the front and sides—it would be classic. Regarding feliepe — he’s mediocre to average, but apparently emory jones or trask aren’t ready, or mullen would play them. Hopefully, there is real competition for the QB job next year, or it will be more of the same mediocre QB play in these games.