Dooley Grades The Gators: Poor results vs. Georgia

Florida defensive back C.J. McWilliams breaks up a pass attempt intended for Georgia wide receiver Riley Ridley in the second quarter Saturday at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. [Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun]

Offense D-

First half: Florida had a nice game plan, including the flea flicker on the first offensive play, but two turnovers were damaging early (not to mention Feleipe Franks missing a wide-open receiver on the flea flicker). The Gators ran the ball well and often, running 23 times and throwing only 11.

Second half: The third turnover of the game — Franks fumbling on his own 1-yard line — was the killer. While Franks made a beautiful throw for the Gator touchdown that gave them the lead at 14-13, he reverted to the form of last year for much of the game.

For the game: When a team loses a game like this, it’s easy to blame the starting quarterback. He was a big part of the problem with the turnovers and poor decision making. It looked a lot like the Feleipe of last year.

Defense D

First half: The first drive was awful. The last drive was awful. In between, the Gators were pretty salty on defense. Georgia had 143 yards on those two drives that resulted in 10 points, but only 170 for the half. The drive at the end of the half was brutal as the ’Dogs completed four straight passes to tight end Isaac Nauta for 65 yards.

Second half: The beat-up secondary had a bad half of football. The Gators came into the game ranked sixth in the country in pass defense, but allowed way too many big plays, including the back-breaking TD pass in the fourth quarter.

For the game: This didn’t look like the defense Gator fans are used to — because it isn’t. The loss of personnel in the secondary finally caught up to this team and Georgia converting 8-of-14 third downs — many of them third-and-long — was the difference in the game.

Special teams C

First half: They really weren’t much of a factor, as Georgia returned only one kickoff and Florida only had the catch and kneel at the end of the half. Florida had a penalty on its only punt return. Tommy Townsend’s best punt ended up in the end zone.

Second half: Kadarius Toney got the second half off to a great start with his 51-yard kickoff return. But the punt Georgia downed at the one turned out to be one of the biggest plays of the game.

For the game: The kick coverage was rarely called on, but it was very average in this game. Tommy Townsend had a nice game and Evan McPherson continues to be rock steady.

Overall D

It was the worst game Florida has played all year both on offense and defense. Even with one of the great goal-line stands of this series, Florida was eaten alive on defense and spotty on offense. These Gators have to regroup again knowing that the Atlanta carrot is gone.


      • Been saying that all season and last year too. Trask is a better game manager and can keep drives alive. Since the SEC is east is gone, there needs to be a change at QB to prepare for next year, since Franks clearly isnt the answer.

          • UGA ate up Franks when he wasn’t turning the game over all own his own. Play somebody else. Dan can waste the rest of this season and next trying to make Franks a serviceable SEC QB. But it won’t happen we are seeing the same rattle-brained mistakes from him each game. Could be a good slot receiver. Jones did a pretty good job yesterday and I would have like to see what Trask can do not just hear about it. We stunk up the field in Jax yesterday due to no pass defense and zero pass rush. The UGA QB Fromm ate lunch behind the line then pitch and catch with the wide open receivers. Way too easy for UGA yesterday. Great goal line stand though, one of the greatest in Gator history. We need to get people back from injury to our backfield.

      • Alum84; How does “everyone” know that Trask is the best passer on the team? Has any one seen him throw a pass in any Gator game in his 3 years on campus? Spring games are a glorified scrimmage and even there he has been no “wow, look at him pass” player. I can only guess that you’ve seen him warm up before a game and that he throws a nice spiral. Daz Wazzle says Trask is a better game manager; again, same question; how do you know this? What was the game that you saw him manage? It most likely wasn’t high school because he was not the starter QB on his team.
        I’m am not overly enamored with Franks either, but my point is that the coaches have seen our 3 QB’s at every practice, so I have to believe that they have seen all of the strengths and weaknesses of each and are therefore qualified to make these judgments. Now, if you want to offer the opinion that Franks should be benched so we can try a change and give either Trask or Jones a shot, there could be some logic to that. Just no evidence on the field to support that supposition. For all we know now, next year’s starter could still be playing for his high team.

        • DanF. If you’ve followed the football program the last two years, everyone, coaches, players, fans that have watched him play and practice, sportwriters all know and have repeatedly said he has the most accurate passer. This is not news. He would have started last year if not injured. We know that too. The competition with Franks this year was razor close according to all reports and from the coaches mouth. The reason given why Franks was chosen was his running ability. We have plenty of good running backs, we need a passer. And yes, if you’re not a Trask believer, like you say, at least give him a shot, that’s I’m asking… Coaches do get QB selections wrong sometimes. More examples than I could count.

    • Remember, Frank’s is not Mullen’s guy. The best we can hope for is that he can win enough games and have Florida look good enough for Mullen to get some legit recruits for his system. His position is similar to Del Rio’s a couple years back. Overall, Id say Frank’s has done an ok job of getting the Florida brand some attention. We were still in the hunt and had Game Day covering us in late October after all.

      • Trask, Franks are both before Dan. But while Trask may be more accurate in what we’ve seen in non contact appearances we and most reporters don’t know what happens when the defense is staring him down. If Polite and Zuniga are after him. Second to that Mullen has said he who works hardest plays on Saturday. Now you can debate that some guys play better than they practice. And Trask is only one play away from being the guy. And also I’m not defending Franks as I’m(my opinion doesn’t count) seeing the improvement I would like. Damn has to pay the cards he was dealt the way he thinks we have the best chance to win. I’d say he’s done better than most expected though we always wish for more. I’m trusting or coaches decision as he knows now about the moving pieces than any of us speculators. Regroup and take a win this weekend. Go Gators!

  1. This game showed, as I said it would before the season, just how far Florida’s talent has fallen, and how far this program has to go to be competitive in the SEC East. Look, the SEC East is weak, except for Georgia. Dan Mullen has taken a vagabond group of football players that cannot get scholarships at Alabama and Georgia and has them in position to be 10-2 with a New Year’s day bowl game. The rest of Florida’s schedule is winnable, and this game has showed that Dan Mullen has the plays in his playbook, but not the players to execute them. And I didn’t think he had either.
    Looking ahead, now it’s time to see how this program will recruit and how they will invest in the facilities. Alabama and Georgia have demonstrated they are going to be football schools. Will Florida follow suit? We can now start to look to the future and see where this football program goes. Go Gators.

      • CO Jones, I think you are delusional. Fact is our talent is not on par with the premier programs in CFB. Let’s recap a bit shall we? We enter the season thin at DB and loose perhaps our best CB in Week 2 against Kentucky. you remember KY right? That team that we had beat for 31yrs in a row until this year’s team blew the streak. Then we have to mount a huge comeback at Vanderbilt with a stadium filled mostly with orange and blue. We struggled on the road at Vandy, but you think the talent is “right up there except at QB”. Fact is Grumpy is right, the schedule is favorable and we can finish 10-2. I think anyone at the start of the year would have taken that. Now, to put today in perspective. UGA scored 37 points meaning they had 4TDs and 3 FGs. That is just plain awful, so being right “up there except at QB” doesn’t really hold weight. We played bad all around, but that is ok. Gators are getting better and in due time we will be back. Not like “The U” kind of back, but like really back back.

    • The facilities upgrades are happening. That’s a done deal. We’ll have to see what happens with recruiting. I believe we ate playing an exciting brand of football guys will want to be a part of, so we’ll see. What we need is not just physical talent but mentally tough players who don’t beat themselves.

      • Grumpy makes some good points despite the way he puts things. No doubt upgraded facilities influence recruiting, but so does a winning coach who can….well, to put it frankly……coach. We just had a setback, but I guess that’s never happened before in the history of college football?

        I’m with you Jaws. I still maintain that if we let him build it, they will come.

    • “Vagabond group of football players who cannot get scholarships at Alabama and Georgia?” Not sure where you came up with that. Plenty of talent on the Gator roster. Is it the players CDM needs to run his system? No. Are they as talentless as you suggest? Not by a long shot. Franks cost us the game and it’s hard to win when the guy under center doesn’t have the football IQ to play the position. A competent QB takes this game down to the wire. Short arming passes for INT’s and missing wide open receivers will cost you every single time.

      How they invest in facilities? Have you been living under a rock? $65 Million in a standalone football complex. Indoor practice facility. Your post is full of baseless statements and aren’t well thought out. I suggest you do a little research before you start posting pure dribble about players on scholarship and facility upgrades.

  2. I would grade about the same as Dooley did, and I’m a die hard Gator fan. Some posters must want to read nothing but homerism. The best team won today. I think Mullen is the coach to get us back competing for titles. He just needs some players that fit his system a little better and another year with Coach Savage training them.

  3. We were beaten by a better team today. Our guys need to regroup and get ready for the huge games ahead. A lot to play for this year. Winning the SEC or the East against a team in the playoff last year doesn’t seem realistic. We have been treated to an improving, fun team to watch. My glass is half full.
    Regardless of the score, the Dawgs know they were in a fight today. I hate the secondary issues. We made Fromm look like Tua today.
    As for our grades, didn’t think we played that poorly. Turnover battle was an F.

    • This is a great post. I’ve enjoyed being surprised by our team this year and the great coaching and was actually surprised how well we played against GA for most of the game. Like any of us really thought we should be playing Alabama in the championship game this year? This was an acceptable loss, as was the LSU game, but we surprised everyone with that one. Just hoping we pull it back together for MO and SC, especially in the secondary. I’m a little worried GA showed everyone our weakness on the back end and we start getting torched.

  4. The enormous talent gap between the two CJ’s was an absolute killer especially in the red zone. The fumbling and bumbling really ruined an offense that moved the ball very well in spirts. I’m at least pleased that I did not see a notable talent gap after watching these teams.

  5. Gonegator. The most noticeable talent difference was at QB and only at CB because Henderson and Wilson were out. And I still cannot get over Franks throwing the ball out of bounds with Stephens running wide open 8 yards down the field and no one near him. That is Franks inability to see the field in a clear as day snapshot. But he can see Georgia defenders and throw the ball to them!!!

    • Agreed…the biggest difference today was QB. As most announcers have called each game this year “Dan Mullen is doing a good job of play calling to protect his QB”…these types of comments tell it all, GA could Attack with Fromm with several different passing schemes, while Dan has to “protect Franks”, because he just doesn’t GET IT. You can’t win big league games with someone who makes a strike 1 of 5 times. Other than QB, the talent on the field was about even.

      I’m still convinced Dan is simply dong the best he can with what he has on hand. I’m sure he has his radar up for the recruit he needs.

    • I remember that too. Moral Stephens must not have realized he was open either because he should have been waiving his hand s to get Franks attention.. Then again, that would have alerted the defense as well. That said, it’s only Frank’s first year in Mullen’s system and I recall Leak struggling as well his first year with Urban and Mullen. Nonetheless I’m perplexed how Emory Jones can throw with confidence as strike on his first collegiate pass (it won’t count because of the penalty) while Frank is still struggling to read the defense and found open receivers.

  6. Nobody bothered to mention they had their first 3 n out of the game in the 3rd quarter. IMO the offense has been improving,which it has been showing, just not championship caliber yet. Was a tough fought game, i really didn’t think UF would win although i hoped, and i agree, the better team did win. Using it as a gage, it shows we have some work to do and we will get there. GoooooooGATORS

  7. I greatly disagree. Special teams were pretty good. Punts were effective and one return of kick off was great. Defense was poor against the pass, good against the run. Offense was decent at times except for the various mistakes. Considering us missing two starting DBs we could not compete without a lot of pressure on the QB.

    • Vulcan Alex. Three missing starters in the secondary with Stewart being seemingly suspended for this game. But losing Henderson was just a killer. But Franks played his worst game in a while. That INT was just terrible, and he did not protect the ball on his own one yard line. And he still does not see the field well or read defenses well. But watching Jones in limited action, my hopes for the future at QB were uplifted. And two really good QB recruits are on the way as well. Now, got to forget this one and go play well vs. Missouri in a sold out and very loud Swamp. And I would love to see more of Jones in that game.

  8. Worst game of the year? Uf was winning in 3rd quarter. Dooley is highly critical of Mullen. Mullen once again looked like a top notch coach- once he has the talent it won’t even be close with UGA. Agreed start Emory Jones now/ Franks is not the future of this program- would rather lose one more game this year etc with Jones

    • gelco30. Franks was not anywhere “pretty good” in this game. And clearly Mullen lacks confidence in him as a down the field and to make timely and accurate throws against really good teams. Therefore, all the bubble screens and passes to the sidelines in this game. I am guessing that Jones does not yet fully grasp the offense or he would be playing more than he is. But that long pass by Jones to Jefferson was a thing of beauty. To bad he did not throw the flee flicker early in the game to Jefferson. If he had, that pass would likely have resulted in a TD instead of a Franks badly overthrown ball to a wide open receiver.

      • “Pretty good” is the most Franks can hope to achieve, not great, and apparently never great. BUT, don’t kid yourself, Mullen plays the QB who gives us the best chance to win. If Trask or Jones were that person, it’s an absolute guarantee Trask or Jones would be the starter. It’s unfortunately that Franks is the best we’ve got at this point. Better things are coming though.

  9. For these grades to be correct then Georgia isn’t so good either. i think Kentucky beats them next week.

    QB is the last thing left to get to elite. Jones may turn out better with a chance. I know our db depth looks bad to Robbie but no one survives losing 2:good corners without a drop off

    • Mveal. It did not help that Stewart was seemingly suspended and did not play in the game either. But on a positive note, Trey Dean played a really good game. He has a very bright future in the secondary. I would like to see him moved to safety next year when Wilson returns and a couple of top CB recruits join the team for 2019.

  10. What is the quarterback whisperer doing wish he would whisper Frank’s and go with Trask or Jones with the game over you can’t win why not put one of them in the game for experience, they are just not going to win with Frank’s been saying it since he was recruited by Mac don’t even know why he was recruited for qb maybe a possession reciever

  11. We are about 8 weeks into what may well be a 3 year rebuild of a broken program that went 4-7 last year. We are 6-2, nationally ranked, and have 4 games left in the season — all of which can be won. This game we just played could have been won, but in this instance we didn’t play well enough to win. Those are the “facts” as I see them anyway.

    If I am correct in my opinion, we will now turn yet another corner in the development of our team character. I for one am proud of this team for what they have done so far, and for what I think they will do for the rest of the season. GO GATORS!

  12. The lack of depth in the defensive backfield is what sunk this team. All week everyone was poor-mouthing Jake Fromm’s ability to throw but today his ability to throw effectively is what did in the Gators in the 2nd half. We’re playing two freshmen on the corners and the overall depth (make that quality depth)issues make this the achilles heal of this team.

    The offensive Line has steadily improved and is surprising me this season but the QB play continues to be weak. My opinion is that with better QB play, this team could’ve won today. The secondary issues finally got exposed but it might never have happened without the turnovers and missed passing opportunities.

  13. Long time Gator Fan, first time commenting. I really enjoy reading all of the insightful comments that you men bring to the page. I’m asking this question because I’m not sure, not that I’m being sarcastic. But here goes, does Robbie and Pat root for the Gators or do they have to be non biased because of their job description with the Sun. It just seems like every week they find all sorts of negatives with UF and it almost appears that they get joy out of seeing them lose an I never see them wear any GATOR GEAR. This was a tough loss but I do feel like CDM has this team headed in the right direction, he just needs some time.

    • First, let me say that I’m glad you posted and hope you’ll do more of the same as time goes along, HB. Pretty much a great bunch of guys and a great place to exchange ideas and thoughts — although from time to time the air does get sucked out of the room for a little while. 😁

      To your question tho, I can only give one opinion. I think Pat and Robbie are OK, and nobody should dispute their talents and flair for writing. The problem is that their articles are a combination of reporting “facts” and “opinions”. I think that’s just the nature of the beast (or beat) in local sports writing, so you automatically have some bleed over between the two. I don’t see it as the same as the non-sports national media, where you clearly have multiple contamination of editorial opinion into otherwise fact based stories. Any comments I have made to the contrary have really been just tongue in cheek. Put differently, the mainstream media attempt to influence reader opinion when the simple facts are all that’s called for; Pat, Robbie, and Graham certainly don’t do that. You just get objectively what happened, along with their opinion of what it means. Since these are passionate subjects, we from time to time take offense as if they were trying to tell us what we should think! Believe me, we do enough of that among ourselves. I’d certainly like to hear other thoughts on this subject, since it’s reached a crescendo of sorts this year.

      • It’s interesting 6, because Pat and Robbie were castigated by some for their picks against the Gators that turned out to be wrong, but they’re also criticized now when their picks turned out to be correct. I suspect many who criticize them for not blowing smoke about the Gators now are the same ones who complained after the KY game about how Pat and Robbie had bought into the pre-season hype from players and coaches and painted a much too rosy outlook for the season. Then, when it appeared the Gators had turned the corner after 5 straight wins, some blasted Pat and Robbie for something they never actually did, which was predict a 2-10 finish for the Gators. What they actually said was that if the Gators continued to play like they did against KY, they “could” go 2-10. I’m certain that those who seem to want them to be homers would quickly criticize other teams’ beat writers for doing the very same thing they’re asking from Pat and Robbie. I think Pat and Robbie realize they can’t please everybody, and they simply write it like they see it.

  14. CJ McWilliams was absolutely brutal today. I know he’s a backup and was thrust into the fire today, but we have to have someone better than him on the bench. Take any decent athlete on the team and put them out there in coverage. He has no business being on the field. Every time a big play was needed they picked on him. It was the same way when he was on the field against LSU. Surely the coaches can see this.

  15. You can use a true freshman QB like Jones in as many as 4 games under the new rule and still have him redshirt. How many games has he played in thus far? I know he played earlier in the season. Since we have 4 games left and a bowl game Jones will probably be used at least once more and then Mullen will decide to redshirt him and let him compete in the off-season with Franks to start next year as a redshirt freshman. What say you?

    • DEF. I believe you are right. Jones appearred
      To be poised,
      Cool, and calm.
      The pitch to Scarlett was
      Bad, but his pass to Jefferson was nice. He ran the ball well and did not turn it over. Give him a full year under Mullen and I strongly feel he will be the real deal.

    • Yes, he can play in 2 more games without the risk of burning his redshirt. I’d say let him and Trask play most of the Idaho game and give him some snaps in the FSU game. In case, he’s the starter next year, it’s good to give him a taste of the rivalry games as Mullen did today.

    • My only problem with Frank is his inability to consistently check down. Every time he gives up on a play, you see someone running open underneath that he missed totally. That’s the difference between him and Fromm.. Fromm checks down consistently. It’s those short passes and the running game that opens up the passing game.. by checking down, I am not talking about the swing passes on the edge. I mean the scenario where a receives comes open late underneath as he is bailing out on a locked in target.. He will miss that receive and either throw the ball away or force it. in other words, he can definitively do better with progressions.

  16. Georgia is not the better team, they were today though! If it weren’t for the costly turnovers where our defense bailed us out and were then just broken by the end of the game from that. Just imagine what a different game it would have been if we hit that flea flicker. The difference in the game was 4-5 plays, not better athletes or team. If we played like we are capable then I can honestly say we are 10 points better than UGA. Momentum and luck are a huge part of college football and those weren’t on our side today. Let’s finish strong and beat WVU in the cotton bowl

      • This goes back to my comments; the Gators physically both sides of the ball played more physical on the lines of scrimmage then Georgia. Kirby and his break your will mindset; got his will broke on 8 straight plays from our 1 yard line. Couldn’t punch it in tells you just how far they have come in a year. Last year it was embarrassing from a physical stand point. Hopefully some of our Bandwagon fans and local beat writers who are a cancer to the program are smart enough to see that.

  17. Pat is too hard on our kicking game, special teams were an overall B today. Now 13 of 13 FBs and a great return that should have sparked a good second half, what are you watching???? BUT i agree with the other component grades.

  18. I totally disagree with the D for the Defense. It’s way too harsh. I though the Defense graded as a B- that could have been a B+ if our offense played a complete game. I also had the offense as a D and special team as C+. As for the defense, if you factor the CJ Henderson loss, then it’s only obvious that Georgia were going to go after his replacement who lacks experience. Kudos to Georgia for picking and choosing when they’d be doing so. They even fooled me because I was surprised when they didn’t. In retrospect, they were just waiting for the right opportunities. Florida was in the game until the 4th quarter so that has to grade well. The defense faded late, but mostly because the offense couldn’t move the ball and that last turnover goal line stand took a lot out of them. My overall grade is a C.

  19. Here is an analogy for you guys. Franks is to Florida football playing QB as Blake Bortles is to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They both have a slow wind up throwing motion and both are mistake prone and careless with the ball. Florida will never win a championship with Franks at QB and Jaguars will never win a championship of any kind with Bortles.

  20. I didn’t think the defense would fade late but get stronger. The Gators got beat by a good team. We have one more year of Fromm. We lose some big talent on the D. We need to have a quarterback that can help offset the D loses. I believe it will be Jalon Jones over Emory. Lets move on like we did after the KY loss and have a good finish. Go Gatah. 10-2 would be sweet.

  21. The more football I watch in my 62+ years on this planet the more I realize you must have a significantly above average QB to win Championships. Franks is just average at best, but he has all the physical tools to have coaches fall in love with him. The coaches don’t like Trask or they would have tried him in a real game setting enough to see if he has “it”. Maybe Jones is the answer, but Franks pretty clearly isn’t., but rather than rush Jones in, let’s see if we can win out with Franks. I think there’s a good chance Mullen can coach Franks up enough to get there, but championships won’t happen with Franks at the wheel.

  22. I’ve been refraining from criticizing Franks but after watching several SEC games on TV today, I would have to say that all SEC QBs he throws the ball with the least authority of them all. I think the running game kept the office going but once UGA started to zero in on those runs, we were toasts. Franks can make a few good (not great) plays a game but not with enough consistency to beat good teams either on the road or neutral site. I cannot believe a school like Florida cannot find a reliable quarterback.

  23. While I’m disappointed with the outcome of this particular game, I saw plenty to like in these Gators including the good work at the line of scrimmage on offense and defense. Our running backs played well and our O-line gave Franks plenty of time. The goal-line stand by our defense was heroic.

    This game provides a gauge of where we are including what we need, especially improved quarterback play. Our losses of Wilson, Henferson and Stewart doomed a very young secondary. But overall in team talent I didn’t see much of a gap between Georgia and our Gators, who will improve off this loss.

    We likely finish 10-2 with a solid New Years Day bowl and plenty of momentum in recruiting. Emory Jones looks like a worthy challenger for the starting QB position next spring and fall with a strong arm. Would any true Gator be unhappy with a 10-2 season? Not this one.

  24. Clyde. Not unhappy. But beating Georgia today and winning the SEC East would have made me very happy as a Gator. I do hope Emory Jones gets a bunch of reps with the first team this week and gets to play and run the offense more vs. Missouri. Franks has improved from last year, but he is just NOT the long-term answer at QB. Jones brings a dimension to the position in Mullen’s offense that Franks will never bring. And since the Gators are now out of the East race, why not give Jones more time running the offense and running much more of the offense, if he has that ability now? He may not. But he did not look overwhelmed today, except for that one bad option play where he tossed late and had to go get the ball.

  25. This team is far ahead of schedule to me. To be 6-2 in year 1 is crazy. Having 3 starters missing in the secondary showed. Poor linebacker play today and could not cover the tight end. Very limited pressure on the quarterback today as well. Only 1 sack I can recall, and I believe that was a linebacker on a blitz. No one played worse than Franks. He was terrible, bad interceptions, fumbles and just cannot make reads past the first option. I just don’t think they will take the next step with him at QB. You better get FL now though, cause in 2 to 3 years, they’re gonna be scary good once they have more skill and depth.

  26. Guys, Franks is one of the worst Gator QB’s I’ve seen in a long time!! This guy is pathetic and must not be very smart football wise! This game could’ve and should’ve been a giant leap forward for the Gators but instead Franks blew it!!! Start Jones now!!

    • Guess you thought Treon was better than Driskel too. I remember the screen pass he threw at Tennessee and 90% of our fans thought he had the “it” factor. I trust Coach Mullen and you should too. If there was a better option, don’t you think he would be playing? I promise you he is not the most “pathetic” qb on our roster. Support the team! Going undefeated this year was the equivalent to impossible. I hate losing to the Dawgs. This will turn around. Be patient and be supportive! Go Gators!

      • Youre the only one on here that thinks that about Franks. You’d have to be blind today not to see how bad he is. trask proved a year ago in the spring game he was superior to Franks yet the coach just wont use him. He’s very accurate and a terrific game manager.

  27. It was a six-point game in the 4th quarter. The Gators were still in the game late, but the offense sputtered and the defense couldn’t put pressure on Fromm, so the game got away from them. Missing two injured corners was critical. The Gators produced no turnovers and the Dawgs did (minus 3 turnover ratio). Killer. Six turnovers in the last two games. Just didn’t execute…sporatic at best…on both sides of the ball. The Gators looked good at rb…better than UGA. Too bad so many mistakes. Hope they practice hard and win out. Beat the Dawgs next year.

  28. I have been behind Frank’s also this game reminded me of the Kentucky game losing our best corner putting in a back up that should be 4th strong 3 really bad turnovers. Will still be rooting hard for Franks.

    Today was bad I agree with all of you but there are still 4 games left and they are all winnable if this team can get to 10-2 when maybe 1.9% of gator fans would have predicted before the season started
    When most people predicted 7-5 maybe 8-4 .if this team can get to 10 – 2 and a big 6 bowl appearance I will be super ecstatic and will travel to what ever bowl game they get too.

    Go Gators hit the practice field and get better looking forward to the Gators beatdown of the Noles in the brick bunyon at Ron Zook field

  29. First Dooley gets an F- on his grading
    Has Florida ever had a better goal line stand than what we got to witness tonight? Had we won I think that defensive stand goes down as the greatest ever. A defensive classic was born. The injury bug has degraded Florida’s backfield into using 3rd stringers, If only they had some height on them. I think height would have provided a couple of interceptions. The Defensive boys hung in for an impressive 3 quarters.
    Franks continues to get better and Coach Mac no doubt regrets calling for Franks to run out of the end zone. Franks was up against a great defense that was designed to make him the goat. If Franks had hit that first long pass for a touchdown I’m not so sure we wouldn’t have one the game. Jones also threw a beautiful long pass that could only be stopped with an interference play, it also had the potential to change the games outcome.
    Battled toe to toe with another great team. Play ’em a second time with a few more healthy players and I say we have as good a chance to win as they do.

    Did Dooley watch the Florida/Georgia game or the Florida State/Clemson game?

  30. The 2 sportswriters in Aug. said believe me…trust me…there is no QB on this practice field who could play with FF..There are only 2 things FF is really good at…Taking points off the board for our offense…giving points to the opponent due to sloppy mindless inconsistent QB play…As an alumnus who looks at all things about UF from a point of excellence, ARE YOU KIDDING ME about Emory Jones…It took me all of about 5 plays to determine he is VASTLY superior to ALL AREAS…give FF the same plays over and over again and let him miss them and/or turn it over and you have the new definition of UF football insanity…As to the 2 sportswriters, since you say you are way up there in years, is it time for cataract surgery…??

  31. Everyone on TV- Gary Danielson and others, stated that no one expected before that season that Florida would even be in this game, yet they showed that they are on the right track under Mullen during this game. You don’t get comments like that with a D- performance. The game was close into the fourth quarter, even after spotting them 10 points at the beginning. We ran the ball well- something we could not do back in the Kentucky game. A comment like, “The first drive was awful. The last drive was awful. In between, the Gators were pretty salty on defense.” does not coincide with a D rating. A C rating for defense maybe, but certainly not a D. Overall I would give the gators a C for this game. We were beat by the better team. But ff we had a decent QB, we might have been able to win.

    If this was a D-, then what was last year, an F? Well the difference between this year and last year is not just the different between D- and F. It is a world of difference. Dan Mullen is doing a great job. Franks is still not good but he has improved over last year and Mullen does a great job of game planning around his weaknesses. The biggest difference between the two teams in this game was the QB play. Our team still has a long way to go, but they are vastly improved over last year and on the right track. Now if we can get a good QB- watch out!

  32. I am as disappointed as anybody but I am VERY hopeful, too. Mullen better be here to stay. Last year, we were out of it in the middle of the 1st quarter. Yesterday, we were in it until Grantham forgot to tell somebody how to cover a tight end. Take back the three turnovers, the overthrown pass for a TD by FF, the underthrown pass for a TD by EJ and it would have been a different ball game. Yes, maybe even a victory! This gives me plenty of optimism for the rest of the year and beyond. However, Mizzou is not a gimmee. THey only lost to Kentucky by a point yesterday and will come in here with their ears rared back. S. Carolina should be a W but it depends on how we show. And FSU in Tally? We will be their bowl game. Better watch out. Don’t let their score yesterday fool you on that one. Nobody on this board should ever think 10-2 is guaranteed. We are closer, miles closer than last year but still not there yet.

  33. I think the D should get a better grade than D. The first drive was bad but it resulted in a FG…as did the one right before the half. The Scarlett and Franks turnovers were the real back breakers and tough to put on the defense especially given that CJ Henderson went out of the game so early. Sure the defense wore down towards the end but that was because the offense didn’t do much in the second half outside of the Swain TD and the FG drive. Throw in the Franks INT which stopped a scoring drive and the defense should be graded at a C imo. Offense grade is right on. The strength of this team heading into the season was RB and CB and one of those two strengths was removed with the injuries to Henderson and Wilson. I’m still really proud of the team for hanging in the game the way we did. Franks just isn’t the guy yet even though he’s improved. Not sure he ever will be the guy but I still trust in Dan Mullen. Just think if we hit that flea flicker…

  34. Defensive backfield depth isn’t there. QB play really really isn’t there(hopefully Jones gets snaps the rest of the season). Even if both were equal to Georgia you probably don’t lose the turnover battle by minus 3 and win. Now that Florida is out of the playoff picture they can play a little bit looser and even younger while securing a pretty decent bowl bid. And beating FSU at the end of the year. Both will help with future recruits.

  35. The most popular player on any team–from the fans viewpoint–is the second-string QB.
    Preseason predictions from Bleacher Report for Florida:
    Losses to:
    Miss. State
    South Carolina
    The Tennessee loss was a tossup, per BR. They predicted a 6-6 season and a spot in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl (I know this bowl no longer exists in Shreveport, but I just like the sound of it for a couple of 6-6 teams). 7-5 would be considered a breakout season, BR said, and 8-4 would sound the bells that Florida was back.
    Come on gang. Mullen is playing with McElwain players. Can’t believe all the armchair QBs who are blaming Franks. Stop. If you are so smart, why aren’t you coaching football somewhere?
    My opinion: Mullen has done more with less than any other coach could. And there are still 4 games left, including FSU in Tallahassee. 10-2 and a New Year’s Day bowl is not out of reach.
    Mizzou is coming to Gainesville with Drew Lock.
    And before you slam me for the coaching remark, I used to be a football and basketball coach.
    Not saying I am smarter than anyone on this post, because I am not. I just look at things a bit differently than SOME fans–not all. Dave, Gatorman and others make great points.

  36. Very proud of the Gators! If you would have told me at the begining of the season that we would be 6-1, and ranked in the top 10 heading into to the UGA game, and play UGA toe to toe through 3.5 quarters of football…after what this team was like last year…I would have said “give me some of what you are smoking!”. Great job by Mullen and our coaching staff…proud of our players. Go Gators!

    PS – Please burn the all white uniforms…ughhhhh

  37. Thanks for all of these great comments. I don’t believe in disparaging college kids but I am not sure that we can get to where we want to go with our current QB play. I agree with many that question Pat’s grades: which I always read after a game (especially a loss). I am proud of the fight this Gator team has shown. I am disappointed in the 2 young men who seemingly made a selfish decision that had significant impact on our ability to defend the pass & probably affected our ability to blitz on the pass rush. This is FBS football so all that counts is results & unfortunately, for Florida, the scoreboard says the better team won on this night although I & many Gators feel that this was a game that COULD (not should) have been much different. That goal line stand was amazing & made me proud! However, I would grade the defense at C-. The offense did many good things but again, based on results, too many game changing plays/errors so another C-. However, I do not understand the special teams grade. We have a field goal kicker in McPherson who should be perfect on the season & I don’t understand the comment on Townsend. I believe his best punt was knocked down & nullified by CBS’s equipment!