Gators stress coaching gives team confidence, shot to beat Dawgs

Florida head coach Dan Mullen. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack, File)

By now, much of Florida’s 42-7 loss to Georgia in 2017 has been covered ad nauseum — although new details continue to emerge in the year since Jim McElwain’s departure.

The revelation Monday that McElwain addressed the team to discuss his job security just prior to last season’s loss to the Dawgs came as a shock to many, but it did fit the narrative surrounding McElwain’s tenure.

In preparation for Saturday’s top-10 showdown in Jacksonville, the Gators are singing a wildly different tune: this season, the coaching staff has frequently put Florida in position to be successful.

The Gators need to score just more than three points to exceed their total points scored in the entire 2017 season, and the offensive resurgence has the skill position players singing the praises of Dan Mullen and his coaching staff.

“That guy there is a genius,” junior wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland said of Mullen. “He knows when to the call plays at the right time.”

Prior to the much-needed bye week, the Gators racked up 576 yards of offense at Vanderbilt in a 37-27 comeback win, giving Florida its third-highest total amount of yards since the 2010 season in the process. The Gators also recorded their fifth game this season of 200 or more rushing yards after having just eight such games in the three seasons prior to Mullen’s arrival. While the early 18-point deficit at Vanderbilt may have shaken the confidence of the Florida faithful, the team gained confidence in turning the tide and capturing a win on the backs of the offense. Those who have seen Mullen’s arrival pay immediate dividends haven’t shied away from discussing his nearly immediate impact, while also throwing some slight shade at the previous regime in the process.

“He’s an offensive guru, man, that’s what I call him. He’s a great guy calling plays. I mean, he always has us ready. Last year there was a couple times, like, defenses were calling out our plays,” junior running back Lamical Perine said. “So they can’t really do that now because we have them so off balance, and it’s something that we added to our game with Dan Mullen coming in.”

The redshirt junior in UF’s backfield, Jordan Scarlett, concurred that the production has instilled confidence in a team that had more than a fair share of doubters heading into the season.

And if that confidence helped spark the Gators to 290 rushing yards against Vanderbilt — the program’s most since racking up a whopping 414 rushing yards against Georgia in 2014 — then Florida is striving to do anything it can to say confident.

“I think we’re starting, as a whole team now, just the whole offense, just believing in what we can do. The offensive line is sticking together, working together and we’re working together with them in sync,” Scarlett said. “I told them as long as we keep that same energy, we will keep doing good things.”

Coming off an offensive exhibit, and with reliable personnel on the sideline, the Gators appear as confident as they’ve been in recent memory heading into a must-win battle with Georgia.

“It (boosted) our confidence up a lot,” Cleveland said of the offensive display against the Commodores. “Hopefully we can just turn that on going into Georgia.”


  1. I just listened to the ”Dawg radio guy” on Steve Russell’s show, and the Dawgs like to substitute a lot on ‘D’, as they prefer to utilize their fresh back-ups on ‘D’ often. So, I’d run Gator ‘O’ up-tempo early and gash the Dawgs’ ‘D’. Then, hopefully, get an early lead on these Dawgs, giving a ”belief” to this Gator team that they can win, much like the FLA/L.S.U. game.
    The Gator R.B.s, Perine and Scarlett, will be instrumental in this game. And ”explosive plays” by Florida’s playmakers, like Toney, Swain, Cleveland, etc… have to be a big part of this game, too. Then defensively, don’t let U.G.A.’s R.B.s: Swift and Holyfield run through the Gator ‘D’, like Chubbs and Michele did often and early last year. Contain the Dawgs’ R.B.s, and don’t let the big pass play by Fromm happen.
    These 2018 Gators can win this Fla/ Ga. game! Stay amped-up, but don’t get stupid ”personal foul” penalties, the Dawgs will get them when they start losing, they always have. The U.G.A. ”dog has already had its day!” ”WE BELIEVE, GO GATORS!”

  2. Come on Graham, it’s articles like this that go completely against the narrative of the select few Gator fans out there who actually believe Mullen hasn’t shown enough to prove that he’s a significant upgrade to the previous regime. I know, it’s insane that there’s some fans out there that actually believe that. I think one of the more shocking things that have come out recently, is Perine saying they only had 4 running plays that his grandmother could’ve called out. Not sure how the Mac supporters can sugarcoat that one, cause that’s just insane. Still blows my mind that they were able to win the East his first 2 seasons.

    • i love cdm but think you guys are too brutal to mac, take away ten guys, lose your heisman caliber qb to self medication and your other good qb gets broken in half by arkansas, its hard for any coach. now champ just wasnt a successful hire, no reason to go any farther than that this week.

      • anyway, it doesnt matter. if the players believe cdm gives them an edge, then that by itself is an edge worth having. timing will tell, sometimes you just dont get a chance to do some things. but on game day i would prefer cdm over smart, over mac, and really about anyone right now, maybe even saban if we get a chance to go up against the algae (or is it bacteria, i forget) later this year.

        we could argue about how cdm would look against a young spurrier in the off season if needed

        • The line that we just found out about Macs telling the team is a year old by itself. That was reported in the days after the game. MV not losing the knuckleheads and the QB would have only slowed the inevitable. When I read last year that players were going out on their own for S&C I started looking at the performance closer. For the players that got to start as freshman several had better performance as freshman than juniors. A coach and his staff are supposed to improve on a players skills not diminish them. Now the players have some of that equation but the control wasn’t in place and the motivation. It is water under the bridge as we now have CDM and he appears to have the team and the whole program going in the right direction. Can’t wait to drive to Jacksonville on Sat.

      • Based on the S&C program and the clear lack of an offensive playbook, I really don’t think those 10 guys would’ve made much of a difference. It’s nice to think they would’ve magically transformed the team, but I just don’t see it. Maybe they would’ve won 1 or 2 more games, but that still would’ve only put them at 5-6 or 6-5. The offensive line was fat and weak, as was the rest of the team. Special teams were a joke with the exception of good kickers, and the defense was an absolute joke under Shannon’s vanilla system. That’s before factoring in that those players went rogue because of the lack of direction from the top. There’s just nothing redeeming about them.

        • You said a mouthful the 2nd half. All that has been confirmed, especially the players themselves commenting how surprised they were that they got pushed around by other teams and players they once played in high school. Shannons “simplified” defense was the 1st year in 9 that we had a bad defense!

    • Joe
      It’s not hard to believe that people still aren’t convinced Mullen is a huge upgrade over Mac when you put aside emotion and look at FACTS. As you said, Mac won the East his first two years. Not sure why that’s hard to believe. Macs first team looked just as good as this years team and beat Georgia even though he lost will Grier mid season. Mac followed up that season with another east title and an impressive bowl performance. Mac literally had a couple bad games in 2017 and was let go because the admin had been looking to get rid of him because of tension. There are simply no facts that indicate that Mullen is going to do any better. It’s pure speculation based on the emotions of what has so far been a good season. I’ve seen all kinds of moronic comments on here about Mac. Like recently it was said that the only reason Mac did well was because Muschamp recruited well but Macs players were garbage and that’s why he couldn’t keep winning. Then how is Mullen winning?? Facts are facts. Logical people are reserving judgement over who is the best coach until enough actual facts are present to do so. And people like you say that’s “insane”??? Really?? Waiting until you actual have facts to go off of is insane?? I read all this exact same bull crap about Muschamp when Mac was doing great his first year. And it’s “insane” to reserve judgement?? You do know insanity is considered doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results? Yet we have fans like yourself doing the exact thing they did three years ago. Trashing the old coach and praising the new one half way through his first season. Mac detractors were non existent at this point in his tenure at Florida. Everyone was on the psycho bandwagon called illogical cfb fans. My friend, that is the definition of insanity. Which makes it hilarious that you think people who think otherwise are insane. Crazy people are always the last ones to know they are crazy!! Lol.

      • I don’t believe anyone here said Mac players were garbage. Actually I think they said quite the opposite. I think they said he couldn’t or wasn’t a good coach. Zook brought in good players, Muschamp, and Mac too. What they didn’t or couldn’t do was coach well. You can say all you want about Mac’s wins and SEC appearances (I was at a lot of those). Those teams couldn’t hold a candle to this team (with Mac’s recruits and some of Mullen’s) Your defending him is pathetic. Every season in college football is different (graduates, freshman, transfers) Are fans likely to rush to judgement? Hell yes they are. I don’t think Mullen has been anointed any thing yet but I think the people here are fairly football wise and have seen enough trends and seasons to have a good feel for what good coaching is in this program.
        As to your comment below Mac sealed his own fate with the unsubstantiated comments earlier that week. Whether the admin leaked it or not it was in the media and they are likely the driving force in his telling the team. You read about bashing Muschamp after he was fired? Read any post at most schools and you’ll see the same. He wasn’t ready for a program this big and his successor likely would never be ready for a program this big. To counter your point. If Mac is such a good coach (he did get us to 2 SEC games) why were there no offers as a head coach last year? Pick on Tampa because he called you out. I don’t agree with everything he says but he does stats well and facts are facts. Fact is Mac and his staff for whatever reason were not getting the job done.

        • LT…The lack of creative game planning coupled with atrocious play calling and ineptitude in making needed adjustments during games made last years offense so pathetic last year that any fan who didn’t feel embarrassed was not a true Gator. There’s no comparing that garbage with the new regime’s approach.

        • Gator 65. Is it fact that Mac was t getting the job done?? Really? This is the crap I’m talking about. Two east titles in two full seasons. THAT is fact. You saying he was t getting the job done is OPINION. You might want to crack open a dictionary. And as far a Tampamoron goes, it says a lot about you if you defend him. All he has done lately is follow me around like an internet stalker and repeatedly accuse me of being an FSU fan. Yeah, that’s really using facts and stats!!! And you say I’m picking on him?? Are you stupid? How about learning what the hell you are talking about instead of saying unbelievably moronic bs like that?

      • What you totally left out is that McEloser was supposed to revitalize our offense, when in fact he had overall worse offensive numbers than Muschamp’s offense. So, statistically he is clearly better offensively than McEloser and he also passes the eye-test over McEloser.

        • Gatorguy17823. If you want to look at just offensive stats then you can say we may be better but I the end all that matters is wins and losses. Your monicker of “mceloser” is a perfect example of my point. Fans who don’t use logic rip him. How is being 2 for 2 winning the east in full seasons being a loser. One thing about cfb fans, most of them do not utilize logic. They live off of emotion and knee jerk reactions.

      • LT what’s insane is you actually believing Mac’s first season was anything like this one. Most of their wins in that 6-0 start were games they were lucky to win and nail biters until the end. You know like needing a fumble recovery on their own 14 yard line to seal a 7 point win over powerhouse East Carolina, or a late game int to seal a 5 pt win over a terrible UK team, or a miracle late Td to seal a win against a terrible UT team that dominated the entire game. That’s all I’m going to say since you clearly have no ability to comprehend good football from bad. How quickly we forget about Mac flip flopping a current heisman contender QB with a guy who’s now playing WR for an FCS program in that first season as well. But yeah, Mac’s first season and Mullen’s are so much alike. Hilarious!!!

        • Joe Wow. Just wow. Nail biters huh?? A 28 point win over the #3 teamin the country is a nail biter?? You just refuse to accept facts. Yes, Mac had some close games that year. So has Mullen. MSU was a very close game. We were losing to vandy in the 4th qtr, we even trailed LSU late. But hey, why use facts when you can just make baseless claims like you have been?

          • Reading comprehension LT, I said MOST of their wins. Pretty sure most has a different meaning than all. Way to cherry pick 1 game out of 6 to try to support your argument. By the way, that severely overranked Ole Miss team also lost to a terrible unranked Memphis team and a terrible unranked Arkansas team. Big swing and a miss with that retort.

          • Another thing, trying to compare a game against a top 25 MSU team on the road to barely beating East Carolina at home is about as delusional as it gets. Then throwing out trailing late to a top 5 LSU team as if that’s supposed to strengthen your argument, is just making you look even more ridiculous. No chance Mac comes back against Vandy either. The more you speak the more comical it gets.

          • LT, the issue for me is when I gave you specific reasons why I was not a mcelwain supporter – your response was – “we’ll just have to disagree”. That’s fair, and I let it go. But here we go with the same diatribe again. Your righteous indignation is horsesh*t. You don’t know me, and have no basis whatsoever to challenge the veracity of what I’m telling you I felt, believed, and even talked about with my family and friends. Btw, Stricklin in his most recent interview basically said he was seeing the exact same things I described to you. Do you also know more than him about the situation and mcelwain as well? You are full of yourself. Give it a rest.

  3. Going up tempo threw Ga. off balance and negated their substitutions vs. LSU.
    Let’s go up temp at some point in each quarter and throw them off balance, opening up some explosive plays
    for our skill players.

  4. Sorry Joe, 576 yards of Offense is enough proof for me. I haven’t seen that many yards put up by our offense is some time. Did you even read this article? Even the players can see a difference, unknown why you can’t!! Mac won the east with Defense because he had no clue how to “fix” the offense. Open your eyes and mind and you will begin to believe!! Gooooo GATORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The “revelation” that Mac addressed his departure before the game?? The geniuses at the Gville sun didn’t know about that?? I’ve been telling people for a year that him having to address it was why the team played so badly. It was so widely known, I thought it was common knowledge!! And this article insinuates that Mac did something wrong by doing so. He HAD to! People inside the shady administration let it leak to the players that Mac was going to get fired and he had to address the questions from the players. Then people blamed Mac for getting blown out. Whatother result would be expected?

        • No matter what you say, McEloser brought this all on himself. Unsubstantiated death-threats are something the “shady administration” had to deal with. So it leads me to believe that you are a troll with nothing better to do than stir up another’s teams fan base. I think you should be more concerned whether FSU is going to lose by 35 or 50 points.

          • Gatorguy17823. That’s funny. A troll who is from another fan base huh?? You mean by simply stating facts that makes you a troll? That makes you from another fan base?? I see a lot of idiots on here ranting about how “obviously better” this team is but they don’t produce facts. Because the FACTS don’t support that. They just rely on the “eye test”, which is just opinion. Have you taken the time to realize I haven’t said one negative thing about Mullen? Not one negative thing about players? Not one negative thing about the Gator program, tradition, etc? I do bash Gator fans…….. because they deserve it. Our fans used to be one of the best groups in the country. Now they are GARBAGE. They don’t show up for games. If they do they get there late and leave early. They trash their own players and coaches and show the type of extremism that gives fans in general a bad name. Deal with it. It’s all true and based on facts.

          • I used proper logic…I didn’t quote the actual stats as to how much better CDM’s offense has been over McEloser. CDM has done this in little over half a year. Even if u cut McEloser some slack with Grier’s extra-pharmaceutical adventure, CDM still stacks up better. You are here to troll and this will be the last “logical” response u get from me.

  6. It’s human nature to compare things, so it should come as no surprise that comparisons are being made between Mullen and former coaching staffs. It is also no surprise that there are differing opinions. Five people can witness an incident and you will have five different points of view when they are questioned. In that I, too, have an asss…er. opinion, I must say I am thrilled with Mullen and what I perceive to be a vastly improved football team. We don’t spend much time talking about Muschamp and McElwain because we’re having so much fun watching the 2018 Florida Gator football team. Go Gators!

    • Phil. Nothing wrong with comparing Mullen and Mac. Anyone in this conversation is doing that including myself. And as you said, it’s not surprising that people have different opinions. My issue is that my opinion is based on facts. Yet so many jerks have thrown out insults simply because I do feel differently than them. They base everything they say on opinion and trash people who are actually staying grounded and are looking at past history. I have enjoyed this season too and think Mullen will be a good coach. But who knows?? And that’s my point. Nobody knows. They say Mullen is way better than Mac but who knows? They both started out with strikingly similar results. So who knows? It’s too early to tell. But if you say that and back it up with facts, you have Tampamoron and an entire group of other idiots who get their panties in a wad and call people trolls and FSU fans. It’s pathetic how mentally weak some of these people are. The facts don’t back their opinion and if you point that out, they come unglued.

      • You want facts LT? How about the FACT that Mac, even though he had the same results through the first 7 games, never had an offense that ranked higher than the 100s? The results of that entire season were a direct result of a top 5 defense left to him. How about this FACT? The offense that Muschamp left Mac, that everyone claims was neglected, was actually higher ranked than any offense Mac ever had, and was certainly higher ranked than the one Mac left Mullen. You can also add on the FACT that he left a defense that was ranked lower than any Gator defense in a decade. Here’s another FACT. As bad as the team ranked on both sides of the ball when Mullen took over, he’s still sitting at 6-1 with an offense that ranks #66 with a team Mac couldn’t win more than 4 games with, and a QB that before the season looked like he should never step foot on the field again. This is essentially the same offensive line Mac had for 3 years that couldn’t push through a wet tissue. Now they’re becoming a strength of the team. You seem to be laser focused on what numbers are in the W and L column without actually comprehending what’s happening in between to get there. Does it cross your mind that maybe Grier was led to GNC because of the horrendous S&C program? Does it cross your mind that all 3 seasons Mac was here were ruined by massive amounts of injuries because of that same S&C program? How many players were arrested or suspended during Mac’s tenure? You think maybe that has something to do with how he ran the program from the top? Being a football coach encompasses more than just the final results of a game. Bad teams win games all the time. It was a staple of Mac’s tenure. Do you honestly believe that if the Gators win the East now they wouldn’t put up a much better fight than they did that last 2 times? Can you really not see the more innovative offensive play calling and the adjustments the entire team makes throughout the games that you never saw with Mac? Do you really feel like this team is going to cave down the homestretch, which was a staple of Mac’s tenure? You’re right, the numbers are the same in the W and L column, but that’s about the only thing that’s the same, and if you can’t see that then you really have no comprehension of college football.

      • Facts are 1 thing but you lack the ability to apply logic and reason to those facts, like the fact that we won 2 sec east champs. The east was a dumpster fire that couldnt hold a candle to the west. So big deal we were the best of the worse. Thats applying logic to facts. This gator team this year has played some tough games and scored offensively against some good teams in a conference which is so much better than back then and is back on top of the college conferences(we had fallen from that perch with many bowl loses then). This offense is way better than Mus or macs against better competition than they had. What they did have was great defenses except under Shannon(which probably stuck the knife in Mac- and he was done, no offense and no defense).

  7. LT/Nole-Troll, I guess its tiring to comment on the semiholes sites this season, so here you are! Love to see your pithy commentary here after the upcoming Thanksgiving day massacre in Tally.

    Your cold-blooded ‘Logic’ is just another troll self-defeating circular arguement of ..just look at the numbers, his record was the same..blah,blah. Right! We, many fans who have watched college football for decades should not give any credence to the eye-test of what’s going on, not remember anything players say about the S&C program, or what they are slowly divulging about the last coaching staff, or attempt to rub any two neurons together thinking about this! No – we should just listen to you add up some numbers and say Voila! I have it figured out! Cogito ergo troll!

    Now, just go away, wear your Garnett and Gold hoodie-footie PJ’s and rock in the fetal position as you deal with your pre-season ranked Nolls lounging at the bottom of the ACC barrel. Sorry about your coaching choice. It’s not our fault, so go complain to your folks that couldn’t keep an actual winning, although felon-coddling, coach in Fisher.


    • Pierre. I guess dealing with facts is just too much for feeble people to handle. So you lash out like Tampamoron dies and just call people Noles fans. How intelligent. You are a perfect example of why so many people are ashamed to be Gator fans anymore. Jerks who attack people with a different opinion, turn on their own fans, own coaches, own players. Absolute pieces of crap that cheer when their own players get hurt (Driskel), boo their head coach on the biggest recruiting night of the year (Muschamp) and attack other fans who simply say it’s too early in the going to judge a coach especially since these fans fans JUST DID this exact same thing three years ago when they were all over Macs jock and trashing Muschamp. We’ve seen this before. Recently. Yet someone pumping the brakes and reminding people of that is just wayyyyy to much for the modern Gator fans to handle apparently. You are the same group of idiots who will likely run Mullen out of town early like virtually every Gator coach has been. Even Spurrier and Meyer criticized the fans when they left. Heck , Spurrier even did it in his resignation press conference! He didn’t even wait until he was gone to criticize the fans and directly put some blame on the fans for his leaving. Even this talk of how much better the offense has been is inflated by emotion, not logic. At this point in Mullen’s tenure, he is averaging 4.5 ppg more than Mac was at the same time. What a turn around!!! What offensive explosion!!! Average margin of victory?? Mullen is averaging 3.5 point more average margin of victory. What a huge difference!! Even that small advantage can easily be negated when you figure in that Mac had played 3 teams at this point of the season that ended up being 9 or 10 win teams and Mullen has only played 2. But that would be using facts and logic instead of just blurting our things like “this team is obviously better” and “they pass the eye test”, based on nothing but opinion like most everyone else on here. But why actually accept facts when you can just blindly argue against facts and call people FSU fans if you don’t agree. Gator fans have really become just garbage.

      • You need to calm down or you’re going to have a stroke. Look, it’s easy to pick and choose certain statistics and “facts” that support your argument. You can rattle off all the specific offensive statistics you want to back up your argument and I could come back and say the total offensive ranking, not just one or two offensive categories, is currently higher (66th) than is has been since 2009. During that span of offensive ineptitude the highest it was ever ranked was 83rd in 2010. No one can argue that 66th is certainly better than any TOTAL offensive ranking Mac put together (112th being his highest). Then you can call me a jerk and an idiot and say it’s only been half a season. My point being your entire evaluation of the program and CDM vs Mac is flawed, in my unqualified opinion, if you are only considering statistical logic or what you call facts.

        You put a lot of emphasis on the fact that Mac won the east two years in a row and that makes him a success. What I’m trying to say is that although not a fact easily (at least not by me) backed up by statistical proof is that we won the east because the East was horrible historically speaking. I don’t know the East vs West record those two years but I imagine it was not in the east’s favor. Consider the poor recruiting rankings and poor condition of the S&C program. Consider that we were not even competitive the two times we played both Michigan and Alabama. Winning the SEC east on a down year and then getting killed by Alabama in the championship game and then sent home embarrassed by Michigan in a bowl game is not the Florida I’m willing to accept.

        It just can’t be all “eye test” or all statistical “facts”. You have to step back and be able to consider all data points. It’s too early to anoint Mullen as Savior but his early success is certainly different than the previous two. I know that’s the lack of fact that you’ve been making fun of everyone on here about but that’s just my opinion, and your argument is only that as well, just an opinion.

      • LT if you are not a troll then lay off generalizing and insulting all Gator fans. How about this for a generalization, Gator fans are the most loyal and knowledgeable fans around. That sounds a lot better. If you have a beef with Tampa go out and work it out with him but leave the rest of us out of it. I’m on the side of those who feel Mullen is the best coach for our program and he has done wonders in his short stint here, light years better than mac and muschump. When you disagree keep it civil.
        Go Gators!

        • Right on, CO. Now, I’m willing to say that LT is not an FSU troll, and I’ve said it before. The late TebowCurse was a troll, and LT does not even come close to that standard despite his antagonistic way of wording things. Perhaps I’m sensitive to that label, but I’ve seen too many good guys run off this site with it just because they didn’t share the “conventional wisdom”. And, you know what I was put through myself for doing even less that that several months ago when I was unfortunately pretty much house-bound, recovering from a CVA, and didn’t have many other outlets.

          But all that aside, here’s the deal. Is LT really saying anything different than a guy we all respect? I’m talking about Sly Sylvester of course, and the difference is that Sly doesn’t use inflammatory language, does use actual logic, and most of all, is able to defend his theses in such a way that you can’t help but consider what he is saying — whether you agree or not. LT unfortunately limits himself via attitude — Me against the World — and thus we have a tendency to overlook the main thrust of what he is trying to say. Which, while I fundamentally disagree, is not without merit.

          Worth thinking about, anyway.

  8. Why respond to a troll? The best thing you can do is ignore them so it won’t even matter if they go away or not. You give them the power when you respond, especially to their nonsense, and are playing right into their hands.

  9. Up tempo and disguise the defense (Grantham is very good at this) so that Fromm or Fields will misread what’s coming at him as will the Georgia coaches. The only problem is that some Georgia coaches were there when Grantham was a coordinator. Hopefully, Grantham has disguised his ‘disguises’ of defense for the game.

  10. We must admit that Vandy’s record does not reveal how good Vandy is. Regardless, UGA is much better. Dan Mullen and the other coaches are doing the best they can to prepare a Gator team that was destroyed last year by the Bulldogs. This year will very different – it will be a true “dog fight”. GO GATORS – BEAT THEM DAWGS!!!

  11. Why would you put Jones into a game of this magnitude, when the much more experienced Kadarius Toney can do anything you’d ask Jones to do? If you bring Jones in to run the ball, that’s predictable. If you bring him in and let him throw the ball, I’m afraid you’re inviting disaster.

  12. Yo yo yo…why all the frustration and bickering…(did I spell bickering correctly). Why compare…. Why go backwards. Can’t all Gator fans rejoice and just enjoy the season. Life’s too short for all of this over analysis of an article. Mac was good for a time. Happy for what he gave us and I am pleased with Dan. Let’s just beat GA. Hope you all are well

  13. CDM has done player development in 10 months than McElshame did in 3 years, the proof is in the pudding! Doesn’t matter HOW many 4/5 stars we recruit if they aren’t coache’d AND developed! Reaching potential, I think we’re going to win Saturday in a “dog fight”! Mullen will out coach Smart, and we’ll out play them…forget the past, the future looks bright!

  14. I am not liking all that talk about how great the offense is. This is too much praise before a big game.. These kids are still growing and there are pitfalls awaiting them. I’m hoping it’s not this Georgia game but enough of talk about offense..It’s toughness that will win us the game on Saturday. Yes, we hit some big plays in the 2nd half against Vanderbilt but that was after being down by 18. If we’re down by 18 against Georgia, we will lose by 36. Yes, Mullen is an offensive genius but no he hasn’t turned Florida in world overnight. We’re only seeing glimpse of the future. I would love to see us beat the Dawgs but history has it that this will be a way tougher game than the LSU game. This Georgia team has a chip on their shoulder and I hope our players do too because if they’re going into this game thinking that they will be able to duplicate what LSU did, they’re dead wrong. They will need to play for 40 minutes at their very best. I still think it will be a low scoring game and a last minute field goal will decide it. That said, let’s get ready to rumble!!! Florida 13 Geogia 10, I called it first! Go Gators!!!!

    • I don’t think anyone on here is saying the offense is great, however it is steady, and Franks has taken very positive steps under CDM. He is one of only three quarterbacks in the league to have thrown 8 touchdown passes against SEC competition.

    • Lighten up some…what a bunch of Gator fans say on a Gainesville Sun sports article isn’t going to affect how the team will play on Saturday. And although I won’t go so far as to predict a Gator victory, I am confident CDM will have them ready to play!!

    • UGA may have a chip on their shoulder from the LSU loss, but there’s no bigger chip than the 42-7 one the Gators have on theirs. It’s safe to say Mullen is a good enough coach to know that UGA spent the entire bye week correcting the mistakes they made against LSU, and that he’s going to need to come up with a different game plan that they won’t be expecting, and only sprinkle in some things LSU did. One thing I think we don’t have to worry about is whether they’ll be prepared to fight with everything they’ve got.

  15. I love this country and website. Everyone get to express an opinion without fear of going to jail or worse.
    Go read the Bulldogs web site and you will see the reaction from LSU beating the ‘dogs. What a great country.