Dooley Noted: College GameDay host Rece Davis talks FLA vs. UGA


This episode Pat talks with Rece Davis, co-host of College GameDay, about the Florida Georgia game and looks at the best games in the rivalry as well as breaking down the match-up. Games of the Week, spreads and of course Three Things.

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3:00  Florida Georgia is a different kind of game

4:00 Quarterback situation

6:30 Gators have to play their best game of the year this week

11:30  This is the game where the Gators can’t panic

15:00  Just don’t make any mistakes

15:45  The unknown factor of Justin Fields

24:00 Interview with Rece Davis of College GameDay

38:30  This game is a little different for the media

40:30  The spreads and Games of the Week

47:30  Three Things


  1. Dooley picked the Vols to beat Florida. Dooley picked Florida to beat Kentucky. Dooley picked Mississippi State to beat Florida. Dooley picked LSU to beat Florida. But Dooley did pick Florida to beat Vandy, in a close battle. Well, one out of five is not bad, I guess. I think Dooley just has Mullen block.

  2. Picking Georgia takes all the pressure off doesn’t it Pat? Ha! Oh well, moving on. It was so funny in this podcast when you said, “if I were a Florida Fan, “ … that also sounded a little weird. Honestly, in this Podcast, it sounded like you’re a little afraid that the Gators may lose. Prescription for Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrows’ of Gator Nation, spend a week with Lance, the Wizard of Oz for Gator Nation. Love the Podcast. Good interview with Rece. Go Gators!

  3. Pat, you like numbers. Well Mizzou and L.S.U. ran the ball well on Georgia’s defense this year. And I truly believe Florida can run the ball as well or better than both those schools. Florida’s playmakers: Jefferson, Toney, Cleveland, Swain, etc… are all better than U.G.A.’s. So there! We Gator fans believe! Go Gators!

  4. No doubt in my mind they will fake a qb run with fields and he will drop back and throw the ball deep will the gators be ready for it I hope so but I think Uga gets a big play from a play like that and may change momentum in the game