Swampcast Video: Analyzing UF win at Vanderbilt



  1. Nice wrapup. BTW, thanks for explaining that new rule about unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the entire team–a new SEC rule this year–and a REALLY STUPID, IDIOTIC, RULE!!! The SEC needs to change that rule ASAP!!! As you pointed out, the entire team gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty twice and the entire game is forfeited over a ludicrous rule! The SEC needs to scrap that rule PRONTO!!! Also, thanks for sharing your observation of how you noticed the team was really putting their trust in the coaching staff like you have not seen in a long time. We have a GREAT COACHING STAFF–FINALLY–GO GATORS!!!

  2. That unsportsmanlike conduct penalty rule needs to be removed from the SEC rule book next year. Like Pat said, if it occurs twice in a game, the game is over. I wonder who the heck thought that a penalty like that was necessary.

    • They can leave it in, but just target a specific individual, like the Head Coach for the actual penalty. The blanket unsportsmanlike conduct is just idiotic and for the reason that got Joseph disqualified. It’s not teaching many life lessons if you get disqualified for not doing anything unsportsmanlike. Granted he shouldn’t have gotten the first one, but it’s still a stupid rule. Case in point, on the SECsports.com page, one of the “plays of the week” is a TAMU player body slamming #13 of SC that was so much more egregious that Joseph’s. So, depending on what uniform you wear, you get an unsportsmanlike conduct foul (Joseph) or you make the plays of the week list (TAMU body slam).

  3. Thanks for the rule explanation…STUPID, sometimes SEC management aren’t rocket scientists.
    Aaaaw yes, the ole off-date that use to be the FSU game week back in the good ole days of pre-Bowden. I’m predicting right now, Dan Mullen and staff will have them ready for UGA. LSU proved yesterday, that if we come out and play as MEN, we can beat them.

  4. I don’t mind the rule but it can only be called once a game. After that, all players know that if they get a subsequent personal foul they are out of the game. This may help keep teams from charging the field, always an ugly scene. Also, is this an SEC rule or an NCAA rule? Does this also apply in games played against out of conference teams?

  5. If you’re a coach and another teams player says something to you then you should not acknowledge them instead of arguing with them. That shows you have the mentality of a young college student. Kids will be kids until they mature to become adults but an adult should never stoop to the level of a kid.

  6. Something slipped thru the cracks on that rule. But you would think when it is a boulder that slips thru, someone among the SEC geniuses would figure it out. That must be the Louisiana and Tenn influence in the room. They need to ban alcohol at the SEC meetings. Perhaps they need to stop going to Destin and drinking their way through their meetings and instead go to Tupelo and watch the ferns grow .