5 Questions with … Lamical Perine

Florida running back Lamical Perine stiff-arms a Kentucky defender Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida junior running back:

Q: Has this team gotten mentally tougher as the season has gone along?

A: The past three games been pretty like tough. I feel like we improve every week and I feel like it just comes from practicing very hard. Coach Mullen has been preaching that so I feel like we then had a pretty good three weeks in a row.

Q: How would you describe Dan Mullen as a play caller?

A: He’s a great play caller, he’s smart. As the game goes along, it seems the defense comes out running something that we didn’t know they were going to run. He changes it up and comes up with another scheme. So, he’s a great coach. For instance, at halftime (against LSU) we seen them making adjustments so we did the same thing. Coach Mullen is a great guy.

Q: You’ve been getting more opportunities in the last two games. How does that feel?

A: I wouldn’t say I’ve been getting a lot of opportunities. I wouldn’t say that. It’s a lot of plays. You’ve just got to be ready when they call your name. In the Tennessee game I really didn’t do that much, but I did something on special teams (recover an onside kick). Just little things like that just to contribute to a win. So just that onside kick, just knowing that I did something like that. It was nice to be able to do that.

Q: How much confidence does it give the offense when you see Feleipe Franks throw it, run it and catch it on one drive?

A: Aw, man, he’s grown up a lot as a player. So last year we play LSU, I mean we didn’t finish.This year I’ve seen the team come together and finish the game like that’s something that we are supposed to do, like that’s a good team, finishing games.

Q: Why have you guys been able to finish games this season?

A: Just practice, man. It all starts with that. Like then when we go up in the fourth quarter against LSU. When we went out there for that (winning) drive, it was just like we already had in our head that we were going to move the ball and put it in the end zone. That was a big drive at the end of the game, maybe our biggest drive this season.


  1. A man was walking down Main street in Quitman, Georgia one day when a car pulled up next to him. A young man leaned out and said, “Sir, how do you get to Atlanta?”

    “Practice,” the man said. “Practice.”

    (With apologies….)

  2. That was an unbelievable onside kick reception Perine had vs. Tennessee. He was seemingly surrounded by bigger, taller Vols, yet he came down with it That had as much to do with desire as talent. Well done, laddie.

  3. I’d vote Mr Perrine offensive mvp so far this year. The reason is he will sit or start. Play well on offense special teams and do anything..block catch run. Good teammate..he seems to me to meat the Sam walker captain criteria in every way possible. Keeps his composure. Works hard. I really like him.