Florida at Vanderbilt depth chart



  1. The running game actually looked pretty good against a stout LSU DL/LBs. The push in the 2nd half was definitely coming from the right side with Taylor & Heggie in the game. I look to see more of that against Vandy & hopefully our Gators will not have a let down. 12 noon starts are usually not good for us.
    Go Gators!

  2. Last year is have some things different but I want the coach, though I think many of us could have done reasonably as good as the last bunch. While like many there are people I’d like to see one again they didn’t hire me for coach. Had they done such a thing you guys would be screaming at me. Gotta say they made the right choice and add Tua CDM will make mistakes too. But as you have all seem he owns them. If he started a walk on from the band is trust his judgement until that time he lost my respect, which really doesn’t mean much to the team in any way shape or form. He’s got us to 5-1. Worst case scenario we will still be bowl bound. If he holds Copeland out it may be what’s best for the young man as well as the team.